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DIVISION: SUP Tech Racing Men,SUP Sprint Racing Men
Edonays Caballero
  • Age / 33
  • Born / Panama
  • Favorite surf break / Sunzal el salvador
  • Board / RS SIC
  • Sponsors / Sup One, Stand Up Panama, DTC,
  • Biggest Achievement / Central american champ
  • Hobbies / Sup surf, surf, walk
Love the sport

8 years of career

8 place in the last Panamerican Games in Panamá playa Venao

6 time in a row Panamenian SUP champ. 
DIVISION: SUP Distance Racing Men
Orlando Macias
  • Age / 48
  • Born / Panama
  • Favorite surf break / Playa Venao
  • Board / Planning Hull 14' x 23''
  • Biggest Achievement / being invited to the ISA WC
  • Hobbies / OC1, running
My Love for SUP

I practice several paddle sports besides SUP, but the latter was the one that opened the door to the others, almost seven years ago.

Standup allows you to feel the intensity of surfing a wave and at the same time it lets you explore the ocean a little beyond the sight of the shore.

As an athlete, you need to develop your Endurance and Power to be able to cope with the demand of this discipline.

Fitness Advocate

As part of my arsenal to improve as an athlete I practice strength training using Kettlebells as a mobility and strength enhancer.

I found that KBs are the perfect tool to build up your skills as a paddler.

That’s why I am pursuing the full kettlebell coaching certification in order to be a strength instructor for paddlers since I noticed that is an opportunity area in our discipline.

My "Serious Side"

I am a Investment advisor for a Family Office and a Financial Consultant for several businesses.  I got a Msc in Industrial Engineering and another in Finance.
DIVISION: SUP Tech Racing Women, SUP Distance Racing Women,SUP Sprint Racing Women
Stephanie Bodden
  • Age / 39
  • Born / Panama City, Panama
  • Favorite surf break / Playa Reina, Mariato
  • Board / 404 LTD
  • Sponsors / 404, black project, standup panama
  • Biggest Achievement / Top 5 Panamerican Games 2022 in Playa Venao, Panama
  • Hobbies / Going to the beach, spending time with my kids
I'm a working mom of two kids. I studied sports medicine at Florida state university. I started as a canoe paddler when I was 14 years old (25 years ago) and made the transition to SUP 5 years ago. This will be my second time competing at the ISA world championships
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