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South Africa
Nate Colby
  • Age / 16
  • Resides in / Durban
  • Favorite surf break / New Pier
  • Board / Colby
  • Sponsors / Oneill, Colby Surfboards, Aerial Material
  • Biggest Achievement / U14 SA Junior Champ
  • Hobbies / Besides Surfing - Drawing & Call of Duty
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South Africa
Zia Hendricks
  • Age / 15
  • Resides in / East London
  • Favorite surf break / Yellows secrets
  • Board / Rebel 5.5
  • Sponsors / Rebel surfboards,Seki ,Sea Harvest
  • Biggest Achievement / Won S.A Grommet Games twice
  • Hobbies / Playing cricket
I am Zia Hendricks I live in East London I am currently 15 turning 16 in October and I play waterpolo, Girls Cricket and tennis at school and I am a goofy foot surfer.I love medium -Big waves .I love surfing with al my friends and I enjoy the peaceful and refreshing ocean .
South Africa
Connor Slijpen
  • Age / 17
  • Resides in / Cape Town ,Llandudno
  • Favorite surf break / Jeffreys Bay
  • Board / Smth shapes ,Volume
  • Sponsors / SMTH Shapes ,Quiksilver
  • Biggest Achievement / SA u/16 champ
  • Hobbies / Lifesaving and chatting to girls
I am 17 years old from cape town, I live at a big closeout beach break called Llandudno, I've been lucky enough to have an amazing older brother called Luke, who is a very talented surfer and has been to ISA a few times, so he has shared some knowledge with me from his past experiences .My sister Mary is a great longboarder ,basically my whole family are surfers so I've been brought up in the surfing environment from a young age , the last 2 years I have been homeschooled so I am always spending multiple hours in the water a day. I love South Africa because it has got such a variety of different waves, we have the east coast and the cold west coast which can often be very uncrowded ( see #protectthewestcoast ). Really looking forward to where surfing is gonna take me,I am loving the journey.
South Africa
Adriel Wolmarans
  • Age / 17
  • Resides in / East London
  • Favorite surf break / Nahoon Reef
  • Board / My Rebel surfboard
  • Sponsors / Rebel Surfboards
  • Biggest Achievement / Winning an open women South African title
  • Hobbies / Art: I’ve always enjoyed painting and drawing and I take art as a subject at my school. Learning to speak French: everyday when I have time I teach myself to speak French because when I’m older I want to live in France. Cooking and baking
I'm from East London in South Africa and I'm 17 Turing 18. Surfing is the only sport that I do because it is my passion and I can make sure I spend a lot of time in the water. My favorite places to surf is Nahoon and Yellow Sands and I really enjoy spending weekends at Yellow Sands with my surfing friends Zia and Gemma. In my free time when I'm not surfing I'll either be with my friends, painting/drawing or learning to speak French.
South Africa
Indiphile Blessing Osinachi
  • Age / 14
  • Resides in / Durban
  • Favorite surf break / New pier Durban South Africa
  • Board / Spider MurphyTheSlash
  • Sponsors / Surfers Not Street Children and Spider Murphy Surfboard
  • Biggest Achievement / Making the South African National Team
  • Hobbies / Surfing, Reading, Netball, Basketball, Skating
I’ve been surfing for 3 and a half years because I didn’t surf in 2020 ~One of my old classmate’s told me all about the club and one day she decided to invite me, that was towards the end of January in 2018. On that day my life changed for the better. ~Well the SNSC surf club was like a distraction for me in a good way. When I was frustrated I surfed, excited I surfed and when I was bored all I thought of was surfing. The love for surfing and the ocean grew and that kept me away from joining any dangerous gangs and hanging out with the wrong people. ~Girl Surf Too isn’t just girls surfing to me, it’s girls bonding and getting together to do what we love doing together as a family. Helping each other out and learning from our mistakes. ~Yes, surfing did change my life for the better. I feared the ocean and anything to do with it, that fear left as soon as I got up on that pink surfboard as Coach Sandile watched me ride the wave all the way to the sand. She lives in Durban and has been a member of the Girls Surf Too crew, which is part of Surfers Not Street Children. Indiphile has been competing for a few years and has competed in the Ballito pro 2021 and the South African surfing champs She rides for Spider Murphy/Safari Surfboards and Surfers Not Street Children.
South Africa
Sarah Scott
  • Age / 16
  • Resides in / Kommetjie, South Africa
  • Favorite surf break / Snapper Rocks
  • Board / Smith Shapes Volume
  • Sponsors / Smith Shapes, O’Neill, Aerial Material, Raspect Sunscreen
  • Biggest Achievement / 3x SA Junior Champ, 2nd in JQS + QS (2022)
  • Hobbies / Swim, skateboard, walk along the beach
My name is Sarah Scott and I'm 16yrs old and I live in Kommetjie, South Africa. Kommetjie and the surrounding areas are blessed with surf and as a result surfing has become my go to sport. I'm stoked to represent my country and excited to compete in ISA World Junior Surfing Champs. My goal is to compete at the highest level and this has started with me currently competing in the 2022 Challenger Series.
