Who's representing your country?
Paolo Marconi
  • Age / 32
  • Born / Piombino
  • Resides in / Piombino
  • Favorite surf break / Punta Elena Corralejo
  • Board / Sup Race 14x22
  • Sponsors / None
  • Biggest Achievement / Won the Last Paddler Standing (ultra paddling race lasted 48hs)
  • Hobbies / Reading and writing
I have been paddling and racing since 2009.

My last ISA event was in Denmark in 2017.

I really like racing all kind of distances, I prefer tech races but I also love ultra distance racing.

I run a SuP School in my hometown togheter with my wife Susak who is also a great Sup Racer.
Riccardo Rossi
  • Age / 22
  • Born / San Vincenzo
  • Resides in / San Vincenzo
  • Favorite surf break / Beach Break
  • Board / Longboard
  • Sponsors / Infinity - qb paddle - garmin - aisla - naturalboom - Topmet - seay
  • Biggest Achievement / 3rd place at European championships in Denmark 2022
  • Hobbies / Snowboarding in winter and skating
I'm an Infinity sup international athlete and I spend so much time in the water. I'll do my best to bring at home the beste results in this world championships. 
DIVISION: Prone Distance Racing, Prone Tech Racing
Andrea Niciarelli
  • Age / 30
  • Born / Rome
  • Resides in / Rome
  • Board / Prone 12
  • Hobbies / MTB, videogames
I started practicing paddleboard for 3 years and since then I have become more and more passionate about this sport.
DIVISION: Junior SUP Tech Racing, SUP Distance Racing, SUP Sprint Racing, SUP Tech Racing
Cecilia Pampinella
  • Age / 17
  • Born / Tarquinia
  • Resides in / Tarquinia
  • Favorite surf break / left side
  • Board / Mistral Board
  • Sponsors / Mistral and Vltfins
  • Biggest Achievement / Junior European Champion ISA in sprint, long distance and technical race in 2022 and Junior World Champion ICF in sprint, technical race and long distance in 2022,, Junior Word Champion ISA Puerto Rico
  • Hobbies / Surfing
Hi I am Cecilia Pampinella, I am 17 years old and I come from Tarquinia, Italy. I practice sup for 5 years and I discovered this sport thanks to my brother Tommaso, I immediately fell in love with the sup.  I'm Junior European Champion ISA  2022 in sprint, long distance and technical race ,I'm Junior World Champion ICF 2022 in sprint, technical race and long distance and I'm Junior World Champion ISA 2022.

