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Barbie Pacheco
  • Age / 46
  • Born / Waco
  • Resides in / Waco
  • Favorite surf break / Queens
  • Board / 9ft
  • Sponsors / None
  • Biggest Achievement / 2nd place
  • Hobbies / Surfing and fishing
Learned to surf in Hawaii with Lala Thomas who has become my best friend. I am trying for gold this year and have been blind for around 7 years.
Alison Eakin
  • Age / 41
  • Born / Ojai, CA
  • Resides in / Ojai, CA
  • Favorite surf break / C street
  • Board / Dave Johnson Progressive
  • Sponsors / Patagonia, Channel Islands Surfboards, Blind Fitness,
  • Biggest Achievement / 2022 USA Womens VI2 1st place, 2022 Association of Adaptive Surfing Professional world championship tour 3rd place
  • Hobbies / praying, homesteading, gardening, yoga, meditaiton, Qi gong
Alison McKelvie Eakin is the mother of 3 and lives on a homestead in Ojai, CA.  In 2021 Alison began surfing for Team USA and placed 5th in the world at her first competition ever at the 2021 ISA World Para Surfing Championships in Pismo Beach.  Since then, Alison has been training hard and placed 3rd in the 2022 Association of Adaptive Surfing Professionals World Championship Tour.  She also took home the gold for the USA national trials in Huntington Beach in June 2022.    
Alison is grateful for all the friends and support she has found in the adaptive surfing community.  She has enjoyed surfing for her country and she hopes to inspire other women and girls who are visually impaired or blind to continue to follow their dreams, learn new skills and let the world see them for who they truly are.  Since becoming legally blind, Alison has learned new ways of adapting to life with low vision.  She has developed a network of helpers and many friends who can drive her to the waves for training.  
Alison is grateful for the support of her sponsors such as Channel Islands Surf boards,  Patagonia, Blind Fitness, and AmpSurf.  She has been co-producing a short documentary film of the process that will hopefully inspire others on their journey.  Alison is stoked to ride this wave of competitive surfing with Team USA. 
Joshua Loya
  • Age / 42
  • Born / Santa Cruz, CA
  • Resides in / Santa Cruz, CA
  • Favorite surf break / Cardiff Reef
  • Board / 9 foot longboard, single fin
  • Sponsors / Surfight Jiu Jitsu, TruFit Adaptive Fitness
  • Biggest Achievement / 1st Place 2018 US Open Adaptive Surfing Championships, VI Division(Blind and Partial)
  • Hobbies / Martial Art’s (especially Jiu Jitsu and kempo), Sailing, jet ski driving, stand-up comedy, fantasy/sci-fi/superhero fiction, and metal music.
Joshua “The Jedi” Loya started surfing much later in life, at the age of 37. A life-long martial artist, Joshua had always been intrigued by anything which tested the full human, mind, body, and soul. A year before the dawn of his surfing journey, Joshua left his career as a computer instructor and accessibility consultant to pursue martial arts and adventure living full-time. Joshua intended surfing to be a momentary diversion from his grueling training schedule. He fell in love with it, and he hasn’t stopped since.   Joshua grew up in Santa Cruz, California. He used to love to watch surfers when he was younger, but surfing was one of many activities deemed too dangerous. Almost everything Joshua wanted to do put him at risk of losing his eyesight. By the time of his sophomore year, Joshua was not allowed to run, swim, or lift weights. The stuff he especially wanted to do, martial arts, skateboarding, and surfing, were out of the question. Joshua could only hold out for so long.   Joshua became restless, taking more and more risks. He started dabbling in martial arts and more intensely joining mosh pits at concerts. In January of 1996, Joshua got to a breaking point. He cranked up Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven album as loud as he could possibly get it, grabbed a pair of nunchucks, and promptly hit himself in his sole functioning eye. Joshua had several unsuccessful surgeries to restore his eyesight, but, before all options had been exhausted, Joshua chose to stop pursuing treatment. “I knew life was going to be difficult. I also knew that the quality of my life would be better, once I no longer had to worry about losing vision I did not have.”   