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Nick Crettenand
  • Age / 45
  • Born / Sion
  • Favorite surf break / Manawa - Mauritius
  • Board / Fanatic
  • Sponsors / Fanatic
  • Biggest Achievement / SUP Swiss Champion
  • Hobbies / SUP Race, SUP Surf, Road cycling
Switzerland is a country without ocean. My hometown in the Valais is surround by mountains. But my heart belongs since ever to the ocean. Probably because my mom comes from Mauritius, this wonderful island in the middle of the indian ocean and that somehow it is written in my DNA that my soul and my body belongs to the ocean.  Being part of the ISA Worlds is the dream of a simple guy living in the snowy mountains to be a wave surfer. And here I am, to prove that if you believe in something out of normality, but so evident to you, fight for it and you can make it! 

To be able to participate to this competition I launch a crowdfunding in my city and was able to raise enough money to take a month off from work, train at the ocean and  finance my trip to Puerto Rico.  So have 100 of "dream belivers" supporting me and that give me strength to try to pass the first qualification round.
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