Who's representing your country?
Kai Sallas
  • Age / 42
  • Born / Waikiki
  • Resides in / Waikiki
  • Favorite surf break / Queens in Waikiki
  • Board / Kai Sallas Longboard Co
  • Sponsors / Tenore and Kai Sallas Longboard Co
  • Biggest Achievement / 2024 WSL world longboard champion
  • Hobbies / surfing, paddling oc1 canoe, fishing
Ive been competing in the wsl longboard tour for 22 years.  I am owner of Kai Sallas Longboard Co and Pro surf school hawaii, a surfing school located at the Kaimana beach hotel in Waikiki
Kaniela Stewart
  • Age / 22
  • Born / Waikiki
  • Resides in / Waikiki
  • Favorite surf break / Queens
  • Board / 9’4 Tsunami Model by Kai sallas
  • Sponsors / TENŌRE , KSLCO, DNA Performance, Flying Diamond Fins, ARVO CAFE,
  • Biggest Achievement / 2x Runner up WSL Championship Title
  • Hobbies / Sailing Catamarans, Flying Airplanes, Canoe surfing with friends, Hydrofoiling and having a good time with Family and Friends
Waikiki, O'ahu
Kaniela Stewart is a talented Hawaiian longboard surfer with a style that seamlessly blends traditional and modern techniques. Making a strong impact in the competitive surfing world, Stewart has showcased his skills at various national and international events, impressing judges and audiences alike. His dedication to the sport is evident both in and out of the water, where he also serves as an inspiration to young surfers and an advocate for Hawalian surfing culture. He's an esteemed waterman, a boat captain and soon to be airplane pilot!
2022 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout Champion
Runner up WSL Longboard Tour 2022, 2023
Multiple WSL LT wins
DIVISION: Open Women
Kelis Kaleopaa
  • Age / 19
  • Born / Waikīkī, Oahu
  • Resides in / Waikīkī, Oahu
  • Favorite surf break / Kapuni
  • Board / 9’2” Waikīkī model by Kai Sallas Longboard Co
  • Sponsors / Tenōre, Kai Sallas Longboard Company, Thread wallets,Flying Diamond fin Company, Dakine
  • Hobbies / Back to Back US open of surfing Champion
Born and raised in waikiki :)
DIVISION: Open Women
Honolua Blomfield
  • Age / 25
  • Born / Haleiwa, Hawaii
  • Resides in / Haleiwa, Hawaii
  • Favorite surf break / 7 mile miracle
  • Board / New model doesn’t have a name yet by Carson Myers
  • Sponsors / Oneill, Myers surfboards, slowtide, Dakine, Island fin design
  • Biggest Achievement / World champion X3
  • Hobbies / Golf, Motocross, skateboarding
Native Hawaiian surfer from Haleiwa. Enjoys family time, hanging with my dog Goober, and traveling with my boyfriend. And surfing of course lol
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