Once the bow string was released, Joshua moved forward with his adventuring. Rock climbing, water skiing, and the martial arts training he had dreamt of since he had been a boy. Joshua threw himself into his martial arts practice, eventually earning 5 separate black belts and rank across 7 distinct styles. Then, Joshua started surfing. His life was never the same.   Joshua’s confident and intuitive approach to surfing continues to make an impression with all those who witness him in the water. In Joshua’s short time competing, he has amassed 3 USA Surfing National Adaptive Surfing Championship wins, 1 US Open Adaptive Surfing Championships win, and a spot on the podium at 2020’s AmpSurf ISA World Para Surfing Championships. Joshua is also the first ever WSA (Western Surfing Association) West Coast Visually Impaired Champion in the organization’s 60-year history. He was the first ever 100% blind surfer to ride Kelly Slater’s wave pool at the WSL Surf Ranch, having less than a year of surf experience at the time. His unique way of movement makes those who watch him wonder if he really does use The Force.   Joshua is affiliated with Waves 4 All Surf and Sail, and he is coached by John White. He is a member of Surfight Jiu Jitsu in Del Mar, California. He is a direct student of Joel Tudor.         Originally from Santa Cruz, California.   Sometimes confused with Josh Loya, the famous big wave surfer, who is also from Santa Cruz.   Lost his eyesight in a nunchuck accident as a teenager.   Trained martial artist with 5 black belts and ranks across 7 styles.   Member of Surfight Jiu Jitsu in Del Mar, California. A direct student of Joel Tudor.  
Jesse Billauer
  • Age / 43
  • Born / Los Angeles
  • Resides in / Los Angeles
  • Favorite surf break / Malibu
  • Board / Bob Hurley Twin Fin
  • Sponsors / I need sponsors
  • Biggest Achievement / 2X World Champion
  • Hobbies / Fishing, Poker, Boating
I have two beautiful twin boys that are 4 years old. I won two World Titles. I have two amazing surfboards. I am hoping too/two win my third World Title...At the end of the day, I just want to enjoy each day, each competition, and create beautiful memories because you never know what tomorrow my bring. 
Forrest Weinberg
  • Age / 35
  • Born / Long Beach, CA
  • Resides in / Long Beach, CA
  • Favorite surf break / Chicama, Peru
  • Board / 9'0" Longboard
  • Biggest Achievement / 1st Place 2022 USA Surfing Championships
  • Hobbies / Soccer, Piloting Airplanes, Software development, Family, Basketball, Hiking, Technology, Movies, Outdoor, Skateboarding
Forrest was born and raised in Long Beach, California. He graduated high school in 2005 and decided to join the Marine Corps shortly after. Forrest was an active-duty Marine for six years before his contract expired. He was very fortunate to be able to see the world while in the Marine Corps. Some of the countries that he has stepped foot on is Japan, Korea, Guam, Cambodia, Philippines, Australia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Switzerland, England, Morocco, Mexico, Uruguay, Peru, Panama, Brazil, Angola, South Africa, and Canada.

Forrest’s active-duty career ended in 2011 when he decided to dedicate his time to finish an undergrad program. He originally was in a program to become a professional pilot, which is another one of his passions, but he realized after a year that it wasn't a good investment for a technology centric future. So, he re-evaluated his priorities and moved into a computer networking program. It was one of the best decisions he has ever made. After ten years, he was finally able to finish an undergrad program and graduated with his Bachelor's of Science in Network Communication Management in January of 2016.

Forrest is a married father of an amazing boy, whom is his pride and joy. He is a family man who enjoys spending time with his family and being outdoors with activities such as: hiking, surfing, or taking the family to the park.