South Africa
Daniel Emslie
  • Age / 18
  • Resides in / East London
  • Favorite surf break / Nahoon Reef East London
  • Board / Smith Shapes
  • Sponsors / Hurley, Smith Shapes, Oakley, Island Style
  • Biggest Achievement / 5th ISA Junior 2019 U16
  • Hobbies / Hockey, Gym
I come from a family of 4 kids. I have a golden retriever Aston (after Aston Villa). I play first team hockey and tennis and am a prefect at my school. I started surfing when i was 5, so ive been surfing for 13 years now.
South Africa
Ntokozo Maphumulo
  • Age / 15
  • Resides in / DURBAN
  • Favorite surf break / NEW PIER
  • Board / CI FEVER
  • Biggest Achievement / CPAE CROWN CHAMPION2020
Hi guys my name is Ntokozo Surprise Maphumulo and I am a surfer from Durban South AFRICA and there is nothing I love like surfing/competing. I'M in DURBAN HIGH SCHOOL grade 10D. My surf coach is CHAD DU TOIT AND JASON RIBBINK.I SURF EVERY MORNING BEFOR SCHOOL AND EVERY AFTERNOON STRAIGHT AFTER SCHOOL.I'M THE CURRENT UNDER 16 KZN CHAMPION.I LOVE SURFING ANY TYPE OF WAVE BIG OR SMALL .


South Africa
Gemma Hanafey
  • Age / 16
  • Resides in / East London
  • Favorite surf break / Tubes J-Bay
  • Board / Rebel 5.6
  • Sponsors / Rebel Surfboards, RYD Brand
  • Biggest Achievement / Ballito Rookie Rippers U16 Champion 2021
  • Hobbies / I play provincial waterpolo and have been invited to the SA national U16 training squad. I enjoy hanging out with my friends.
i am 16 years old, i attend Stirling High School and play 1st team and provincial waterpolo. One thing you should know is that i love my coffee!! I am mad about surfing and fulled with the surfing stoke! My local break is Nahoon Reef with a super consistant right. Its always super fun surfing out there with my friends and competitors Zia, Adriel and Aimee who are also competing in the ISA world games. I stay a few hours from Jefferies Bay and love surfing Supertubes.
South Africa
Luke Thompson
  • Age / 17
  • Resides in / Durban
  • Favorite surf break / Jeffrey’s bay
  • Board / SMTH shapes volume model
  • Sponsors / Quiksilver, SMTH shapes, Oakley, Skullcandy
  • Biggest Achievement / Winning the WSL Pro junior andthe U/16 in the SMTH shapes rookie rippers
  • Hobbies / Golf
My name is Luke Thompson, I'm from Durban, South Africa and I'm a surfer. I love being in the ocean and pushing myself in bigger conditions to feel the adrenaline rush and excitement that you get from a huge barrel or getting a couple big waves on the head. I love chasing swells and trying to find perfect waves with no one out. I hope to one day be on the world tour competing with the best surfers in the world at the best waves in the world. I am currently surfing and having as much fun as I can living the life that I have been blessed with.
South Africa
Aimee Du Preez
  • Age / 17
  • Resides in / East London, South Africa
  • Favorite surf break / Supertubes, Jbay
  • Board / Bilt 5'8 thumbtail
  • Sponsors / Billabong, Island Style, Bilt Surboards, Ocean Eyewear
  • Biggest Achievement / South Africa Champion 2018, 3rd Nahoon Pro QS1000
  • Hobbies / Modern & tap dancing
Grew up Homeschooling & travelling through southern African countries in a kitted out overlander truck with my 2 brothers for most of my childhood untill 10 years old. Then followed my brothers lead & started surfing from around 11 years old and was hooked!!
South Africa
Luc Lepront
  • Age / 15
  • Resides in / Scottburgh
  • Favorite surf break / Scottburgh Point
  • Board / Smth Shapes Pixta
  • Sponsors / Oakley, Smth Shapes and O'Neil
  • Biggest Achievement / 1st U16 Ballito Rookie Rippers 2021
  • Hobbies / Fishing
Living in Scottburgh, I am spoilt with a exellent Right hand point break, and Winter we have world class waves. I have been surfing from the age of 10, first starting out with nippers and then taking on the waves. I love being out in the water, feels like I am one with nature. I love the thrill you get after a good wave
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