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Judging & Officiating

Judging & Officiating Courses

Judging & Officiating

Judging & Officiating Courses

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During the current COVID-19 pandemic the International Surfing Association (ISA) is offering our ISA Judging and Officiating Courses virtually to surfers, surf fans, future judges, and those with an interest in competitive surfing.

This course is the world’s most comprehensive educational program for surf judging and the development and certification of quality surf judges. The course will give you the resources to become a surf judge, a better competitor, an educated surf coach, or a well-informed parent.

Participation options during this time are:

Discounted registration rate of $60 USD which includes access to live streaming course and knowledge it offers.
Additional fee for ISA Certification + ISA Judging Course Materials and competency check.

Access the Intellectual Property Agreement & Copyright Acknowledgement here.

Upcoming courses

SPANISH Online Judging Course : (October 26, 27 & 28 2021)

    • Presented by ISA Judge Jano Sanchez
    • Conducted in the Spanish language



  • BRAZIL: (November 20-21, 2021)
    • ISA Judging Course Presented by Alexandre Zeni
    • Conducted in the Portuguese language
    • Contact Presenter: [email protected]

Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro, PANAMA

Curso de Jueces en Castellano

15 de Julio del 2021 – Presentado por Presentador de Cursos de la ISA Raul Stanford

Curso Presencial

Contacta: [email protected]

Spanish Judging Course April 22-24 – Presented by ISA Course Presenter Jano Sanchez
Time is 4-7pm Chilean Time (GMT +3)
Contact: [email protected]

Interested in ISA Judging Courses in your region or language?


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