Aaron Loy
  • Age / 27
  • Born / Carlsbad, CA
  • Resides in / Carlsbad, CA
  • Favorite surf break / Cardiff Reef
  • Board / 5'10
  • Sponsors / CAF, AmpSurf
  • Biggest Achievement / Winner 2022 USA Surfing Team Trials, 3rd at 2022 HASC
  • Hobbies / Surfing, Sled Hockey (member of San Diego Ducks), Golf
Aaron Loy is a bilateral below-the-knee amputee born and raised in Carlsbad, CA. Growing up he played all sorts of sports and activities, favorites were lacrosse, soccer, and snowboarding. He went on to play club lacrosse in college. Aaron lost his legs after contracting bacterial meningitis during his freshmen quarter at UC Santa Barbara. Type B meningitis flourishes in close quarters (like dorm rooms) and attacks the membranes protecting the brain and the spine. He spent 10 weeks in the hospital, had a dozen surgeries to save his life and limbs, and spent many months recovering at home, in doctor's offices, and at OT/PT sessions before returning back to Santa Barbara and graduating in four years. He has played para ice hockey (sled hockey) for the San Diego Ducks since 2015. The San Diego Sled Ducks were founded by teammate Sarah Bettencourt (x2 World Champion and Co-captain of USA Surfing). Also, he was a forward of the US Development Sled hockey team from 2017-19. Aaron started competing in 2021 after being convinced to try it by friends (cheers to the Olenicks and Bettencourts). This is his first time qualifying for Team USA. Aaron lives in Vista with his wife, Bridget, and puppy, and works at a biotech company in La Jolla. He loves surfing with friends, sharing waves, traveling, and playing hockey and golf.
Christiaan Bailey
  • Age / 41
  • Born / Santa Cruz, CA
  • Resides in / Santa Cruz, CA
  • Favorite surf break / Steamer Lane, Mavericks, Jbai, Bells
  • Board / 6'8 Battail
  • Sponsors / Volcom, Electric Visual, RedBull, Box Wheelchairs
  • Biggest Achievement / First paraurfer to ride Mavericks and Pipeline
  • Hobbies / Surfing,Traveling, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Skydiving, Cooking
I've been a professional surfer and skater pre and post injury for 28 years... I was hurt in 2006 while filming a skate video for Santa Cruz Skateboards and subsequently, have dedicated the last 16 years of my life to the growth and development of both the competitive Parasurfing and WCMX movements. I spent 10 years traveling the world on the ASP (now WSL) World Championship Tour until in 2013, the ISA approached a couple friends and I to create the ISA World ParaSurfing Games. It's been a incredible ride throughout this journey with the ISA and our collective goal of bringing Parasurfing to the Paralympic Games in LA 2028! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Fernando and the entire team at ISA for their faith and consumate dedication to our collective movement!   (Webcast stats) I'm Captain of Team USA, was the first surfer with a disability to surf Mavericks, Pipeline and Nelscott Reef, i'm currently a 6x USA Surfing national champion, 9x ISA world championships medalist, i'm on the board of directors at USA Surfing and am a AAC Representitive to the United States Olympic Committee.
Michelle Eastman
  • Age / 30
  • Born / Orange County
  • Resides in / Orange County
  • Favorite surf break / Doheny State Beach
  • Board / Long Board
  • Sponsors / N/A
  • Biggest Achievement / N/A
  • Hobbies / I love boxing and fishing
Michelle was raised in Orange County, California. She is one of an identical set of triplets. Michelle spent most of early twenties living and teaching in the South Pacific Islands. She is a recent graduate from Boston University where she studied disability justice and religion. Michelle currently lives in San Diego working for a disability non-profit and in her free time, she loves to box!
Chris Oberle
Ty Duckett
  • Age / 37
  • Born / West Philadelphia
  • Resides in / West Philadelphia
  • Favorite surf break / Bruce’s Beach!
  • Board / I’m loving my buddy’s 8ft ECO board, but I’m stil searching for that special board!
  • Sponsors / I NEED SPONSORS!!!!
  • Biggest Achievement / 2021 & 2022 USA Surfing Standing - Above Knee National Champion; 2021 ISA Team USA TEAM WORLD CHAMP.
  • Hobbies / My favorite hobby is helping my 3 year discover his hobbies. He loves butterflies and bugs... so now I’m a amateur butterfly-ologist.
