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Coral Bonilla Bishop
  • Age / 14
  • Resides in / Pescadero
  • Favorite surf break / The rock
  • Board / Quiver 5’4
  • Sponsors / Quiver
  • Biggest Achievement / National champion
  • Hobbies / Surfing
I grew up in Baja California Sur and in Ontario Canada, I've been surfing since I was 2 years old but just started competing when I was around 12
Mariana Valencia
  • Age / 17
  • Resides in / Ensenada, Baja California
  • Favorite surf break / San Miguel
  • Board / Special made MARS surfboard
  • Sponsors / Sisstrevolution, Baja Bound Insurance, Fish 101, Fuwax, MARS surfboards, Ne Nutrición Estratégica, Bully's surf products
  • Biggest Achievement / Mexican Junior National champion x3
  • Hobbies / Arts and Crafts (painting, knitting and writing).
When I was 7 years old my mom met my stepdad, who taught me how to surf. I won my first National Surf Competition at 12 and went to my first ISA World Junior Surfing Championship at 13. I compete on both sides of the border. Last year I won second place at the Mexican National Surfing Championship in the under 19 category. I also do environmental work to protect the places where I surf, especially from access issues and water quality. I organized my first beach clean-up when I was 13 and supported the San Miguel State Park project. My mom works at Save The Waves, and I traveled with her and Joao De Macedo to The Azores to support the Surf Protected Area Network program. I'm part of sisstrevolution team.
Moana Bonilla Bishop
  • Age / 16
  • Resides in / Cerritos Baja California Sur Mexico
  • Favorite surf break / La Fortuna
  • Board / Brawner Surfboards 5’5 Comp board
  • Sponsors / Todos Santos Surf Shop, Desert Barrels Surf Shop
  • Biggest Achievement / Second place CONADEMexican nationals 20221
  • Hobbies / Playing guitar, jiu-jitsu and writing
Started getting into competition surfing when I was 12. I also love to compete in longboarding.
Lucas Senkbeil Cassity
  • Age / 13
  • Resides in / Todos Santos, BajaCalifornia Sur, Mexico
  • Favorite surf break / San Juanico
  • Board / Timmy Patterson,Pool Party
  • Sponsors / Rip Curl, Timmy Patterson, Dragon, FCS, Todos Santos surf shop, Taller 17, Pacifica Restaurant
  • Biggest Achievement / Mexican national champ ( last one 2019) / USA Primenational champ 2021
  • Hobbies / Surfing, skateboarding, cooking
Lucas loves competing. He surfs in both the Prime USA circuit and the NSSA in Southern California. Currently, he is 13 years old, surfing in both u14 and u16 divisions in both circuits. At the moment, he is ranked 1st in the u14 and 1st in the u16 in the Prime circuit. He is ranked 1st in the NSSA U16 and 3rd in the u14. Lucas won his first Mexican national tile in the u14 at age 8. He also participated in his first ISA when he was 10 years old in Huntington Beach. He spends a significant amount of time traveling between Mexico and San Juan Capistrano, in Southern California, where his dad was originally from. Lucas hopes to have continued success in the amateur surfing ranks and one day make it to the WCT.
Alejandro Tonatiuh
  • Age / 17
  • Resides in / los cabos, San José del cabo
  • Favorite surf break / La bocana, San José del cabo and the rock
  • Board / shortboard
  • Sponsors / Desert barrels salgado surfboards
  • Biggest Achievement / third place in the 2019 ixtapa national olympics
  • Hobbies / Skate and paint
I am interested in having a good performance and development in my surf sports career for my future
Kin Cadenas
  • Age / 15
  • Resides in / Sayulita
  • Favorite surf break / Secret spot
  • Board / Mars surfboards
  • Sponsors / Mars surfboards
  • Biggest Achievement / National champion
  • Hobbies / Surfing ,fishing and spear fishing
i am a local grom from Sayulit, Mexico that loves to surf, loves to be in the ocean, loves fishing and spear fishing. I am someone simple.
Joelle Ramirez
  • Age / 15
  • Resides in / Puerto Escondido
  • Favorite surf break / La Punta de Zicatela
  • Board / 5`6 crescent tail
  • Sponsors / Bazar Puerto Escondido, Chilloa Surf Zinc
  • Biggest Achievement / Gold medal at Juegos Nacionales de CONADE oct 2021
  • Hobbies / love to train, to go out with friends, to watch sunsets, to read.
That in my family everyone is a surfer, my parents, and my younger suster.

that I started to surf very young (at 6 years old) because my parents love to go to the beach;

that I come from a surf town as Puerto Escondido is,

that we have a very tight surfing community in my town,

that we have amazing waves where Im from but that construction and develpoment are risking our surf spots.
Nesher Monjaraz Peretz
  • Age / 14
  • Resides in / Puerto escondido
  • Favorite surf break / Zicatela
  • Board / 5.9 round tail mars surfboards
  • Sponsors / @oddthebrand @oaxacaguides @cocolocosurf @mexpipe @mars_surfboards @chiloa_bloqueadorsolar @ chicamaperuvianfood @holymoly
  • Biggest Achievement / 2 place mexico nacionales 2019 and 1 place in “rey de plataforma” puerto escondido 2021
  • Hobbies / Surfing , skating, fishing , swimming , football, cooking
my name is nesher monjaraz peretz but I am known for nesher DIAZ , diaz as a tribute to my late father Mexican surf legend and Volcom team rider celestino diaz . I grew up surfing the waves of zicatela with my surfer mother lihi peretz from Israel ,zicatela is my home wave mexpipe tube is my favorite place to be the ocean is the Pilar of my surfer family and I love mexico the state of Oaxaca my culture ,especially the food :) .I consider my self a dedicated athlete and i love inspiring the new generation to surf and treat each other with compassion and respect in the water no matter where you are from . I am very grateful for the opportunity to represent mexico and follow my dreams and my surfer family my father ,mother and my sister maya la ripa Mexican surf champion and my little brother Wolfgang that start following my foot steps . thank you !!! nesher diaz
Ana Gonzalez Velasco
  • Age / 14
  • Resides in / Manzanillo, Colima
  • Favorite surf break / 3M
  • Board / MARS
  • Sponsors / Mujeres Del Mar
  • Biggest Achievement / Campeona nacional por años consecutivos
  • Hobbies / Tocar batería, tocar guitarra, patinar y correr.
Me gusta que me digan Lilo Toco la batería desde pequeña y una banda muy grande en mexico "Moderato" me invito a tocar con ellos en un concierto en CDMX
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