Who's representing your country?
Virgin Islands (U.S.)
Jon Gazi
  • Age / 38
  • Born / St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
  • Resides in / St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
  • Favorite surf break / Hallows
  • Board / 5’8” Chris Gallagher Hovercraft
  • Sponsors / HMRT, Caribbean Surf Co.
  • Biggest Achievement / 3rd place Regional event Patillas, PR
  • Hobbies / Writing, recording and performing music around the globe.
-Father of 2, son Brixton, daughter Statia (pronounced "Stay-sha")

- President of Virgin Islands Surfing Federation

- International touring career musician

- bass player for Mad Caddies from central California

- 8 consecutive years voted "Best of the Virgin Islands" top Singer/Entertainer

-5th appearance in ISA World Games

- on forefront of advocating with Virgin Islands Government and local community thru VI SURF FEDERATION nonprofit towards building the very first permanent skatepark & surf training facility. Currently in core fundraising stages.
Virgin Islands (U.S.)
Cody Merritt
  • Age / 25
  • Born / St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
  • Resides in / St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
  • Favorite surf break / Lowers
  • Board / Channel Islands Fever
  • Sponsors / N/A
  • Biggest Achievement / Representing the Virgin Islands in the ISA World Games
  • Hobbies / Surfing, Snowboarding, Hiking, & any Ocean Activity
Cody started surfing at the age of 9 in the Virgin Islands. Soon after, he began to test his skills in competitions at neighboring islands. As he grew older, he pursued an engineering degree while competing at the collegiate club level in surfing.

Today, Cody surfs regularly in the slightly colder waters of Southern California. Not having done many competitions in a few years, he is excited to represent his home while trying to qualify for the Olympics.
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