Who's representing your country?
Tom Breen
  • Age / 21
  • Born / Tramore
  • Resides in / Tramore
  • Favorite surf break / Tramore
  • Board / Skindog double scoop
  • Sponsors / Skindog surfboard ,tiki wetsuit company, rebel fins
  • Biggest Achievement / Finals in longboard at the European surfing championships And Irish longboard champion 2023
  • Hobbies / Surfing swimming surflifesaving
I am 21 years old from a seaside town in the south east of Ireland, I started surfing when I was 6 years old, my Dad Ronan Breen thought me how to surf.

I am current Irish senior longboard champion and I recently placed 4th in the esf european surfing championships in the longboard division all in 2023 

also placed 3rd in the board rescue in the European lifesaving championships
Wes Hannigan
  • Age / 46
  • Born / Tramore
  • Resides in / Tramore
  • Favorite surf break / Tramore
  • Board / Henry G.S Moore 9'2 that was lost years ago.
  • Biggest Achievement / 3 x Irish National Longboard Title
  • Hobbies / Surfing,
From the top of Waterford and living in Tramore. Surfing just over 30 years. Last time I attended a World Games was in Durban back in 2002.  (Tom my team mate was just a twinkle in his dad Ronys eye back then ha ha)  Lived in Santander on the north coast of Spain between 2007 and 2016. Somo beach was the local spot. I still miss that spot.  Active member of the Longboard Ireland crew that stages the Log Jam in Kerry every year. 3 times Irish National Longboard Champion. 
DIVISION: Open Women
Ruby Knox
  • Age / 25
  • Born / Castlegregory
  • Resides in / Castlegregory
  • Favorite surf break / The Rivermouth
  • Board / 9’4 endless fun noserider
  • Sponsors / Ned O’Sheas Construction, Parkgate Coffee
  • Biggest Achievement / 5th at Eurosurf longboard division
  • Hobbies / Anything in water, a hike and of course games with friends
Grew up on the southwest coast of Ireland in what we would call the "schticks". Excited to be here, will try my best, support my team and have fun :)  Last year I competed in Longboarding at El Salvador and Euro's with the Irish team.  Been teaching surfing since I was 17.  Big thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.

22 Irish national longboard championship

Riding Endless Fun surfboards, baptiste shaper in Ireland. We made a few changes to the model I had last year especially for this comp to suit the wave, El Sulzane better. 
DIVISION: Open Women
Bea Greenberg
  • Age / 20
  • Born / Creeslough
  • Resides in / Creeslough
  • Favorite surf break / Thats Classified information
  • Board / Skindog 9,2 Double Scoop
  • Sponsors / Skindog Surfboards, Kelpman Ocean Blends, Huku Balance, Less Ego, Snawve
  • Biggest Achievement / Irish Longboard Champion 2023.
  • Hobbies / Other than surfing I love surf lifesaving, windsurfing, paddling. Anything ocean related I love. Also love an adventure in the hills of Donegal
My name is Bea (pronounced B) Greenberg, I am 20 years old and I am from a small village in Donegal called Creeslough. 

This last year has been a crazy adventure. 

I started the year off representing my country in the World Longboard Championships in 2023, and found a true love for competitive longboarding. So I speant every spare minute I had longboarding and training on my Huku Balance Board to progress my surfing. Which paid off and I ended up winning the Irish Longboard Nationals (which was held where I go to university so I do apologise to my professors for missing some class time haha). 

In Ireland you can also find me training for Surf Lifesaving, this year I was part of an amazing team that represented Ireland in the European Life saving Championships where I clinched a bronze as well as several Irish National Titles. 

After a busy year of competing I decided it was time to give back to surfing. So I moved to Peru and taught surfing, English and skating with an organisation called Waves Lobitos. I absoulety loved every minute of it. The kids were amazing such an inspiration and they shred. When I found out I made the Irish team and would be coming back to El Salvador, the crew in Lobitos went above and beyond to help me train, Henry would be out every morning at 6am filming, our crew of surfers would be out running heats with me and the kids were always cheering in the water. It was a truely wonderful experience. I miss them all dearly. 

After my time ended in Peru I decided to come out and train here at El Sunzal. Just want to thank all the locals especially Henry and Armado for giving me some tips and helping me to understand this wave better. 
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