Born and raised in West Philadelphia, PA, Ty relocated to Los Angeles, CA about 30 years later in 2014 for a change of pace... and he got that ‘change of pace’, to say the least. In just about 12 months time, Ty’s life was abruptly altered forever. Ty became a left leg above the knee amputee due to a tragic motor vehicle collision. After a few years of desperately needing physical and mental wellness, Ty’s wife found that keeping him active was a major key to his rehabilitation. Ty tried many different adaptive sports including but not limited to wheelchair basketball, rowing, rock climbing and a then an unorthodox form of therapy...ParaSurfing. Due to the ridiculously expensive costs of adaptive equipment, wheelchair basketball was benched and Ty started rowing with the California Adaptive Rowing Program. Ty eventually decided to compete in the USRowing Indoor National Championships in 2019 and won Silver in his first rowing competition. Ty also had a very promising go at rock climbing after being recruited by the New York Adaptive Climbing group, Ty met the founder of ACG at a NY LIfeRollsOn event, but just days before his first competition in 2020 the world was shut down by the Pandemic.  Ty’s introduction to surfing was by way of the LifeRollsOn organization that was founded by Team USA ParaSurfing Champion & now Ty’s  teammate, Jesse Billauer. It was Ty attending his first LifeRollsOn event in August of 2017 that sparked Ty’s infatuation with the ocean & surfing. Ty surfed at every LRO event he could feasibly attend and in 2019 LRO presented Ty with the LROhana Inspirational Athlete Award. LRO is Ty’s extended family and east coast LRO events have become mini family reunions for Ty’s entire family.  Since Ty’s amputation, Surfing has been positive & therapeutic and there are some awesome people in the ParaSurfing community that have been very welcoming.  Another organization near and dear to Ty’s heart is Waves4all, along with all the great folks that are a part of it. This dope crew meets monthly, year-round and this is where Ty was able get a solid surfing foundation to build upon his new found differently abled talents.  Frequenting these adaptive events led Ty to try competing in ParaSurfing events. Not even Ty could’ve predicted that he would go from Senior Financial Analyst, to amputee, to Pro adaptive Surfer. Ty has been fortunate enough to be welcomed by yet another amazing organization, COLOR THE WATER. Color the Water offers free surf lessons and media for all BIPOC as a way to joyfully fight racism and shift surf culture to truly include all people. CTW has provided custom surf instruction and goes ‘a step’ further to give instruction specific to Ty’s disability and surf style, which is using a prosthetic leg with his above the knee amputation to stand upright with feet/lower limbs as 2 primary points of contact. CTW has also helped with design/repair/improvement of his prosthetic surf leg. CTW shared its connection to Patagonia with Ty in order to customize various wetsuits to accommodate Ty’s prosthetic leg. CTW also created a vehicle for Ty to receive financial support, as it gets rather expensive to compete at ISA, Team USA , and other surf events.  For Ty, CTW provides a surf centered, loving & supportive family dynamic that is much needed as Ty’s family all reside on the east coast in Philadelphia.  Ty is the current Western Surfing Association above knee stand champion.  Ty is the current USA ParaSurfing above knee stand National champion, for the past two consecutive years.  In 2021, Ty was on the Team USA ParaSurfing squad that placed 1st in the World.   Ty’s goals for 2022 is for Team USA to repeat their 1st place title win. Ty would also like to make improvements to elevate his individual surf performance to help the team secure another win.  Ty is eagerly looking toward the future to continue growing as a surfer, human, father, partner, and adaptive athlete. 
Alana Nichols
  • Age / 39
  • Born / Farmington, NM
  • Resides in / Farmington, NM
  • Favorite surf break / 2nd peak at The Point, Santa Cruz
  • Board / Macski Surf
  • Sponsors / Toyota, Yakima, Highfives Foundation, CAF
  • Biggest Achievement / ISA World Adaptive Surf Champion
  • Hobbies / Mothering Gunnar, surfing, skiing, traveling
Athlete: Alana Nichols
Physical Challenge: Spinal Cord Injury
Birthday: March 21, 1983
Sport: Surfing, Kayaking, Monoskiing, Basketball, Paracanoeing

Alana Nichols grew up in Farmington, New Mexico living an active lifestyle by participating in multiple athletics and having a passion for mountain sports. In 2000 during a backcountry ski trip in Colorado, she suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury while snowboarding, paralyzing her from mid-thigh down. She thought her athletic career was over until she experienced a wheelchair basketball game her freshman year at the University of New Mexico. The physical and competitive gameplay reignited her athletic endeavors and later she transferred to the University of Arizona to participate in the intercollegiate program for disabled sports. She later played basketball at and received her master’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Alabama in 2008.
