Who's representing your country?
New Zealand
Matt Newdick
  • Age / 24
  • Born / Milford
  • Resides in / Milford
  • Favorite surf break / Milford reef
  • Board / 9’4 Le Noel log
  • Hobbies / Surf, fish and golf
I am a traditional logger from nz and have been able to grow up along side some amazing friends which are also very talented Tom mason natt Fitt and my friend/ shape Olie Le Noel just to name a few. 
New Zealand
DIVISION: Open Women
Gabrielle Paul
  • Age / 22
  • Born / Piha
  • Resides in / Piha
  • Favorite surf break / Anywhere in Dunedin or Great Barrier
  • Board / My Ilúvatar twinny, or my Morris surfboards Firefly longboard
  • Sponsors / Morris surfboards, Sol goods.
  • Biggest Achievement / Represented NZ twice before this for Longboarding, and have won 4 national titles.
  • Hobbies / I like making music, crocheting, going to the beach, trying new things.
I grew up in Piha beach on the west coast on New Zealand and have recently migrated to Mount Maunganui on the east coast which is a far more favourable longboard wave. I am a recent graduate from a Bachelor of Science Honours in Psychology, which I hope to continue in the future by doing a clinical programme. I love all types of surfing, short and long and everything in between. This is my first time to El Salvador and I am very excited to be a part of the NZ team again and experience it all! 

Last year, I was very lucky to be a part of a women's shortboarding surf film in Aotearoa called "Over the Undertow." It will hopefully be released on viewing platforms soon, so check it out :). A great story of a few women who love surfing and have overcome obstacles to get where they are today. 
New Zealand
DIVISION: Open Women
Hannah Kohn
  • Age / 28
  • Born / Gisborne
  • Resides in / Gisborne
  • Favorite surf break / Wainui Beach
  • Board / 9'4 67 Le Noel
  • Hobbies / Surfing, diving, snowboarding and hiking
Grew up in a small area on the east coast of Aotearoa/NZ called Gisborne. The beach was my world growing up and as soon as my big brother got into surfing I followed.

I was an avid shortboarder my whole life and didn't discover my love for longboarding until my mid-twenties. I love the grace and balance it brings to my otherwise clumsy life and the beautiful community that it has connected me to.

I am so stoked to represent Aotearoa/NZ on the world stage!
New Zealand
Jack Tyro
  • Age / 16
  • Born / Sumner
  • Resides in / Sumner
  • Favorite surf break / Taylors Mistake
  • Board / Keyo
  • Sponsors / RPM clothing New Zealand, Keyo International Surfboards, Exit Surf Shop, Skullcandy NZ, Ola Surf Lifestyle, Raido Fins.
  • Biggest Achievement / 2023 Australasian Trials winner that won me the wildcard spot in a WSL Longboard tour event (Bells Beach). 2024 Single Fin Mingle Champion. 2024 Noosa Festival Of Surfing Champion.
  • Hobbies / In my spare time I enjoy sketching oceanscapes and archectural designs. I Play guitar and a bit of football. And I am studying Archiecture in a polytech later this year.
Kia ora, my name is Jack Tyro and I am a 16-year-old surfer from Sumner, New Zealand. Surfing has given me the opportunity to travel worldwide competing at longboard and shortboard competitions. At home, I run a community longboard competition where I also coach local groms at our Boardriders Club. As a little kid, I'd watch my Dad compete in the Hyundai Longboard Tour around NZ against the likes of Taylor Jensen and Harley Ingleby (both world champions). It's crazy, but now I have competed against these same guys on the world stage. Why longboarding? well, the thing with longboarding is that it feels natural to me, I’ve been watching it all my life and its connection to style fascinates me. 10s and Drop Knee turns are my core go-to moves but tying them all together to look good is where you can use your imagination. The longboard has enough float and glide to let your senses go wild with moves that can be both steezy and ridiculous all at the same time. Music and art are also a big passion of mine. I play the guitar and spend a lot of my spare time drawing oceanscapes. Family, friends, and the ocean are all things I keep close to my heart and surfing is what ties it all together....
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