Who's representing your country?
Julian Schweizer
  • Age / 26
  • Born / La Paloma - Punta del Este
  • Resides in / La Paloma - Punta del Este
  • Favorite surf break / Las Flores, El Salvador - La Aguada, Uruguay
  • Board / Michale Takayama Anahilator model
  • Sponsors / Breitling, Suzuki, Brou (Banco Nacional Uruguayo), Corona, Rusty.
  • Biggest Achievement / Plata Panamericanos Lima 2019 - 7mo lugar ISA Longboard Biarrtiz 2019, x3 Campeón uruguayo de longboard
  • Hobbies / La fotografía
Es surfsita/longboarder profesional de 25 años. Hace más de 14 años que su pasión son las olas. Aprendió en las costas de Rocha, Uruguay durante los veranos y vivió 5 años en Costa Rica donde se desarrollo como deportista de élite. Hoy ya tiene una medalla de plata en los Juegos Panamericanos de Lima 2019 y clasificó a la élite del longboard mundial en 2016 siendo estos dos logros

históricos para el deporte uruguayo.
Ignacio Pignataro
  • Age / 29
  • Born / La Barra, Punta del Este. Uruguay
  • Resides in / La Barra, Punta del Este. Uruguay
  • Favorite surf break / Bikini beach, Uruguay
  • Board / New Advance Signature model 9’6” shaped by Neco Carbone
  • Sponsors / Howler Bros, Chery, Corona, New Advance
  • Biggest Achievement / Bronze medal Pan American surfing games 2022
  • Hobbies / Reading, photography
From Uruguay. 
DIVISION: Open Women
Inés Beisso
  • Age / 29
  • Born / Maldonado
  • Resides in / Maldonado
  • Favorite surf break / La Aguada
  • Board / New Advance 9.3"
  • Sponsors / La Isla Surf Shop
  • Biggest Achievement / Campeona uruguaya de longboard Femenino
  • Hobbies / Fotografía
I was born in Montevideo and lived in the countryside until I was 7 years old. 
DIVISION: Open Women
Camille Beauvois
  • Age / 29
  • Born / Punta del Este
  • Resides in / Punta del Este
  • Favorite surf break / In Uruguay: La Boca de la Barra. International: The Pass, Byron Bay
  • Board / New Advance Nacho Model
  • Sponsors / None
  • Hobbies / Surfing (specially early in the morning) and running (it was my main sport before I started surfing).
I'm from Punta del Este, Uruguay, a beautiful seaside resort. I have always been very close to the ocean but only started surfing 6 years ago thanks to my boyfriend's instistance. We were in Australia at that time in a work and holiday visa.

In January 2021 I bough a longboard for the small waves of the summer at home and never got back to my shortboard. Uruguay is a country that lacks of waves consistency, therefore longboarding is a perfect match.
I started competing locally last year and has so far been a beautiful journey. Being here today representing my small but  gorgeous country is the biggest dream I could have ever had related to surfing.

Work-wise I studied Business and Management and I'm now working at a Bank as an Account Executive. I can often find myself coming back home from my day with my wet wetsuit but wearing shirts and blazers. 
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