Who's representing your country?
Puerto Rico
DIVISION: Junior SUP Tech Racing, SUP Distance Racing
Anabella Rivera
  • Age / 13
  • Born / Trujillo Alto
  • Resides in / Trujillo Alto
  • Favorite surf break / La 8
  • Board / Sic RS
  • Sponsors / Dynamic Solar Solutions
  • Biggest Achievement / 3rd Overall in The Money Island in Carolina Cup 2022
  • Hobbies / SUP, Volleyball, bird and dog lover
I started practicing this sport at 7 years old as therapy to help develop my left shoulder.  I had a brachial plexus injury at birth and as a consequence I have Erb’s Palsy.  The reduced function of my arm has never stopped me or defined me.  Since the day I started doing paddleboard I fell in love with this sport and the contact I could have with nature and the ocean.  I am extremely proud to represent my island of Puerto Rico for the first time in an ISA World Championship.
Puerto Rico
DIVISION: SUP Distance Racing
Cristian Lopez
  • Age / 21
  • Born / San Juan
  • Resides in / San Juan
  • Favorite surf break / La 8
  • Board / Starboard Allstar
  • Sponsors / Sup Action, Athletic Rehab Training
  • Biggest Achievement / 5th in Rincon Beach Boy
  • Hobbies / Running, surfing, gaming, SUP racing
My name is Cristian Lopez and some day i would like to have my own SUP school for more people to get to know this wounderful sport. 
Puerto Rico
DIVISION: Junior SUP Tech Racing
Joshua Rivera
  • Age / 17
  • Born / Trujillo Alto
  • Resides in / Trujillo Alto
  • Favorite surf break / La 8
  • Board / SIC RS 21.5 x 14
  • Sponsors / Dynamic Solar Solutions
  • Hobbies / Running, SUP, and Books
I started paddling at the age of 12 as a means of getting out of my old sedentary lifestyle. Eventually, I would start racing and enjoy it. As time passed I would slowly become more proficient in it until I finally reached this stage. I am proud to be able to represent my island on an international stage with some of the best.
Puerto Rico
DIVISION: SUP Surfing, SUP Distance Racing, SUP Sprint Racing, SUP Tech Racing
Mariecarmen Rivera
  • Age / 30
  • Born / Puerto Rico
  • Resides in / Puerto Rico
  • Favorite surf break / Reef
  • Board / Infinity blackfish
  • Sponsors / Infinity boards, quickblade paddles, mental training, Zona activa, ocean vibe, DRD, comité olímpico de Puerto Rico, athletic training and rehab center
  • Biggest Achievement / Bronze medal in PanAmerican Games Lima 2019/ bronze medal sprint ISA 2022
  • Hobbies / Surf, boxing, run, sup, books, kitesurf, sailing
I'm an athlete and chiropractor. I love the ocean, and to spend time in it. I'm happy  to be part of the Puerto Rico team in the ISA 2023. #machetemachete
Puerto Rico
DIVISION: SUP Surfing, Prone Tech Racing
Max Torres
  • Age / 21
  • Born / Isabela
  • Resides in / Isabela
  • Favorite surf break / Jobos
  • Board / Seek
  • Sponsors / Salt life/arepas to go/seek/wrv
  • Biggest Achievement / Panamerican games
  • Hobbies / Golf/swim
Sup surfer from Puerto Rico who loves to play golf and swims for the university. 6th place at El Salvador ISA sup and APP junior champ. Gold medalist of the Juegos Centroamericanos de Mar y Playa 2022 and qualification for panamerican games 
Puerto Rico
DIVISION: SUP Tech Racing, SUP Surfing
Nimsay García
  • Age / 22
  • Born / Patillas
  • Resides in / Patillas
  • Favorite surf break / Inches Beach
  • Board / Werner Vega SUP surf
  • Sponsors / Paddle Sur, Werner Vega, Las alitas 181, IMS SUP
  • Biggest Achievement / 9x national champion in sup race and sup surf, and positioning 6th place at the Panamerican Games at Panamá 2022 and 7th at SUP surfing in the same event
  • Hobbies / I would say metal sculpturing but it is not my hobbie, it’s what im currently studying at the University of Puerto Rico at Río Piedras.
My name is Nimsay García, I'm 21 years old. Im a full time college student and athlete. I'm a pioneer in what is female SUP surfing and what is professional SUP racing here in Puerto Rico and i intend to keep spreading awareness of our representation in this sport, spoken or in the water. I'm part of a surfing and Paddleboard school named Paddle Sur. Me and my family run it. I love speaking about my sport in different aspects of my life, represent it in my art, and educate different social groups about it. One of my biggest dreams for the SUP sport is for it to reach the Olympics and for it to be in college sports too, globally. 
Puerto Rico
DIVISION: SUP Surfing, SUP Tech Racing
Omelv Garcia
  • Age / 20
  • Born / Patillas
  • Resides in / Patillas
  • Favorite surf break / Inches Beach
  • Board / WERNERVEGA
  • Sponsors / Wernervega Surfboards, IMS SUP, PaddleSur SUP and Surf School
  • Biggest Achievement / Copper Medallist Panamerican Surf Games 2022
  • Hobbies / Swimming
Im proud of representing my home Puerto Rico and it is an incredible oportunity to compete at our island. I have been practicing the sport for 8 years now and my first ISA worlds were at Fiji 2016. I was also a participant in the Lima 2019 Panamerican Games
Puerto Rico
DIVISION: SUP Sprint Racing, SUP Distance Racing, SUP Tech Racing
Ricardo Avila
  • Age / 22
  • Born / Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
  • Resides in / Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
  • Favorite surf break / Hallows
  • Board / surfboard
  • Biggest Achievement / Qualified for the 2023 PanAm Games in Chile
  • Hobbies / Surfing, Foiling, Downwinding
Been paddling since 2013, surfing since 2016 and foiling since 2019. Currently a Chemical Engineering undergrad student.
Puerto Rico
DIVISION: Prone Distance Racing
John Flynn
Puerto Rico
Ricardo Delgado
  • Age / 31
  • Born / San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Resides in / San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Favorite surf break / Machucas
  • Board / 5'10 sharpeye
  • Sponsors / Acai Express, Sealegs, Ocean Lab Brewery
  • Biggest Achievement / Pan-Americano 2019 Qualifier, 3rd place Central American Games Sol y Playa 2022
  • Hobbies / Skate, Golf, Cross Training
I live in San Juan Puerto Rico. Other than surfing I like to always be in a adventure. I like to hang out with my friends and have a good time. I love playing golf with my dad and work out. Surfing has given me the oportunity to travel the world and become a better person.
Puerto Rico
DIVISION: Prone Distance Racing, Prone Tech Racing
Susette Velez
  • Age / 48
  • Born / Guaynabo
  • Resides in / Guaynabo
  • Favorite surf break / La Ocho
  • Board / Bark and SIC
  • Sponsors / Ocean Keikis PR
  • Hobbies / Go paddleboarding, going to the beach, exercise, enjoying time with my kids
It is my second time enjoying an ISA Event. I am an elementary school teacher who really enjoys her profession. Even so, my priority has always been my three kids no matter how old they get. I started doing SUP 13 years ago and prone paddleboarding one year ago. It has been an amazing journey learning new techniques as I grow in the sport. Throughout my training, I've gained strength and balance not only within the sport, but in life.
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