Who's representing your country?
South Korea
DIVISION: Open Women
Soojin Park
  • Age / 41
  • Born / Yangyang
  • Resides in / Yangyang
  • Favorite surf break / Yangyang
  • Board / Mctavich Noserider 9.1 / stewartsurfboard 9.1 pintail tipster
  • Sponsors / RinconwetsuitsKorea, surfworld_official, A2Age, Padostudio, hamboards_korea, matt_and_mel, shuwb_fit
  • Biggest Achievement / 2023 Korea No.1 / 2023 WSL Lqs Asia 6th
  • Hobbies / Reading
I grew up in Seoul, where I didn’t have much exposure to the sea, only visiting it once a year.

In August 2013, at 31 years old, I tried surfing for the first time during summer vacation. Since then, I’ve been surfing every weekend, traveling between Seoul and Yangyang. Eventually, my love for surfing led me to move to Yangyang, a coastal town, in 2017.

Through hard work and dedication, I became a national surfing representative at 41. It’s a huge honor to be the first longboard national representative of South Korea.

Despite Korea being surrounded by the sea, waves aren’t always consistent. This can be a tough challenge for surfers. Nevertheless, with the help of many people, I’ve reached this point.

I’m deeply thankful to everyone who supported me on this journey.
South Korea
DIVISION: Open Women
Leena Mun
  • Age / 37
  • Born / Daegu city
  • Resides in / Daegu city
  • Favorite surf break / Point break
  • Board / Classic longboard
  • Sponsors / Mattandmel
  • Biggest Achievement / Asc tour (asian tour renextop) 3rd, Glidingbanacals invitation 2nd in Portugal
  • Hobbies / Drawing, ukulele
1st of longboard National team Korea 
South Korea
Dohyeon Kim
  • Age / 26
  • Born / Korea
  • Resides in / Korea
  • Favorite surf break / Hyatt reef(Bali)
  • Board / Bumsurfboard imugi 9.5
  • Sponsors / Bumsurfboard, Out of mind surfing, Better than surf
  • Biggest Achievement / Korea No.2 ranking in 2023 / surfing for 6 years
  • Hobbies / Diving
I am a member of the Korea national team for the first time to participate in an ISA longboard competiton.

My surfing experience is short, but I want to show everything I can.
South Korea
Dongkyun Kim
  • Age / 28
  • Born / korea
  • Resides in / korea
  • Favorite surf break / korea dadepo beach
  • Board / cabianca surfboard
  • Sponsors / cabianca surf korea
  • Biggest Achievement / korea wsl qs 4 place
  • Hobbies / surf, photography
korea surf longboarder mark. I'm starting to surf just 10 years.  I hope you like it :)
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