Who's representing your country?
DIVISION: Under 18
Aris Voicu
  • Age / 14
  • Height / 158
  • Born / Bucharest
  • Favorite surf break / Macumba Beach, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
  • Board / Moane Surfboards
  • Biggest Achievement / III rd PLACE - ILHEUS SURF KIDS CIRCUIT under 14 , BAHIA, Brasil, 2022; IV th PLACE - TRIPLICE COROA CIRCUIT under 14 , Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 2022 ; IV th PLACE - Ilheus Surf City, BLACK TRUNKS under 14, 2022
  • Hobbies / Traveling, reading, video editing
 I am 15 years old and slowly traveling around the world with my family. I discovered surfing for the first time while traveling through South America in a 1974 Volkswagen Combi. I am the first Romanian to participate in a World Surfing Championship. My dream is to represent Romania at the Olympic Games. I have been intensely training since 2020.
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