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Costa Rica
Juan Bernini
  • Age / 43
  • Born / Playa Hermosa
  • Resides in / Playa Hermosa
  • Favorite surf break / Vida Hermosa
  • Board / 6.8
  • Sponsors / Vida Hermosa
  • Biggest Achievement / no
  • Hobbies / Mountain bike, jiujitsu.
Coming from Pura Vida Land, I'm a local guy from Playa Hermosa, known as the Costa Rican Surf Mecca, grew up in Heredia-  Central Costa Rica, then I moved back to Playa Hermosa in 1999, and settle here in Playa Hermosa - known as tha National Surf Stadium. I always loved the ocean & nature and started water sports like surfing & paddle boarding by the age of 16. One of my biggest dreams was always to live at the beach. I fullfilled this dream and am now beyond grateful to raise my children surrounded by nature and run my Beach/Restaurantbar "Vida Hermosa" right in front of one of the best beach breaks in Costa Rica. 
Costa Rica
DIVISION: SUP Surfing, SUP Tech Racing
Marcel Oliveira
  • Age / 43
  • Born / Jacó Beach
  • Resides in / Jacó Beach
  • Favorite surf break / Hermosa
  • Board / Swellboards 14’x21” / JT Shark 6’10”x23”
  • Sponsors / Surf Synergy, Swellboards, Ginger Shot, Pura Vida Sunblock.
  • Biggest Achievement / Sup Race & Sup Surf national titles
  • Hobbies / MTB, Spearfishing, Singing, volunteering for social causes.
Brazilian Mother (lived there for a little while) Venezuelan Father, born & raised there, lived there till year 2000 and came to CR on a surf trip, ended up staying here. Done it all since then: Surf Guiding and coaching, playing on a reggae band (Marswell), guided / hosted on a Spearfishing charter, did mountain biking tours, etc.
Currently full time head surf coach and wellness facilitator (Breathwork and cold exposure therapy) at Surf Synergy academy and Wellness retreat in Jacó Beach. 

Started doing good at the nationals for Longboarding, Sup Surfing & Sup Racing around 2017 and have collected 1, 4 and 4 national titles respectively. 

Competed on the ISA Worlds 2019 at El Salvador in both Tech' Race (didn't do that great) and Sup Surf (splitted the field). 
Had the honor of co-presenting a couple of ISA online SUP Flatwater courses along my friend and life mentor Gustavo Corrales.  

My wife Yorgina runs a local community non-profit association named Jacó Impact, I support her in every way possible, currently gathering surfboards for local groms from lower income areas for a donation day.
I am a people's person and am grateful for life. 
PS: Thanks ISA for all the hard work and amazing events you put togehter, for a better surfing future!
Costa Rica
DIVISION: SUP Tech Racing, SUP Sprint Racing
Sebastian Fumero
  • Age / 39
  • Born / Heredia
  • Resides in / Heredia
  • Favorite surf break / Jacó
  • Board / Flying Fish
  • Sponsors / Fede Surf CR
  • Biggest Achievement / Costa Rica Nationals 2nd place
  • Hobbies / Sports / Art
Costa Rica pura vida

All the best ! Keep paddling

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