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Host an ISA event

Host an ISA event

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Hosting an ISA event will bring all corners of the world to your city, while providing a real, measurable economic impact and global media value.

Through an ISA event you can:

  • Access a global audience through international media attention
  • Grow tourism revenue from visitor spending
  • Promote the country/region as a top surf destination
  • Establish the city as an international tourism destination
  • Create a turnkey event activation with minimal community impact

The ISA’s event portfolio features the following event hosting opportunities:

  • ISA World Surfing Games
  • ISA World Junior Surfing Championship
  • ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship
  • ISA World Masters Surfing Championship
  • ISA World Longboard Surfing Championship
  • ISA World Para Surfing Championship
  • ISA World Bodyboard Championship

Want to host an event?

Click Here to download the latest version of the ISA’s Invitation to Host document which provides an overview of all the requirements and responsibilities of a host organization

Click here to view the ISA host cities presentation.

Click here to view the Bid Questionnaire.

Fore more details on how to bring an ISA Global Event to your city, please contact ISA Executive Director Robert Fasulo.

Robert Fasulo
ISA Executive Director
[email protected]
+1 (858) 551 8580

Thanks for your interest in hosting an ISA event and joining us on our mission to make the world a better place through surfing.

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