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Great Britain
DIVISION: SUP Surfing Women
Christina Doviak
  • Age / 39
  • Born / Newquay, Cornwall
  • Favorite surf break / Whipsaderry, Cornwall
  • Board / Smik Spitfire
  • Biggest Achievement / English National Champion
  • Hobbies / Cooking and walking my dogs
Got into SUP wave riding after tearing ligaments in my ankle which meant I couldnt do a pop up on my surfboard (too much impact). THis was in april 2022...Now I am in a world contest! What a crazy year.
Great Britain
DIVISION: Prone Distance Racing Men,Prone Tech Racing Men
Andrew Byatt
  • Age / 42
  • Born / Perranporth, Cornwall
  • Board / Bark
  • Sponsors / NA
  • Biggest Achievement / World Quadrathlon Champion
  • Hobbies / Paddleboarding, Surfing, Swimming, Running
Father of two. Including a 7 year old son Luke and Georgia 4 who both love paddleboarding and swimming, too. From a town that loves it surf sports in the southwest of England called Perranporth. The same town as amazing surfers such as Ben and Lukas Skinner, Pegleg Bennet all medallists in the ISA surfing divisions for Longboarding, Junior Shortboarding and Para categories, respectively. I have been lucky enough to enjoy participating in International level sports for many years, challenging myself, making great friends, keeping fit and seeing some incredible spots around the world. Hopefully, others will be inspired to enjoy the experiences the lifestyle can offer. A summary of some of the many enjoyable ones, which also had good results have inlcuded: World Quadrathlon Champion 2008 (swim, kayak, bike, run) World Life Saving Champs, 2002 7th, 8th (board, ironman) ISA World paddleboard Champs, 2019 Technical, 4th World Vitual paddleboard champs Molokai, 2020, 3rd Otillo Run swim World series race 2nd 2022
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