Take your surf judging knowledge to the next level by participating in the ISA Judging and Officiating Program! This course is the world’s most comprehensive educational program for surf judging and the development and certification of quality surf judges.

STEP 1: Take the E-Learning Judging Course:

Want to learn how surf competitions are judged? The ISA E-Learning Judging course is for SURFERS, FANS, PARENTS, ASPIRING SURF JUDGES, and anyone else with an interest in competitive surfing. This course will cover the rules and criteria for surfing competitions and the basics of surf judging. This course can be taken at any time and at your own pace. All participants will receive a certification of completion to start them on their judging journey along with knowledge to become a better competitor or educated fan, coach, or parent.

Prerequisites: None

Level of Judging:
After completing this course, you will have a foundational surf judging knowledge that is sufficient for judging local/club-level events or shadow judging at a higher level. This is the first step on the pathway to becoming an ISA certified judge.

Cost: $60 USD

Length of Course: Approximately 4-6 Hours (can be completed at your own pace and over multiple sessions)

Languages Available: English, Spanish, Indonesian, Portuguese

  • Click for Registration Instructions:
    1. Click this Link to enroll
    2. Login/Register for an ISA Source Account
    3. Purchase Online Judging Course
    4. Complete E-learning Course at Your Own Pace
    5. Receive Certificate of Completion

STEP 2: Participate in a Judging Certification Course:

After completing the E-Learning Judging course, you can enroll in a live Judging Certification Course. This course is delivered by an ISA Course Presenter who is an expert in surf judging. The course is designed to dive deeper into judging principles and theory. You will practice comparing waves and throwing scores to prepare you to sit on a judging panel. This course can be taken in-person or online via Zoom. After participating in a Judging Certification Course, you will be awarded with an ISA Level 1 Judging certification.

Prerequisites: Completion of the ISA Judging E-Learning Course

Level of Judging: An ISA Level 1 Judge has knowledge suitable for judging club and regional events and/or shadow judging competitions.

Cost: Varies per organizer. Please see schedule below for more information.

Interested in organizing an ISA Judging course for your organization or group?

Bulk discount pricing is available for national federations and/or groups of 25 or more. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Upcoming Courses:

September 27-28, 2023 | 4:30 PM – 8:30 PM Sao Paulo Time (GMT -3)
Sao Paulo Surf Forum presented by Jano Sanchez and Sergio Prado
Cost: $160 USD
Click Here to Register (please login or create an ISA Source account)
Fee includes access to e-learning judging course, which must be completed prior to participation in the certification course on 27-28 September. Judging certification course will be available via webinar and participants must be present for the entire duration.

  • Click to View In-Person National Course Schedule:

    NICARAGUA: (September 1-2, 2023)

    ISA Judging Certification Course
    Contact Presenter: [email protected]

    SWITZERLAND: (September 2, 2023)

    ISA Judging Certification Course
    Click Here for More Information

    PANAMA: (September 17, 2023)

    ISA Judging Course
    Contact Presenter: [email protected]

    More dates coming soon! Email [email protected] to be added to our course interest list.

STEP 3: Gain Practical Experience to Level Up:

Outline of ISA Judging Certification Levels:

  • E-Learning Course Certificate of Completion:
    How to obtain: complete ISA E-Learning Judging Course (click here to enroll)
    Ability: shadow judge and/or judge local/club events
  • Level 1 Judging Certification:
    How to obtain: complete ISA E-Learning Judging Course and Participate in ISA Judging Certification Course
    Ability: shadow judge and/or judge club/regional events
  • Level 2 Judging Certification:
    How to obtain: Obtain a Level 1 Judging Certification + submit 50 hours of judging experience logged and signed off by head judge*
    Ability: judge regional/national events
  • Level 3 Judging Certification:
    How to obtain: Obtain a Level 2 Judging Certification + submit 100 additional hours of judging experience logged and signed off by head judge*
    Ability: judge national/international events
  • Level 4 Judging Certification:
    How to obtain: Obtain a Level 3 Judging Certification + submit 400 additional hours of judging experience (must include experience judging national/international events) logged and signed off by head judge + receive a letter of recommendation from National Federation
    Click Here to Apply
    Ability: judge + head judge national/international events
  • Level 5 Judging Certification:
    How to obtain: reserved for judges currently sitting on ISA World Championship panels. May be awarded to elite level judges via Recognized Prior Learning application made to the ISA Membership and Development Team.
    Click Here to Apply
    Ability: judge elite level competitions

*To apply for Level 2 or 3, please submit your completed judging log to your ISA Course Presenter.

List of ISA Course Presenters:

Active International Presenters delivering online and in-person courses:
Erik Krammer, Jano Sanchez, Glen Elliot, Rich Pierce, Sergio Gadelha

Active National Presenters delivering courses in their nation:
Gavin McCrea, Craig Burrows, Gustavo Corrales, Keenan Roxburgh, Mark Boyd, Lee Ryan, Hans Van Den Broek, David Hernandez, Ester Spears, Elvis Carter, Hiro Takahashi, Mark Clift, Andy Joyce, Manuel Mendoza, Ronald Golindano. Ricky Ng

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