Who's representing your country?
Puerto Rico
Rio Donaldson
  • Age / 25
  • Born / Luquillo
  • Resides in / Luquillo
  • Favorite surf break / Corredor ecológico del noreste
  • Board / Pelícano
  • Sponsors / Boardriders Bar and Grill, Hacienda Rosa and everyone else who helped me get here!
  • Biggest Achievement / 4th place in the Central American and Caribbean surfing games 2023
  • Hobbies / Surfing and Farming
My goal for the next 4 years is to qualify for the LA Olympics in 2028 (Longboarding IS going to be in the Olympics)
Puerto Rico
DIVISION: Open Women
Jazmine Dean
  • Age / 27
  • Born / Rincón
  • Resides in / Rincón
  • Favorite surf break / Domes beach
  • Board / 9'6 half moon tail by Hendricks
  • Sponsors / Hendricks surfboards, matunas 100% natural wax, whiskini bikinis,
  • Biggest Achievement / Super Girl Pro, Florida longboard Champ 2x
  • Hobbies / Yoga, running, cooking, traveling
Hi my name is Jazmine Dean! I'm 27 and surf professionally in longboarding and shortboarding. My passion is health and fitness and surfing is my favorite outlet for practicing skill. I got certified to teach Kripalu yoga 2 years ago. My dream is to combine yoga and surf training for my own retreats in Puerto Rico. This summer I will be competing in Mexi Log Fest and doing the Alas tour as well. Ironically in the Alas tour, I'll be competing for both the pro longboarding and  pro shortboarding tours at the same time!
Puerto Rico
DIVISION: Open Women
Emilia Huminski
  • Age / 15
  • Born / Rincon, Puerto Rico
  • Resides in / Rincon, Puerto Rico
  • Favorite surf break / Domes, Rincon Puerto Rico
  • Board / WRV 9' 0''
  • Sponsors / ALSI, Mar Azul Surf Shop, La Marea Food Truck, Cross Fit RIncon
  • Biggest Achievement / Winner Girls Surfing Circuit LB
  • Hobbies / Surfing, drawing, reading, writing...
I was born in Ponce Puerto Rico, I am 15 years old and I live in Rincon, Puerto Rico. I have been surfing since I am 6 years old. Started surfing together with my mother on a boogie board, then transition to surf shortboard alone and have been competing for 5 years now, in short board. I started to learn about my love for longboarding about three years back. I am fascinated by the elegance and grace of the sport. I definitly feel identified with longboarding and I make it show who I am. I am looking forward to represent Puerto RIco, and see where longboarding takes me with dedication and hard work.  
Puerto Rico
Antonio Pou
  • Age / 39
  • Born / SAN JUAN
  • Resides in / SAN JUAN
  • Favorite surf break / Wilderness
  • Board / Machete Shapes
  • Sponsors / Leaf and Bloom
  • Hobbies / Family Time, Fishing, Spear Fishing, Drawing, Tree Hugging
Father, Husband, Surfer and Agronomist from Puerto Rico. Born in Aguadilla and raised in San Juan Puerto Rico. 
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