Who's representing your country?
DIVISION: Junior SUP Tech Racing, SUP Distance Racing, SUP Tech Racing
Cameron Carney
  • Age / 15
  • Born / Kincardine, ON, CANADA
  • Resides in / Kincardine, ON, CANADA
  • Favorite surf break / It's a secret
  • Board / Starboard Allstar
  • Sponsors / West Shore, Rum Rats, Aull-Dry, TEAM LTD, Buff, O'Neill, GNARWALL
  • Biggest Achievement / Making National Team
  • Hobbies / Hockey, Surfing, SUP Surfing, Free Diving
I am 15 years old, but my birthday is Septmeber 28th.  Live on the Great Lakes in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada on the shores of Lake Huron.  We spend lots of time on the water surfing, SUP surfing, wakeboarding, free diving.  There is a local SUP group here called the Husky Fellas and we train in the lake with waves and on our pond with lots of bouy turns.  In the winter all the lakes freeze so we have to do other sports so I play hockey like most Canadians.  I would like to thank all my sponsors and family for thier support.  I am here with my Dad for the week.
DIVISION: Prone Distance Racing,SUP Sprint Racing,SUP Tech Racing
Dan Miller
  • Age / 42
  • Born / Calgary
  • Favorite surf break / Makaha, Oahu
  • Board / NSP Puma
  • Sponsors / NSP Canada, Aqua Adventures, Prairie West Electric, Canadian Medical Solutions
  • Hobbies / Kite skiing, surfing
I'm thrilled to be here competing in the SUP sprint,and prone events. Although I am competing in the prone competitions I am a rookie in the sport and specialize in sup distance racing. Currently ranked 8th in the professional APP World Tour.  Michael Booth is my coach and mentor. My goal over the next couple years is to win a SUP World title. Also, please give a shout out to legendary stand up paddle coach currently fighting cancer and undergoing intensive chemo, coach Mike Eisert in Dana Point, he needs the help of the stand-up paddling community after giving so many years of his life coaching and volunteering.
Daniel Thomson
  • Age / 54
  • Born / Duncan, British Columbia
  • Resides in / Duncan, British Columbia
  • Favorite surf break / Tofino
  • Board / Quatro 7’10
  • Sponsors / Quatro SUP, Mystic Wetsuits
  • Biggest Achievement / American Windsurfing Tour Amateur Wave Champion 2014
  • Hobbies / Windsurfing, surfing, wing foiling, mountain biking
Physical Education teacher.  Competitive windsurfer on the International Windsurfing Tour.  Love to travel with my wife Roz, and my dog Slater, and explore the world. 
DIVISION: SUP Distance Racing Men
Alexander Tawaststjerna
  • Age / 63
  • Born / Toronto
  • Resides in / Toronto
  • Board / Sunova
  • Biggest Achievement / Lake Ontario Crossing
  • Hobbies / Snowboarding, Paddling, Woodworking,
Stand-up paddling boarding for over ten years with many races, crossings and endurance events completed. Enjoys outdoor winter and summer sports on snow and water.
Jesse Cohen
  • Age / 38
  • Born / Ucluelet
  • Resides in / Ucluelet
  • Favorite surf break / Tofino
  • Board / Quatro Carve MAX 8'0
  • Sponsors / Dirty Mermaid Watersports, Quatro Maui, Osprey Electric
  • Biggest Achievement / 4th Ripcurl Nationals
  • Hobbies / Windsurfing, Foiling, Mountain Biking, Fishing
First time representing Canada. Honoured to be here. Was competitive wave-sailor windsurfer before getting into SUPing.
DIVISION: Prone Distance Racing
Joanna Davidson
  • Age / 52
  • Born / Toronto
  • Resides in / Toronto
  • Board / Bark
  • Hobbies / Paddling, Hiking, Skiing, Sauna/cold plunge,
Introduced to stand-up paddling nearly ten years ago and actively competing in SUP until 2020. Discovered prone paddling and since 2021 has been fully immersed in this paddle discipline in both competing and training.
Lise Richard
  • Age / 38
  • Born / Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  • Resides in / Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  • Favorite surf break / Cox Bay, Tofino
  • Board / ... still looking for it
  • Sponsors / BlackFish Paddles.
  • Biggest Achievement / ISA Worlds
  • Hobbies / Surfing - cooking / making hot sauce, spoiling my dog, lifting heavy rocks
Raised in the East Coast of Canada (Nova Scotia) - and first learned to surf there (year: 2000)

Living on the West Coast of Canada since 2013 (Vancouver Island) - and is where I am still learning to surf.

Picked up SUPing in 2013 after moving to Vancouver Island and returning to an Ocean-side life after many years in the Canadian Prairies (Alberta) doing Environmental Science work.  I was terrrible at it and was encouraged by people around me to 'give-up' and just 'go back to surfing'. But I reasoned, no one likes things they're not good at - and I won't give-up until Im proficient in it.  Ten years later - and Im always reaching for my SUPs first. I love it. 

I love the challenge. I love the amount of waves you get in a session. I love the progression of learning. 

Train hard by focusing on the things I've been told are holding me back from progressing. Wroking each week on the beach on agility/footwork, strength/power application and the cardio/speed.  Nothing fancy - just on the beach drawing ladders or things in the sand and lifting heavy rocks or driftwood for weights. 

For surfing first, focused on reading the wave and having restraint in selecting the right waves. Understanding what the wave is offering.  Then once on the right wave - Im focusing on compression/extension throughout the turns, being relaxed in what Im doing. Plus so much else - I have a lot to work on. 

Anything to do with food is my major obsession (outside of the water). Growing it. Cooking it. Baking it. Fermenting it. Canning It. Turning it into hot sauce.... and of course, the most important, Sharing it. 

Flavor-maker, Spicy Disaster and accidental Entrepreneur behind Tofino Hot Sauce Company.  A line of Medium-spiced hot sauces that hit hard with flavor and have obvious quality. - they're delicious. I make every. single. bottle. (it's a lot of work) Featuring mainly Mexican and Peruvian Chile's. 

Fun Fact! in 1652 my family's ancestor left France for Port Royale, Nova Scotia just 100km's south of La Rochelle, from Saint-Onge (his name was Michel Richard) 

I hope thats enough .... 
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