Forza Italia
DIVISION: SUP Distance Racing, SUP Surfing
Claudia Postiglione
  • Age / 14
  • Born / Taranto
  • Resides in / Taranto
  • Favorite surf break / Gandoli, Puglia (ITALY)
  • Board / ONE
  • Hobbies / Skiing
Born in Taranto (Puglia - Italy) on 14 October 2008. she started SUP in 2021 at the age of 12, she immediately understood that this would become her favorite sport. Claudia trains with the Sup Academy Taranto @sup_academy_taranto, led by Mario Tagarelli @tiger_taga in one of the most beautiful spot in Puglia "Gandoli"
DIVISION: SUP Sprint Racing
Claudio Nika
  • Age / 27
  • Born / Rome
  • Resides in / Rome
  • Favorite surf break / Supertubos Peniche
  • Board / Depends of the conditions
  • Sponsors / NikaPaddleSurfCamp
  • Biggest Achievement / 2019 ISA Sprint 200m gold medal
  • Hobbies / Paiting, skating, travelling,running
Im 27 yo living the dream being a pro Athlete training and racing around the world thanks to SUP, practicing the sport since i was 13, I reached my dream to be a world champion in 2019 but I'm ready for more. In this past 7 years was training mostly at  NikaPaddleSurfCamp organised by my brother Leonard in Portugal.
DIVISION: Prone Distance Racing, Prone Tech Racing
Cornelia Rigatti
  • Age / 30
  • Born / Riva del Garda
  • Resides in / Riva del Garda
  • Favorite surf break / right
  • Board / Wetiz
  • Sponsors / Wetiz, Klean Kanteen, Visit Trentino, Swim Ouest
  • Biggest Achievement / Silver medallist technical race 2022 ISA Worlds
  • Hobbies / Watching movies
I love being out in the ocean. Also lifesaving athlete and swimmer 6th in board race at 2022 Lifesaving world  championships. Many times Italian champion in both paddleboard and lifesaving (board race, ironwoman, surf ski race) From Lake Grada (Trentino - Italy), I daily train on the lake and go to the ocean for training camps and competitions
DIVISION: SUP Distance Racing
Davide Alpino
  • Age / 23
  • Born / Bari
  • Resides in / Bari
  • Favorite surf break / Left
  • Board / starboard allstar
  • Sponsors / starboard italy, Vlt fins, Lb9 brand, Waterspeed app, Spider slackline, sector nolimits
  • Biggest Achievement / italian category champ 2020 and 2021, italian absolute champion 2022
  • Hobbies / the art in general, museums, historical cities, knowledge about other cultures,
i'm an happy guy coming from south italy, precisally the Puglia region, where i train everyday in a crystalline water. My best results are being the 2020 and 2021 italian category champion, italian absolute champion in 2022 and some podium in the eurotour races in this past three years. I paddle in stand up from 4 years now and i will not stop till i will be the one of the best in he world. I'm the Sup agonistic coach in my big society, the Circolo Canottieri Barion , and every year my team of paddlers is growing more and more! soon you will hear about them. cheers
DIVISION: SUP Distance Racing
Filippo Mercuriali
  • Age / 29
  • Born / Bellaria Igea Marina
  • Resides in / Bellaria Igea Marina
  • Favorite surf break / Arrifana, Portugal
  • Board / Starboard All Star
  • Sponsors / Nautica Urban and starboard Italy
  • Biggest Achievement / 5th long distance 2019 ISA world sup and paddleboard championship in El Salvador
  • Hobbies / Any kind of sport
I'm Filippo, I'm 29 and I came from Italy. 
I felt in love with stand up paddle boarding in 2013 and since then I always set my goal one step forward, year after year. 
I have a Science of sport degree with a study about Sup race discipline, I'm a personal  trainer and sports lover. 
just give me some water, any kind of board and I will be happy. 
DIVISION: SUP Surfing, SUP Tech Racing
Laura Dal Pont
  • Age / 20
  • Born / Treviso
  • Resides in / Treviso
  • Favorite surf break / Right waves
  • Board / Starboard sprint
  • Biggest Achievement / 3rd Junior Technical ISA World Championship
  • Hobbies / I really love everything that has to do with sports, from the sea to the mountains.
Hello I'm Laura, 20 years old, the third of a big family. Currently studying and living in Porto (Portugal): I'm at the fourth year of dentistry, and perhaps should be studying now but I can say that this is definitely better. Here I mostly train in the Douro river, fighting with its current, and when possible I move to the ocean to catch some waves. This is my 5th ISA experience, but I'm still very excited. I love the team and can't wait to fight once more, so everyone FORZA ITALIA!
Leonard Nika
  • Age / 36
  • Born / Peniche
  • Resides in / Peniche
  • Favorite surf break / Super Tubos
  • Board / Nika Bords 7'0
  • Sponsors / Garmin, Black Project sup, Nika Paddle-Surf Camp
  • Biggest Achievement / 9 times in a row Italian champion
  • Hobbies / out door activities
My name is Leo Nika and I'm a Stand up Paddle Surfer Atlete, I started surfing at age of 10 and 10 years after i become a profetional Sup surfer and Sup Racer i win 9 italian sup racing titles in a row since 2012, i won also 2 euorpean titles in 2013/2014 while trainnig for the race competition and travling around the world i was training also for sup surfing, competing in Brasil, Mexico, Australia, Hawaii and Japan. During this period of competitons i was focused more in sup racing because in my home town in italy the sea is mostly flat or small swells so i could train a lot in the sea without waves... meanhile i was winning sup racing competitions i become the 5th best atlete in the world between 2016 and 2018 but i discovered that Sup surfing attract me a bit more and then when i was makaing a living out of my passion i moved to portugal to take care of my surfing part.. Since i moved to Peniche my surfing become better and better, i just got a bronze medal in the european championship in Denmark and looking forward for more wins like this.
Marco Geracitano
  • Age / 30
  • Born / Fregene
  • Resides in / Fregene
  • Favorite surf break / Cokes
  • Board / Two Elements
  • Sponsors / Two elements , Snotshop
  • Biggest Achievement / Italian champion sup wave 2020, 2022
  • Hobbies / Surfer
Surfer from Italy, Sogno del mare surf school owner and instructor,  Adaptive surf instructor 
DIVISION: Junior SUP Tech Racing
Nicolò Ricco
  • Age / 16
  • Born / Bari
  • Resides in / Bari
  • Favorite surf break / right
  • Board / Starboard all star
  • Sponsors / Starboard,Blackproject,restube, vaikobi, zig,
  • Biggest Achievement / fifth place long distance European juniors 2022, italian junior champ 2022
  • Hobbies / I love spending a lot of time at sea, running and travelling
I'm Nicolò Vincenzo Ricco, I live in Bari, Italy, where 3 years ago I started doing SUP and immediately fell in love with it. During the second year of training I managed to win the Italian junior championship and earn a place in the national team, with which I participated in the Europeans, ranking 5th. I love taking part in the most important competitions, to always test myself and meet new people with whom exchange knowledge on SUP.
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