Since, she has competed in several Paralympic games and is the first woman Paralympian to win gold medals at both Summer and Winter games. Debuting at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics, she won the gold competing in women’s wheelchair basketball. She went on to compete in the next four consecutive Paralympic games, winning 2 more gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze. She has competed in wheelchair basketball, Paralympic alpine monoskiing, and at her final Paralympic games in Rio, paracanoeing.
Alana may have retired from her Paralympic career, but while in the mix of training for her multiple events, she developed a passion for surfing. She has competed in the ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship since 2015. 
With her boy Gunnar and partner Roy Tuscany, she will continue surfing and working to implement adaptive surfing into the 2028 games!
Liv Stone
  • Age / 19
  • Born / Oceanside CA
  • Resides in / Oceanside CA
  • Favorite surf break / Oceanside Pier
  • Board / Anything by Tim Stamps
  • Sponsors / Reef, Sticky Bumps, CAF, Tim Stamps
  • Biggest Achievement / Para Surf World Champion 2020 & 2022
  • Hobbies / Reading, cooking, painting, hiking, camping and anything that has to do with the ocean.
Olivia “Liv” Stone grew up in an athletic family. Her dad, Tom Stone, played high school/college football and her two older brothers played organized sports as well. Competitive by nature, she played soccer, basketball, field hockey and was on her high school rifle team. But by age 14 and as a congenital bilateral above-the-elbow amputee she hadn’t found her passion. She was introduced to surfing through Bethany Hamilton at a retreat in Del Mar in 2017. She later attended CAF’s 3-day Surf Camp in 2018 where she fell in love with the sport. Liv persuaded her parents into moving to San Diego to train and they made SoCal their home.  She is currently on USA’s Para Surf Team where she competed in the 2018, 2020 and 2021 ISA World Para Surf Championship. She helped earn gold/silver medals for the team as well as 2 gold medals individually for the women’s stand 1 division. 
Sarah Bettencourt
  • Age / 39
  • Born / San Diego, CA
  • Resides in / San Diego, CA
  • Favorite surf break / Cardiff Reef
  • Board / 6'0 shortboard
  • Sponsors / Semper Fi & America's Fund, CAF Operation Rebound, Gary Sinise Foundation, Tailwind Nutrition, Move United
  • Biggest Achievement / Gold Medala in Women's Prone 1 at ISA World Para Surfing Championships 2020 and 2021
  • Hobbies / sled hockey, rock climbing, wood working, and everything outdoors!
Captain Sarah Bettencourt (USMC, Retired) was training as a helicopter pilot when a rare neurological disorder forced her to medically retire in 2012. With her constantly changing and sometimes very serious symptoms, Sarah struggled to find her place back in society until she was introduced to adaptive sports, where Sarah realized by adapting equipment and technique, she could accomplish anything! Since then, Sarah has founded San Diego Ducks Sled Hockey, is a defenseman on the US Women’s Sled Hockey Team, is on the US Para Surf Team, and is the reigning world champion in the Women’s Para Surf Prone 1 division. Sarah lives a full and happy life with her husband and 2 sons, serving others through adaptive sports and representing her nation in sled hockey and surfing.
Jose Martinez
  • Age / 34
  • Born / Los Angeles
  • Resides in / Los Angeles
  • Favorite surf break / Churches
  • Board / 6'4
  • Sponsors / Billabong, Surf dog ricochet, 1mwave, SC Veterans Alliance, Iheart Jane
  • Biggest Achievement / 3rd place in worlds
  • Hobbies / hunt, surf, workout
Triple amputee Army veteran that survive a 60 lbs I.E.D. i was told i would be confined to a wheel chair for the rest of my life now im showing the world how to truly live and thrive no matter the circumstances. 
