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Trinidad and Tobago
Riano Louis
  • Age / 14
  • Resides in / Whim Tobago
  • Favorite surf break / Mt irvine
  • Board / Sharp eye
  • Biggest Achievement / 2th u16in theroadtoElsalvadorcompetition
  • Hobbies / Surfing , skateboarding,Montanbiking,
My name isRiano Louisi am14 years old and fromthe little islandtobago i love the Ocean since i amsmallandridingwaves ismy passion it islike flying andi cant getenoghofit
Trinidad and Tobago
Benjamin Harragin
  • Age / 13
  • Resides in / Port-of-Spain
  • Favorite surf break / mount irvine
  • Board / Shortboard thruster
  • Sponsors / mum and dad
  • Biggest Achievement / 2nd Nationals U10
  • Hobbies / football, golf, tennis, fishing,
I love to surf!
Trinidad and Tobago
Cheyenne Patino-ubeda
  • Age / 10
  • Resides in / Buccoo
  • Favorite surf break / Mt Irvine
  • Board / Kelly Slater
  • Hobbies / Music, gymnastics, drawing
Hi my name is Cheyenne I live on the island of Tobago which is the last island in the Caribbean Archipelago. I have been surfing since I am six years old and I love it! I feel so happy and free in the water and catching big waves. I also love to see all the marine life on the reef when I am out there surfing Mt. Irvine. I hope to one day compete in the Olympics and surf all the great breaks around the world!
Trinidad and Tobago
Aiden Albada
  • Age / 13
  • Resides in / Maraval, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Favorite surf break / Pelican Point, Trinidad & Tobago
  • Board / CI Rook 15
  • Sponsors / Channel Islands SB Store, Da Hui Wax
  • Biggest Achievement / 1st, Rincon Classic 14&U, 2022
  • Hobbies / Surfing, swimming, mountain biking,
I am a 13 year old that was born and grew up in Trinidad & Tobago. I lived there until I was 10. Around my 10th birthday my mom got a job at UCSB and we moved to Santa Barbara, California. I love warm water and powerful open waves to do full rail carves in critical sections. I'm a pescatarian and my favourite food is doubles (from Trinidad & Tobago) and bean and cheese burritos. I really enjoy Kelly Slater and John John Florence's surfing style and look up to the Coffin brothers locally. I hopefully will become the first surfer from Trinidad & Tobago to get on the WSL tour.
Trinidad and Tobago
Esther Hares
  • Age / 13
  • Resides in / Port of Spain
  • Favorite surf break / Mt Irvine, Tobago (Brandon's and Soup Bowl, Barbados special mention)
  • Board / Sharpeye... but lost shaped by Uncle Alan Davis is special!
  • Sponsors / None... yet!
  • Biggest Achievement / ISA 2022 Continental YADP selection
  • Hobbies / surfing, reading, going to the gym, listening to music, watercolour painting and swimming
My full name is Esther Gabrielle Bain Hares. I am 13 years old and I was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago and am a Form 2 student at St Joseph's Convent in Port of Spain, Trinidad. I am the youngest of two in my family and the only surfer. Ever! My brother Elijah played football (soccer) and some cricket. I have always wanted to surf and be a competitive surfer. I always loved the water and started learning to swim at six months old and I was surfing at 4.5 years old. I remember I first wanted to be a surfer when I was three years old and saw surfing in Barbados and started bugging my mom. I hope one day to represent my country in the Olympics or on the CT!
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