The ISA Athletes’ Commission (AC) was established in 2018 and consists of 7 athletes who play a vital role in representing the voice and interests of athletes on executive-level, sport-based decisions. The ISA AC’s mission is to consider matters as they relate to athletes and provide advice and recommendations to the ISA. The Chair of the ISA AC holds a position on the ISA Executive Committee to ensure that the athletes’ opinion is heard at the highest level of governance of Surfing.

For more details on the ISA AC Terms of Reference, please click here.

  • Afridun Amu


      Position: ISA Athletes’ Commission Member
      Elected in: 2022
      Age: 37
      Hometown: Sao Miguel, Azores Islands, Portugal
      Discipline: Shortboard
      Career Achievements: 6-time ISA World Surfing Games participant; President of Wave Riders Association of Afghanistan
      Instagram: @afridun25
      Email: [email protected]

      Why the ISA Athletes’ Commission:
      I want to push making the athletes’ interests the main driving force of decision-making within the ISA.
      I have competed six times in the ISA Games as an athlete, representing my country of birth and have also been heading the surfing national federation since 10 years. Knowing both the athletes’ and the officials’ side of the coin, I am convinced: the time has come to make the Athletic Commission (AC) more proactive. I envision the AC to find out what topics athletes want to shape and change instead of solely waiting for athletes to speak up to the commission.

      I have a background in law and development cooperation and experienced that the vast majority of all organizations tend not to be user-centered. In my professional life, this realization made me become a lecturer and coach of user-centered design and co-creation processes. What better way to put these to use than to start co-creating the ISA from the athletes’ perspective? I plan to start regular polls to find out what topics athletes really care about and to set up workshops so athletes beyond the athletic commission can shape the development of the ISA.

  • Justine Dupont


      Position: ISA Athletes’ Commission Chair
      Appointed in: 2018
      Age: 31
      Hometown: Nazare, Portugal
      Discipline: Big Wave Surfing, Shortboard, Longboard, SUP
      Career Achievements: 2019 ISA World Champion Stand Up Paddle; Multiple-time medalist in the ISA World Longboard; Multiple time World Champion of the XXL Awards
      Instagram: @justinedupont33
      Email: [email protected]

  • Leilani McGonagle

    (Costa Rica)

      Position: ISA Athletes’ Commission Member
      Elected in: 2022
      Age: 22
      Hometown: Pavones
      Discipline: Shortboard
      Career Achievements: Tokyo 2020 Olympian
      Instagram: @leilanimcgonagle
      Email: [email protected]

      Why the ISA Athletes’ Commission:
      Hi guys! My name is Leilani McGonagle. Yes, like Harry Porter (jajaja) I was born and raised in a small surf town in Pavones Costa Rica. Surfing came into my life via my family. My parents and older brother have all been my biggest inspirations to be apart of this sport. I’ve competed since the age of 8 years old and proudly represented my country in multiple ISA’s since the age of 11. I guess you can say, “it’s not my first rodeo”. Along this journey I’ve learned and experienced so much thanks to surfing. Including being of the participants in Tokyo 2020. I am a strong-willed person and I fight for what I believe is right.

      People say I’m passionate, creative, and very dedicated. Yes, in other words am a firecracker! I recently graduated from CSUB with a Major in Communication and Public Relations. My goal is to continue to represent my country and surfing in the best way possible. Part of this I believe brings the responsibility to make our sport a more equal, fare, and beneficial place for future generations.

  • Alana Nichols


      Position: ISA Athletes’ Commission Member
      Appointed in: 2018
      Age: 39
      Hometown: Farmington, New Mexico
      Discipline: Para Surfing
      Career Achievements: Paralympic Gold Medalist, Five-time Paralympic athlete, Three-Time Gold Medalist in Alpine Skiing & Basketball.
      Instagram: @alanathejane
      Email: [email protected]

  • Ignacio Pignataro


      Position: ISA Athletes’ Commission Member
      Elected in: 2024
      Hometown: Punta del este, Uruguay
      Discipline: Longboard
      Instagram: @nachopignataro

      I am 29 years old and hail from Uruguay, where I have dedicated myself to both professional surfing and marketing endeavors.

      Throughout my journey, I have strived to bridge gaps between cultures through my love for surfing. Recognized as an Ambassador of Uruguay by the Ministry of Tourism – Uruguay Marca País, I have sought to represent not just my country, but the global surfing community as a whole.

      My academic background in social science and marketing communications (Universidad Católica del Uruguay 2014-2019), coupled with my practical experience in various marketing roles, has equipped me with the skills to effectively communicate and engage with people from diverse backgrounds. From my time as a Digital Media Planner at Wasabi Ad to my recent freelance endeavors, I have consistently demonstrated my commitment to fostering connections and promoting positive change.

      As an athlete, I have not only competed but also taken on roles such as team manager and marketing director, representing surf brands in Uruguay. However, my dedication extends beyond competition; I have organized events and workshops to encourage participation in surfing, particularly among underrepresented groups such as women. Initiatives like the first-ever WSL Lqs in Uruguay and the women’s longboard workshop highlight my commitment to inclusivity and community building within the sport.

      I believe that my multifaceted background, coupled with my unwavering passion for surfing and community engagement, makes me a strong candidate for athlete representation in the International Surfing Association. If given the opportunity, I will strive to amplify the voices of athletes worldwide, promote diversity and inclusivity, and work tirelessly to ensure that the surfing community continues to thrive.

  • Leandro Usuna


      Position: ISA Athletes’ Commission Member
      Elected in: 2022
      Age: 34
      Hometown: Mar del Plata
      Discipline: Shortboard
      Career Achievements: Tokyo 2020 Olympian; 2x ISA World Surfing Games Gold Medalist
      Instagram: @leleusuna
      Email: [email protected]

      Why the ISA Athletes’ Commission:
      The first and most important question is why I surf, and it’s simple, it’s because I love it. Surfing brings me joy and a healthy lifestyle. Not only do we meet super cool people but also different cultures, languages, beaches, pure connection with nature and many other things. Started doing the ISA in 2004, its been over e decade with many good and great results.

      Learned a lot with all the different experience I’ve had as a competitor and enjoyed a lot seeing new nation bring their surf team to the World Games. This sport has given me many memories and a rich and beautiful life in the competitive and non competitive world. In my home town Mar del Plata, Argentina I own a surf school and also created a non-profit organization called SurfED.

      All of it is done to give back to the sport, the ocean, the waves all that it has given us. Our team loves getting more and more kids into surfing to learn and experience all the magical emotions it can create for one. In my career I have competed for years on the QS, a two times gold medalist at ISA, silver medalist in Pan ams, and an Olympian. I want to help out the world of surfing in any way I can and being in the ISA Athletes Commission is a great step to getting involved in a better surfing future.

  • Natasha van Greunen

    (South Africa)

      Position: ISA Athletes’ Commission Member
      Elected in: 2022
      Age: 23
      Hometown: Cape Town
      Discipline: Shortboard
      Instagram: @tashvangreunen
      Email: [email protected]

      Why the ISA Athletes’ Commission:
      I believe it is important for all voices to be heard. Being an athlete, I have experienced the usual frustrations involved in competitions and the impacts these can have. I want to be able to share my input on what I think can be improved on and share how we, the athletes, feel on decisions that will directly impact us and our careers.
      I am passionate about surfing, especially competitive surfing and I believe I can represent athletes, from all regions, fairly. I want to help improve all surfers’ experiences of competitive surfing by sharing mine and your concerns and recommendations.

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