Quinn Waitley
  • Age / 27
  • Born / Coronado
  • Resides in / Coronado
  • Favorite surf break / Oceanside
  • Board / My 6’8 Tomo from bird and Dominic Picone
  • Sponsors / Team Quinn, Bird surfboards, Joe Roper’s repairs, USA surfing, Picone surfboards, Ben Wei surfboards, challenged athlete foundation, Vuori Clothing, Salty Crew, Vapor Wheels
  • Biggest Achievement / 2021 female prone assist 5 time National champion and 2018 female prone assist Duke’s champion
  • Hobbies / Personal training and Country line dancing
My name is Quinn Waitley and I am a 27-year-old Professional Adaptive Athlete. Born and raised in San Diego, local to Coronado. I come from a big athletic Family of seven girls and I’m also one of four identical quadruplets. Being born 28 weeks prematurely who exulted me in being born with quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy, Also known as CP. Growing up I’ve played a lot of sports from wheelchair rugby to WCMX (wheelchair skateboarding) but I’ve always loved the water since I was a kid So Surfing came naturally to me. I really got into surfing when I was 20 years old, when they how old the first ISA world para-surfing championships And I took one look at my parents and told them that I wanted to be on the US national Surfing team. June 2021 that a dream became a reality and I became the first female for the adaptive prone division (prone 2), i’ve been the top female for for team USA for the last six years. I am also the 2018 Dukes Ocean Fest  women’s Prone assist champion. I’m currently ranked 6th in the world And I’m East and west coast national champion. My favorite part about surfing is getting out of my wheelchair and leaving it on the beach and going as fast as I can on any wave!. I hope to encourage young girls to get out in the water and experience the joy of surfing but also to let them know that they can be competitive even if they have limitations. One way I do that is my families and I‘s nonprofit team Quinn. Team  Quinn's main goal is to let everyone with disabilities along with your families to experience surfing or just a day at the Beach, we take every level from beginner to experienced. Team Quinn prides themselves on teaching water safety and hold the team events from Coronado Shores to Cardiff. Our events are Smaller compared to most because we liked it get close to each person and their families that come out to the events. I would not be where I am today without God and the love and support of my friends and family. Since I was five years old it’s been my dream to go to the Paralympics, most of my dreams of becoming a professional athlete has already Became reality. Are you really hope Paralympics includes Surfing into the summer games and I hope to be a part of that.
Katherine Beattie
  • Age / 37
  • Born / Altadena
  • Resides in / Altadena
  • Favorite surf break / Oceanside HArobor
  • Board / 6'8
  • Biggest Achievement / Copper Medal, 2021 ISA Worlds
  • Hobbies / WCMX, Skateboarding, Writing
Katherine has been surfing for 4 years. Last year's ISA World Parasurfing Championships was her first ever contest, where she managed to place 4th. She has since finished second in both the USA Surfing Nationals, and the US Open, finishing behind fellow USA teammate Sarah Bettencourt.  When she's not in the water she works as a television writer, and is currently a Co-Executive Producer & writer on NCIS. Katherine also competes in WCMX (adaptive skateboarding) and was the first woman to land a backflip on a wheelchair.
Dana Cummings
  • Age / 52
  • Born / Atascadero
  • Resides in / Atascadero
  • Favorite surf break / Pismo Beach
  • Board / 7'6
  • Sponsors / U. S. DEPT. OF Veterans Affairs, AmpSurf
  • Biggest Achievement / WSA West Coast Champion x4
  • Hobbies / Surfing
Dana grew up on a farm in rural Maine, He served 6 years in the Marines including service in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. In late 2002 Dana lost his lower left leg in a car wreck. Four months after his accident Dana learned to surf and then founded The AmpSurf, Learn to Surf program in early 2003, to help rehabilitate the disabled through the healing power of adaptive surfing and the ocean. Dana is a certified adaptive surf instructor and developed the program used by the International Surf Association (ISA) to teach adaptive surf coaches worldwide. Dana is a team rider and member of USA Surfing and has been representing USA Surfing in Global competitions since 2019. Dana is also a three time West Coast Champion and rider in the Western Surfing Association. Dana partnered AmpSurf with the ISA in 2020 to hold the 2020 AmpSurf ISA World Para-Surfing Championships in La Jolla, CA. Dana has been recognized for his work with the disabled and with veterans several times; He has been named a CCN Hero, a California Veteran of the year, and Patriot of the year. Dana also coaches youth sports and has 5 children.
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