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Leonardo Gimenes
  • Age / 22
  • Born / Santos - São Paulo
  • Favorite surf break / Pitangueiras Beach and Itararé Beach
  • Board / 6’11” 23’1/4 by Classic Longboards / Delton Menezes shaper
  • Sponsors / Antiqueda, Classic Longboards, Terraço Chopp, Leaf Blanks, Black Project, Manga Wax, Tick Deck, Regular Jhon Fins, CETF
  • Biggest Achievement / Brazilian Champion 2021, Vice World Champion sub 18
  • Hobbies / Sup surfing, Longboarding, Explore New waves, Administration my restaurant, Hangouts with my girlfriend
Im Leo Gimenes and now the braziliam to be beated in Brasil, i have worked so much to be in the level of surfing like my idols in Brasil and now in my best form, i have woned 3 steps in sequence of nationals, and the curent Braziliam Champion, in 2018 i was Vice World Champion sub 18 and my dream is to be an World Champion.
DIVISION: SUP Distance Racing Women
Roseli Novloski
  • Age / 43
  • Born / Candido de Abreu PR
  • Favorite surf break / Guaratuba PR
  • Board / Mirage
  • Biggest Achievement / Etapas Brasileiro
  • Hobbies / Remar, surfar
Participar do Mundial do Isa Games era um sonho, e que está sendo realizado. Competindo no esporte que amo. Gratidão a Deus.
DIVISION: Junior SUP Tech Racing Girl
Rebeka Klotz
  • Age / 14
  • Born / BLUMENAU
  • Favorite surf break / penha
  • Board / 14 pes
  • Sponsors / COMPACT RACE BOARDS, linea logistics, vetter empreendimentos, pousada pedra da ilha
  • Biggest Achievement / Campea Brasileira
  • Hobbies / surfar e remar
Eu Rebeka Brehmer Klotz, tenho 14 anos, moro em Penha, sou atleta da modalidade de stand up paddle race, categoria Júnior, e estou Confederada pela Confederação Brasileira de surf (cbsurf), e fui convocada para participar e representar o Brasil no Mundial de SUP da ISA.

Eu sou estudante do 9º ano, e estudo no Centro Educacional Prisma, em Balneário Piçarras;

Iniciei no Stand up Paddle em 2018,

Vou relatar as minha conquistas nesses 4 anos no Stand up paddle:

2019 -1° lugar categoria kids feminino da 4° etapa do catarinense (dezembro de 2019)

2021-1° lugar junior feminino no desafio de sup em penha (julho/2021)
1° lugar junior e funrace feminino em itapema (outubro/2021)
1°lugar junior e funrace feminino do catarinense em palhoça  (dezembro/2021)
2° lugar no br4all 3km mar (Agosto/2021)

2022-1°lugar junior feminino do alohaspirit em ilhabela (março/2022)
1°lugar race pro técnico junior e 2° junior feminino do alohaspirit em Angra dos reis (junho/2022)
1° lugar na junior feminino e race pro técnico Junior do alohaspirit em saquarema (agosto/2022)
DIVISION: Prone Tech Racing Men
Patrick Winkler
  • Age / 44
  • Born / Ubatuba
  • Favorite surf break / Rocky Point Ubatuba
  • Board / Bark unlimited
  • Sponsors / Suntech Sunblock, Mormaii
  • Biggest Achievement / Brazilan national champion (Prone). 5 x ISA worl Sup & paddleboard championship participant
  • Hobbies / Comics, surf , my dog
A swimmer, paddler and surfer. A Molokai To oahu prone solo finisher in 2017.

edito in chief of Swim Channel magazine 

DIVISION: SUP Sprint Racing Women, SUP Surfing Women
Aline Adisaka
  • Age / 32
  • Born / Ubatuba
  • Favorite surf break / Sunset beach, Hawaii
  • Board / My 6'5"x22 By Pastor
  • Sponsors / Claudio Pastor, Quickblade, Athlete Trainning Center, Analytic Paddle, Larissa Castro.
  • Biggest Achievement / 7x National Champion (4x Sup Surfing and 3x Sprint Racing); Cooper Medal SUP surf ISA Games Denmark; Bronze medal SUP Surf Panamericanos de Surf; Gold medalist Sprint Race South American Games; Latin America Sup surf champion.
  • Hobbies / Shortboard, longboard, canoe paddling,
I am currently the Brazilian National Champion, holding 7 National titles (4 times Sup surfing and 3 times Sprint Racing), Gold Medalist at the South American Games, Bronze medalist at the Pan-American Surfing Games, and have won the Cooper medal for SUP surfing at the ISA Surfing Games in Denmark.

As an ambassador of the sport my level of involvement goes far beyond just being a competitor. I am proud to be on the board of the Brazilian Confederation of Surfing as an athlete representative.
DIVISION: Prone Tech Racing Women
Catarina Winkler
  • Age / 29
  • Born / Campinas
  • Favorite surf break / Praia Grande Ubatuba
  • Board / Deadline
  • Sponsors / Speedo
  • Biggest Achievement / Brazilian Champion
  • Hobbies / Meditation
I've been a swimmer all my life, I've represented the Brazilian open water team.  I've been on Paddleboard for just 2 years at my husband's encouragement.  I live a dream because I work in a segmented swimming media company that I always admired the “Swim Channel” because of it I met my current husband, who coincidentally is the founder and who encouraged me to be at ISA today, he taught me to paddle and today we train together.
DIVISION: Junior SUP Tech Racing Boy
Cauê Menezes
  • Age / 18
  • Born / Itacaré
  • Favorite surf break / Pontal
  • Board / Mirage
  • Sponsors / CAO MKT, Mirage, Team Brazil
  • Biggest Achievement / Brazilian amateur sprint champion 2018
  • Hobbies / Play soccer
I'm Brazilian paddler, I was born im Sao Paulo but I live in Bahia now. I started to paddle when I was 13 and started to compete with 15. I've already won national e regional championship in kids and junior category since then. After a 3 years pause I get back to paddle this year with the honor and the opportunity to participate of the ISA World SUP Champion. Want to thank my Sponsors for all support.
DIVISION: SUP Tech Racing Men,SUP Sprint Racing Men
David Leão
  • Age / 21
  • Born / Itacaré Bahia
  • Favorite surf break / Big waves
  • Board / RS SIC
  • Sponsors / SIC MAUI
  • Biggest Achievement / Silver in panamerican games 2022
  • Hobbies / Surf, student.
My name is david Leao, I'm Brazilian and I've been rowing since I was 10 years old. integral to the SIC global team being qualified in the APP world tuor. 

