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Netherlands (the)
Storm Van Hattem
  • Age / 16
  • Resides in / The Hague
  • Favorite surf break / Scheveningen
  • Board / 6.0 smith shapes
  • Sponsors / Vissla, Joyassurfschool, Graham smith surfboards
  • Biggest Achievement / Dutch Champion u16
  • Hobbies / Skateboarding
Hi Im Storm van Hattem, 16 years old. My favourite surfspot is at my homebreak scheveningen. I love to travel to far places with good waves.
Netherlands (the)
Julian Seyffert
  • Age / 18
  • Resides in / Albufeira, Portugal
  • Favorite surf break / Supertubos, Peniche
  • Board / Sharpeye Inferno 72
  • Sponsors / Pipeline, Nalu Maica’i.
  • Biggest Achievement / 2x under 16 Nation Champion
  • Hobbies / Rugby, Motocross, Electronic Music and Videography.
It's all about hitting the section.
Netherlands (the)
DIVISION: U18 Girls, U16 Girls
Tiara Van Der Huls
  • Age / 15
  • Resides in / Willemstad, Curacao, Dutch Caribbean
  • Favorite surf break / Playa Canoa
  • Board / Nigel Semmens 5`2
  • Sponsors / None
  • Biggest Achievement / Making the Dutch team!
  • Hobbies / Gymnastics, skateboarding, diving, fishing and art
I was born in The Netherlands and lived there for about half of my life. Now I live on the small Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao, where I am privilaged to be able to enjoy the ocean almost every day....without a wetsuit ;-). I am very happy for this opportunity to represent The Netherlands and to be part of this great surfing family.
Netherlands (the)
Eva Hoffmann
  • Age / 17
  • Resides in / Santa Barbara
  • Favorite surf break / Lowers
  • Board / Lost Driver 2.0
  • Sponsors / Xcel Wetsuits
  • Hobbies / Guitar
Dutch citizen raised in Southern California. Lives in San Clemente. Recently switched to Lost Driver 2.0 with Kolohe Andino fins. Started college at 16.
Netherlands (the)
Duuk Van Dijk
  • Age / 13
  • Resides in / Vreeland
  • Favorite surf break / Lobos
  • Board / 4.10 Bradley
  • Sponsors / Softdog &Travelwax
  • Biggest Achievement / NK under 16- 3th place
  • Hobbies / Surf
I am duuk I am 13 years old I love too surf and to travel and find new and best places too surf! I lived in Marocco for a few years and there I tried surfing for the first time and knew immediately that I want to surf forever.
Netherlands (the)
Lune Lievevan Dijk
  • Age / 15
  • Resides in / Vreeland
  • Favorite surf break / Lobos
  • Board / 5,8 cabianca
  • Biggest Achievement / That I can join this contest
  • Hobbies / Surfing and hockey
Hi, my name is Lune. I am 15 years old and I love to surf. the ocean is my happy place. I started surfing in Marocco since then I am addicted.
Netherlands (the)
Kai Wolsbeck
  • Age / 12
  • Resides in / Santa Cruz
  • Favorite surf break / The Hook
  • Board / Chris Borst Seawolf
  • Sponsors / Chris Borst Surfboards, Creatures of Leisure, Pacific Wave, Sun Bum, Electric Eyewear
  • Hobbies / Skateboarding, Waterpolo, Art
I am born in The Hague/ Netherlands and lived there until I was 7 years old. In 2016 I moved to California/ USA with my family. Due to my parents I was always on the beach and around surfing. However, only when I was 9 and I first started surfing on a shortboard, I really got into it. Since two years I am competing in the NSSA and other local Santa Cruz/ Californian competions. I bike to surf my homebreaks at Santa Cruz daily; Pleasure Point, The Hook, Sewers. My favorite tricks are air reverse, rail carves and blow tails. I love being in the ocean and around water, next to surfing I also play competitive waterpolo for the Santa Cruz Waterpolo club.
Netherlands (the)
Rendel Salawanej
  • Age / 17
  • Resides in / Domburg
  • Favorite surf break / France, Messange-Plage
  • Board / JIMMY LEWIS SHACK 6.3
  • Sponsors / JIMMY LEWIS Surfboards
  • Biggest Achievement / 2e place Dutch National Championships 2021. < 18
  • Hobbies / Surfing, fishing, working out, basketball, hanging out with my friends
My full name is Rendel Rico (after my dad) Salawanej. I am part Dutch and part Moluccan(indonesia). I come from a surfing family, my brother and sister competed at the national Dutch junior team aswell. my whole family supports me.

I am a real waterman. I've been enjoying the beachlife from an early age(4 years) and started surfing at the age of six in different countries in Europa and other parts of the world. I love fishing aswell and in the summer I like to swim, bodyboard, longboard, foiling etc. Beside that i like skateboarding and play a little basketball.

As surfing is concerned I participated in a lot of local contest in the Netherlands an participated at the Eurosurf 2018 in Portugal (under 14 years) and Rip Curl grommseach 2018.

Last year i became second in the National Championship under 18 year. This year my goal is to take the National Dutch titel under 18 and hope to deliver my best performance ever at the World Junior Surfing Championships!!!
Netherlands (the)
Pieter-bas Boekee
  • Age / 15
  • Resides in / Oud-Beijerland
  • Favorite surf break / Lacanau
  • Board / MATTA SMP2
  • Sponsors / Ripstar
  • Biggest Achievement / Qualification for the World and European Championchips
  • Hobbies / Surfing and skateboarding!
I am very stoked to join the 2022 Surf City El Salvador ISA World Junior Surfing Championship!
Netherlands (the)
Julia Boekenoogen
  • Age / 16
  • Resides in / Den Haag
  • Favorite surf break / Encuentro DR
  • Board / Lost Sub driver/Pukas tasty treat
  • Sponsors / Chainalysis
  • Biggest Achievement / Night surf 3th place
  • Hobbies / Surfing surfskate
I do Not know
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