The qualifications for an ISA Level 4 or 5 Judge are as follows:

Level 4:
Obtain a Level 3 ISA Judging Certification + submit 400 additional hours of judging
experience (must include experience judging national/international events) logged and signed
off by head judge + receive a letter of recommendation from National Federation
Ability: judge + head judge national/international events

Level 5:
Reserved for judges currently sitting on ISA World Championship panels.
May be awarded to elite level judges via Recognized Prior Learning application made to the ISA
Membership and Development Team.
Ability: judge elite-level competitions

If you qualify for either of the above judging levels, please fill out the form below and submit all
requested documentation for review by the ISA Membership and Development department.

ISA Level 4 and 5 Judging Application:

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