Who's representing your country?
Dimitri Papavassiliou
  • Age / 29
  • Born / Malibu
  • Resides in / Malibu
  • Favorite surf break / Pipeline
  • Board / 6'2
  • Sponsors / Roberts Sufboards
  • Biggest Achievement / 2011 NSSA Juniors/ Men's ratings champ Gold Coast
  • Hobbies / I like to make sushi, go fishing and play beach volleyball
I'm a half american half greek citizen who grew up in the US. I want to represent Greece and bring more representation and inspiration for mediterranean surfers to raise the level in the sport of surfing. I spent 4 months last winter in Greece visting the surf community and was welcomed by all the locals. They showed me around many surf spots and was very fortunate to experience the greek hospitality. I have many relatives in Greece and hope one day to qualify for the Olympics.
Mateo Christodulu
  • Age / 15
  • Born / Lima, Peru
  • Resides in / Lima, Peru
  • Favorite surf break / San Bartolo
  • Board / Lost Surfboards
  • Sponsors / Vans, BOZ Wetsuits, CRLSurfTeam, Fu Wax, Prolite, SunBum, Hydroflask, Green Room Surf Shop, Camofit, El Frutero
  • Biggest Achievement / Representing Greece at the WJSG and WSG
  • Hobbies / Surf & Skate
Half Greek, half Peruvian. Born and raised in Peru always celebrating the greek traditions of my family. I hope to be an inspiration for all greek groms around the world and hopefully become a full size Junior Greek Surfing Team. Started surfing as soon as I learned to swim at 4 years old, first with my bodyboard and soon switched to shortboard and never left it since. I began competing at age 9 and am honored to join Team Greece for the ISA Competitions, looking forward to give my best!
Gerasimos Veneris
  • Age / 25
  • Born / Athens, Greece
  • Resides in / Athens, Greece
  • Favorite surf break / Lagouvardos Greece
  • Board / self shape twin fin
  • Sponsors / self
  • Hobbies / swimming, snowboarding, barrel hunting
I was born and raised in Voula a coastal town outside of Athens, Greece and near there is where I got my first wave at my local break Vouliagmeni. At the age of 16 I moved to the US for better education opportunities and to pursue my swimming career, leaving my surfing dreams behind. This led me to land a scholarship to swim for a school in Colorado. However the ocean was really missing from my life, so at 21 I decided to leave Colorado behind and move to San Diego a place where it felt much more like home. This is where I fell back into surfing and based my life around the ocean working as a San Diego City lifeguard. I currently work seasonally and I spend my time off chasing big swells around the world and spending time at home in Athens with my family.
DIVISION: Open Women
Eirini Tsarpali
  • Age / 35
  • Born / ATHENS
  • Resides in / ATHENS
  • Favorite surf break / LAGOUVARDOS
  • Board / SHORTBOARD
  • Sponsors / COHETE, O'NEIL , DAKINE
  • Biggest Achievement / NONE
I'm a 34year surfer from Greece leaving the dream of joining in an international event with all my favourite surfers. I'm the only one on the team who was born/raised/lived all their life/mainly practice in Greece. Also this is the first time women compete for Greece ever. My goal is to do the best surf of my life, to enjoy every moment of this unique experience and have a great time!
DIVISION: Open Women
Alexandra Kolla
  • Age / 41
  • Born / Santa Cruz, CA
  • Resides in / Santa Cruz, CA
  • Favorite surf break / Rockies, punta Mango
  • Board / 5.7 Haydenshapes LoveBuzz
  • Sponsors / n/a
  • Biggest Achievement / n/a
  • Hobbies / surfing, snowboarding, bodybuilding
I enjoy riding big boards on big waves. I find it very relaxing to just cruise down the line. I've surfed Mavericks a handfull of times as well. When I am not surfing --which is not very often :)-- I do have a full time job as a professor at University of Califonia, Santa Cruz. I am a mathematician and teach/research theoretical computer science and quantum computing.
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