Who's representing your country?
DIVISION: Open Women
Liv Stokes
  • Age / 22
  • Born / Aliso Viejo
  • Resides in / Aliso Viejo
  • Favorite surf break / Oceanside Harbor
  • Board / Michael Takayama PinTail
  • Sponsors / Hurley, Michael Takayama surfboards, Jacks Surf Shop, I-SEA Sunglasses, Sticky Bumps wax
  • Biggest Achievement / Qualifying for the 2023 WSL Longboard Tour
  • Hobbies / Reading, drawing, walking my dog
I feel so lucky to be able to represent Canada on the global stage! Last year I was able to represent my country at the ISA World Surfing Games, the PanAmerican Games, and on the WSL World Longboard Tour. I'm so proud of my team and I can't wait to see what we accomplish in 2024!
David Schiaffino
  • Age / 43
  • Born / ucluelet
  • Resides in / ucluelet
  • Favorite surf break / ALL
  • Board / WCS
  • Sponsors / WCS Surboards, WCS Surf Shop, Ukee Poke, Huey Choice Surf Wax, Prolimit Wetsuits, West Coast Campground, Carve
  • Biggest Achievement / Surf Nationals Champ x 3 and 1 Silver
  • Hobbies / Surfing - entrepreneur
Love for Surfing 
DIVISION: Open Women
Claire Parsons
  • Age / 35
  • Born / Dartmouth
  • Resides in / Dartmouth
  • Favorite surf break / Lawrencetown Beach
  • Board / Scott Anderson Diamond Tail
  • Sponsors / Lawrencetown Surf Co., Made with Local, Billabong
  • Biggest Achievement / 2nd place at the Rip Curl Pro Nationals 2022
  • Hobbies / Surfing, hiking, pottery and walking her rescue dog Harley.
Claire is from the east coast of Canada (Nova Scotia). An avid winter surfer who mostly surfs in a 6mm wetsuit and in the snow. In the winter months the water temp sits around 1C degree (33.8F).

From Monday to Thursday (organization has a 4 day work week), Claire works as the Senior Strategic Communications Manager for an environmental charity based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Claire has an undergraduate degree with honours in Sociology and an Advanced Diploma in Public Relations. 

Between January 2024 and March, Claire has lost 90 percent of her hair to alopecia. Alopecia, is an autoimmune disease that occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles. It impacts two percent of the world population, and the causes are still relatively unknown, but some believe it’s genetic or caused by stress. Other than your hair falling out it does not impact your overall health (though there can be other complications for some). 
Adam Tory
  • Age / 31
  • Born / London, UK
  • Resides in / London, UK
  • Favorite surf break / Clam Harbour Beach
  • Board / Black Rose 9’6” “Deviated Septum”
  • Sponsors / Hidden Village Surfcraft,
  • Biggest Achievement / Nova Scotia LogFest 1st Place 2023
  • Hobbies / Climbing, Freediving, Skateboarding
Froth puppy, stoke goblin, positive vibe warrior, and uncle to Canadian surf groms. I was born and raised by Canadian parents in landlocked London, UK. As an adult, I returned to my motherland and lived in Tofino, where I dedicated myself to surfing, coaching, and competing for the last decade.

I recently moved to Nova Scotia and started my own business, Hurricane Surf Company, with the goal of sharing my knowledge as a professional surf coach.
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