ISA Course Presenter Mentorship Process

ISA Course Presenter Mentorship Process

Interested in delivering ISA Coaching Courses?

Our global network of ISA Course Presenters is the backbone of the ISA Development Programs. We’ve spent over 25 years building a team of the most passionate, professional, knowledgeable, and experienced experts.

To ensure the quality of our programs, all new ISA Presenters must follow a mentorship process and be signed off on their competencies to deliver ISA Courses. Please find an outline of the Course Presenter application and mentorship process below.

Requirements to Apply:

  • Hold an ISA Certification in the discipline for 2+ years
  • Demonstrated experience coaching or judging over an extended time (5+ years)
  • Preferred connection to and recommendation letter from an ISA Member Federation
  • Course delivery plan outline (where/when/how/what audience/which courses you intend to deliver)

If requirements above are met, please complete the application:

The ISA Membership and Development (M+D) Team will review your application and determine whether to move forward based on various factors, including your level of expertise and the demand for courses in your country/region.

The Process:

If you are recommended for a Mentorship, the process will be as follows:

  1. The ISA M+D Team will recommend an eligible Mentor Presenter for you based on region and availability.
  2. You will have a preliminary meeting with your Mentor Presenter to understand the logistics and administrative obligations of being a Course Presenter.
  3. You/your Mentor will email the M+D team the plan for your Mentorship, outlining the details of how you will complete steps 4 and 5. As a general principle in-person course delivery and mentorship is preferred but virtual solutions may be considered when necessary and in consideration of the plan presented.
  4. You will shadow your Mentor delivering at least one (1) course of your desired discipline.
  5. You will Deliver a course, with your Mentor, to at least four (4) course participants.
  6. Your Mentor will complete the ISA Course Presenter Review Form based on your performance. You will complete the “reflection” portion of this document.
    1. If you pass the competencies, you will be sent an ISA Course Presenter Agreement. Once the agreement is signed, you will be eligible to organize and deliver courses in the approved discipline(s).
    2. If you do not pass the competencies, you will either be recommended to repeat steps 4 and 5 for re-evaluation, or your Mentorship will be terminated at the discretion of the Mentor Presenter.

Mentor Compensation:

Completing a Presenter Mentorship is an investment in your career as a surf/SUP expert by yourself or your National Surfing Federation. You will be expected to compensate your Mentor Presenter for their time spent mentoring you and must work out the compensation for the Mentor directly with the Mentor. Please be sure to agree to the compensation terms in writing via email to avoid miscommunication. Common compensation structures are:

  • Daily or hourly pay rate (including time spent on course supervision/co-delivery, mentorship sessions, and feedback);
  • Covering any travel costs associated with your Mentor Presenter completing the review process; and/or
  • Mentor Presenter is entitled to some or all of the revenue generated by the Co-Delivered courses.

Please be advised that beginning a Presenter Mentorship is not a guarantee that you will become an ISA Course Presenter. You must meet the competencies to be eligible to deliver ISA courses and your Mentorship may be terminated at any time at the discretion of your Mentor Presenter.
If you have any questions about the ISA Course Presenter mentorship process, please contact the ISA Membership and Development Team at [email protected].

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