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Noah Storhaug – Arce
  • Age / 15
  • Resides in / Jaco
  • Favorite surf break / Marbella Costa Rica
  • Board / Sharp Eye
  • Sponsors / Selina, ELasticas Surfboards,
  • Biggest Achievement / 1st Boys, Costa Rica
  • Hobbies / Surf, Skate, Train, Work out, hang with friends.
I am a kid with a lot of passion for surfing, its my lifestyle. I have goals to reach WSL and the Olympics. Hard works Pays off, and dicipline beats talents.
Zukas Loining
  • Age / 15
  • Resides in / Coolangatta
  • Favorite surf break / Snapper Rocks
  • Board / Pyzel Radius
  • Sponsors / FK Unlimited, LIIVE Sunglasses, Pyzel Surfboards, Surfboard Empire, OB Five Skateboards
  • Biggest Achievement / Getting Good Footage
  • Hobbies / Snorkelling, spear fishing, fitness
I’m a 15 year old grommet. I live on the Gold Coast around the corner from Snapper Rocks, D-Bar, and Kirra, which are some of the worlds best surfing spots. I’m born in Australia, my Mum is Norwegian and my Dad Is Australian. I’ve been to Norway quite a few times and spent many months there for many years and it is a big part of me as a person. I started surfing and skating when I was probably 5 years old. I did more skating while I was a mini grom, I was always at the skateparks learning new tricks. As my limbs grew longer and I could finally paddle onto my own waves, surfing became my passion. A couple of brands picked me up from a young age from just seeing me out surfing, FK Unlimited, Liive, OBfive, SurfboardEmpire and Pyzel Surfboards…. I was stoked!! MY DAY TO DAY I surf pretty much every day, go to school and surf again after school. If the surf is pumping and I’m up to date with school work, my mum lets me just surf and do some school work at home, which is really cool. On the weekends I surf with my friends and sometimes we go skating if surf is not that good. Or spear fishing, fishing, or just hang out in my shed with heaps of friends.Life is pretty good!
Frimann Breivik
  • Age / 16
  • Resides in / bøstad
  • Favorite surf break / Unstad
  • Board / frost surfboards 5,6
  • Sponsors / Frost surfboards, lofoten surfsenter, trivsel AS, 68nord
  • Biggest Achievement / 4th place junior national championship
  • Hobbies / surfing, snowboard and training
My name is Frimann, i am 16 years old, and i live close to Unstad which is the best surfing spot in northern europe. i have been surfing for 3 years and love the sport, i surf on my dads brand, Frost surfboards.
Thea Vold
  • Age / 18
  • Resides in / Bryne
  • Favorite surf break / Steinen/Toveisbukta
  • Board / Firewire dominator
  • Sponsors / Jæren Sparebank
  • Biggest Achievement / No one yet
  • Hobbies / Surfing
My name is Thea Vold, I am from Norway, and I have been surfing for about one year and a half. This is my first surfing competition, but I am hopefully also competing in the Norwegian surf championship this year too. In my free time I like to hang out with friends and surf of course! I am really exited to go to El Salvador, meet new people, and challenge myself and my surfing.
Sofie Nakken Lund
  • Age / 15
  • Resides in / Klepp
  • Favorite surf break / Sele beach Norway
  • Board / Firewire Dominator 2
  • Sponsors / Jæren Sparebank
  • Biggest Achievement / Norwegian Junior Champion in 2021
  • Hobbies / My hobbies are Surfing, Handball and Dancing
Hi, I am Sofie from Norway. I am 15 years old and love surfing, handball and dancing. I won the national junior championship in 2021. I look forward to the warm weather, try surfing in no wetsuit and meet some amazing people around the world in El Salvador.
Maria Frogner
  • Age / 15
  • Resides in / Stadlandet
  • Favorite surf break / Ervik
  • Board / Shortboard
  • Sponsors /
  • Biggest Achievement / National team
  • Hobbies / Surfing, snowboarding, playing piano
Grew up in a small surfing community on the northwest coast of Norway, Stad, from the age of three. Lives close to the local break, with mom, dad, brother, and two sisters. Coldwater surf.

Went on a family surftrip in 2019 to Sri Lanka. First time surfing in boardshorts and rashguard.

Switched from minimal to shortboard last summer, with a feeling of "why haven't I tried this long ago?". Super fun.

Met surfcoach Shannon Ainslie this winter, very inspiring and good learning.

Looking forward to surf more with people my own age and experience new places.
Max Hygge Jartman
  • Age / 14
  • Resides in / Hemsedal, Norway
  • Favorite surf break / Hoddevik, Stad, Norway
  • Board / Snowboard
  • Biggest Achievement / Norwegian national champs.
  • Hobbies / Snowboarding, skiing, volleyball, skateboarding, mountainbiking
Lives in Hemsedal, Norway; mountain town and major snow sport destination, many hours drive from the ocean and any surfable waves. Skis and snowboards daily throughout November to May. Have spent summers in Stad, the westernmost point on the Norwegian coastline, where the North Sea provides more or less inconsistent surf throughout the year. First time in the Americas! Participated in first national surfing contest at the age of 12, made the finals in both shortboard and longboard categories.
Silas Hamran
  • Age / 17
  • Resides in / Sola
  • Favorite surf break / Lillesteinen
  • Board / Cabianca DFK 2.0
  • Sponsors / Boretunet, Srfsnosk8
  • Biggest Achievement / Jæren Boardriders when I beat Mikael Brodschöll in a heat!!
  • Hobbies / Surfing
Ida Bore
  • Age / 16
  • Resides in / Vasshus
  • Favorite surf break / Bore
  • Board / 6,8 hard
  • Hobbies / Surf and dance
16 years old girl from Stavanger, Norway.

first surfcompetition was in Lofoten 2021

also like to dance
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