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DIVISION: SUP Tech Racing Men,SUP Distance Racing Men
Mike Darbyshire
  • Age / 35
  • Born / North Vancouver
  • Favorite surf break / Deep Cove
  • Board / Starboard Sprint
  • Sponsors / Starboard, Coast Outdoors
  • Biggest Achievement / Canadian National Champion
  • Hobbies / SUP, Surfing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Hockey
Mike Darbyshire is from North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, paddling out of Deep Cove. Previously represented Canada at the 2016 ISA Championships in Fiji as well as representing Canada at the 2019 Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru. Unfortunately, Mike was injured in training just days before the Pan Am Games race and was unable to compete. Mike runs one of the largest paddlesport operations in Canada and develops youth SUP athletes through his youth paddling team in North Vancouver.
DIVISION: Prone Tech Racing Women,Prone Distance Racing Women
Shannon Bell
  • Age / 48
  • Born / Vancouver,BC, Canada
  • Favorite surf break / Cox Bay, Tofino, BC
  • Board / BARK
  • Biggest Achievement / ISA 2013 - 3rd place SUP distance Peru, 4th place prone technical ISA 2013 Peru
  • Hobbies / SUP surfing trips with family, snowboarding, , hiking , hanging out with the family
I live in Vancouver British Columbia Canada with my husband Gary and two teenage boys -Ocean and Sky. I work as a lifeguard on the beaches in the summertime. I grew up a competitive swimmer and went to university of Hawaii on a swimming scholarship. I've competed in many different water sports including ocean swimming, surf lifesaving, stand up paddleboard racing, outrigger racing, and  surf ski racing. I love spending time on the ocean, especially with the prone posse..Brad, Shauna and Nicole. I love my family so much! And catching a wave is the best feeling :):) I am happy to complete in both prone races for the first time! 
DIVISION: SUP Tech Racing Men,SUP Distance Racing Men
Tim Oliver
  • Age / 43
  • Born / Clarksburg
  • Favorite surf break / Indian Brook
  • Board / Starboard Allstar
  • Sponsors / Starboard, QuickBlade, Rally Beer Co. , Smith Optics, Precision Fuel and Hydration, West Shore Surf Shoppe,
  • Biggest Achievement / 10th Carolina Cup 2022
  • Hobbies / Surf, Sup, MTB
Proud Canadian from the Great Lakes area of Canada, who loves DW conditions and rough water! Full time Firefighter and father ..... Starboard is my board sponsor!
DIVISION: SUP Sprint Racing Men, Prone Tech Racing Men, Prone Distance Racing Men
Daniel Miller
  • Age / 42
  • Born / Calgary
  • Favorite surf break / Makaha, Oahu
  • Board / NSP Puma
  • Sponsors / NSP Canada, Aqua Adventures, Prairie West Electric, Canadian Medical Solutions
  • Biggest Achievement / 6th at Korea SUP open APP distance race
  • Hobbies / Kite skiing, surfing
Hello, This is my third ISA World Championship competing for Canada. I'm thrilled to be here competing in the SUP sprint,and prone events. Although I am competing in the prone competitions I am a rookie in the sport and specialize in sup distance racing. Currently ranked 8th in the professional APP World Tour.  Michael Booth is my coach and mentor. My goal over the next couple years is to win a SUP World title. Also, please give a shout out to legendary stand up paddle coach currently fighting cancer and undergoing intensive chemo, coach Mike Eisert in Dana Point, he needs the help of the stand-up paddling community after giving so many years of his life coaching and volunteering. You can send $25 donations to my PayPal that will go directly to paying his hospital bills.  Paypal: [email protected]  Venmo: 8088007517
Emre Bosut
  • Age / 39
  • Born / Tofino
  • Favorite surf break / cox corner
  • Board / The Slackers
  • Sponsors / Blackfish Paddles, Blu Wave SUP, Swell Tofino Surf Shop
  • Biggest Achievement / 3rd at Davenport Paddle Surf Classic
  • Hobbies / camping + surfing
Emre grew up in Burlington Ontario he lives in lives in Tofino BC since 2011 and own the surf and paddleboard school Swell Tofino.  Emre's coming from a whitewater kayaking and surfing background which lead Emre to SUP surfing.  Check out Emre on the Wild Coast video recognized as one of the best SUP films of 2017.  
Jake Collard
  • Age / 38
  • Born / Tofino B.C.
  • Favorite surf break / Cox bay
  • Board / Sunovas sp24
  • Sponsors / Quick water Canada , Sunova
  • Biggest Achievement / Canadian nationals
  • Hobbies / Jiu jitsu , archery
Surfing came later  into my life but I am completely obsessed with it. Being a competetive athlete most of my youth through football it was always a dream to be high level athlete later into life.  It is a bit surreal that I am able to represent Canada in an international event. Was a dream for a while and was not sure I would be able to do it.  So excited it happened and  Coming with the intentions do what I can as a competitor but primarily   to learn from the experience and other great water people and take the knowledge into my own coaching. 
DIVISION: SUP Distance Racing Women, SUP Sprint Racing Women
Lina Augaitis
  • Age / 41
  • Born / Coldstream
  • Favorite surf break / Tofino
  • Board / Sunova Flatwater Faast
  • Biggest Achievement / 2014 ISA SUP Distance world champ, 2016 ISA SUP Sprint World Champ, 2014 World Series overall champ
  • Hobbies / mountain biking, trail running, ski touring
I am an elementary school Physical education teacher. I am a mother of two. I love outdoor adventures of all sorts. I am a past world champion. 
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