I will be looking for my first world title by ISA in this edition, raising the flag of the new generation and my country. 
DIVISION: SUP Distance Racing Men
Eri Tenorio
  • Age / 27
  • Born / Búzios
  • Favorite surf break / Geribá Beach
  • Board / Flying Fish Board Co
  • Sponsors / Flying Fish Board Co / BlueLine Surf Shop / Werner Paddles
  • Biggest Achievement / Top 10 APP Tour 2022
  • Hobbies / SUP Surf, Trail Run, Yoga and Foiling
I am a Brazilian Paddleboarder that came from a City in Rio de Janeiro called Buzios.

I used to do Circus school before becoming a Paddleboard Athlete so I love doing acrobatic tricks on my Race board as you can check out on my Instagram Page. 
DIVISION: SUP Surfing Women
Gabriela Sztamfater
  • Age / 26
  • Born / Ubatuba
  • Favorite surf break / Praia Grande
  • Board / Epic surfboards
  • Sponsors / Epic surfboards
  • Biggest Achievement / 2022 Brazilian champion / 4th app world tour at Gran Canaria 2019
  • Hobbies / Futevolei
I am Gabriela Sztamfater, professional SUP surfer who lives in a small and beautiful city called Ubatuba, Brazil.

Surfing makes life so much better and I am so happy to be part of team Brazil at ISA 2022
DIVISION: Prone Distance Racing Men
Jader Andrade São Pedro
  • Age / 35
  • Born / Salvador
  • Board / Paddleboard
  • Sponsors / Instituto Onda Verde
  • Biggest Achievement / Campeão Brasileiro de Paddleboard 2022
  • Hobbies / Natação e paddleboard
Sou Salva Vidas, Fisioterapeuta, Nadador de Maratonas Aquáticas e atleta de prone paddleboard desde 2017. Tenho um lindo filho chamado Miguel de 5 anos.
DIVISION: SUP Tech Racing Women
Jessika Matos
  • Age / 39
  • Born / Itanhaem
  • Favorite surf break / Fishermen’s beach
  • Board / Compact surf model storm
  • Sponsors / Compact race boards
  • Biggest Achievement / 2nd place Sprint race in ISA championship 2019 El Salvador
  • Hobbies / Surf
My name is Jessika, everyone calls me Moah.
I Participed in ISA China and El Salvador, where i won second   Place in the sprint.

I am Brazilian Champion sprint and technical race.

Mother of an adult and a girl

I love surf, sea , beach and nature
DIVISION: SUP Tech Racing Women,SUP Distance Racing Women
Lena Ribeiro
  • Age / 41
  • Born / Arraial do Cabo
  • Board / Ratones
  • Sponsors / No sponsors
  • Biggest Achievement / Panamerican Games champion (Lima 2019)
  • Hobbies / Travel with my family
I was born in Niterói in the state of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). 41 years old. Handball athlete during adolescence.  Graduated in Nutrition and Physical Education, married, mother of two boys (14 and 19 years old). I started paddling SUP at just 29 years old in Arraial do Cabo, where I live with my family since 2004. My husband (Americo Pinheiro) is my coach. 
Luiz Diniz
  • Age / 30
  • Born / Guarujá
  • Favorite surf break / Guaruja
  • Board / Epic surf board 6,6
  • Sponsors / Epic surfboard
  • Biggest Achievement / 2x ISA champ 2017 and 2018
  • Hobbies / Surfing with my friend and stay home with my family
I'm from Brazil and I love to surfing 
DIVISION: SUP Tech Racing Men,SUP Distance Racing Men
Luiz Carlos De Castro Guida
  • Age / 39
  • Born / Ubatuba
  • Favorite surf break / Itamambuca
  • Board / Ratones
  • Sponsors / Ratones, Board House, Atmosfera, HB, DCarle, Fburini, Empório avia Natural
  • Biggest Achievement / 5x campeão brasileiro Sup Race
  • Hobbies / Surf, Bike, outrigger
Espero fazer um ótimo evento e representar muito bem o Brasil 
DIVISION: Prone Distance Racing Women
Sinara Soares Pazos
  • Age / 46
  • Born / Salvador
  • Favorite surf break / Farol da Barra
  • Board / Prancha 12' paddleboard
  • Sponsors / Abubakir / Instituto Onda Verde
  • Biggest Achievement / 6° no Mundial Isa El Salvador 2019
  • Hobbies / Natação e maratonas aquáticas
Já participei de 3 Munduas Isa na Nicarágua 6° Geral na prova longa, México 7° Geral prova longa e El Salvador 6° na prova curta em 2019.

Medalha de bronze por equipe Brasil em 2014 na Nicarágua e 4° no revezamento.
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