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Victoria Feige
  • Age / 37
  • Born / Vancouver
  • Resides in / Vancouver
  • Favorite surf break / Haleiwa
  • Board / MR Lost California Twin
  • Sponsors / West Coast Shapes out of Ucluelet, BC
  • Biggest Achievement / 2x World Title
  • Hobbies / Skiing, Snorkelling, Playing guitar and singing at the post event bonfire :)
- After a snowboarding accident left Victoria partially paralyzed at age 18, she returned to skiing and surfing. She trained hard and became an accomplished adaptive surfer on the competitive scene.
- She has been surfing for Team Canada since 2016 and won back-to-back ISA World Para Surfing Championships in the Kneel Division '19, 20.
- She has won back-to-back US Adaptive Surf Open in the Women's Waveski Division 2019 & 2020.
- She prefers kneel surfing because she enjoys paddling in with her hands, taking the drop while popping up and the feeling of duckdiving.
- She taught herself to duck dive by watching youtube videos, analyzing the biomechanics, adapting them to her partially paralyzed body and practicing in a community pool in Vancouver.
- She has moved from Vancouver, Canada to Oahu, Hawaii to progress and reach her potential in this sport.
Lisa Franks
  • Age / 40
  • Born / Moose Jaw
  • Resides in / Moose Jaw
  • Favorite surf break / San Onofre
  • Board / Waveski
  • Biggest Achievement / none yet
  • Hobbies / adaptive mountain biking, surfing
Lisa is from Saskatchewan, which is the midwest of Canada. She hadn't been in the ocean until first trying surfing in 2017. At the 2022 ISA Adaptive Surf World Championships, Lisa participated in the clinic hosted by AmpSurf. In 2021, Lisa volunteered at the Championships, and in 2022 Lisa will compete for the first time. What a neat progression!

She is a 3 time Paralympian, having competed at the 2000, 2004, and 2008 Paralympic Games for Canada. The 2000 & 2004 games were with wheelchair racing and she won 6 gold and one silver medal. She competed in wheelchair basketball in 2008. Throughout her wheelchair racing career, Lisa set world records in 7 events - from the 100m to the marathon distances.
Ling Pai
  • Age / 38
  • Born / Vancouver
  • Resides in / Vancouver
  • Favorite surf break / Oceanside Harbour
  • Board / Infinity Speed Egg
  • Sponsors / CAF, Pryme Radio Products
  • Biggest Achievement / 2020 AmpSurf ISA World Para Surf Championships - Silver
  • Hobbies / Cooking, Baking, Surfing, Trail Running, Hiking, Skiing
I caught my first wave in 2012 as a tourist in Puerto Rico. It made me so happy I knew I needed more.  I am legally blind. I was diagnosed with Optic Atrophy when I was 14 years old. It is a progressive disease that causes the Optic Nerve to deterioate over time. Currently, I have limited visual acuity, visual field and color perception.  Not being able to see well does not stop me from being outdoors. Thanks to really great friends and guides, I can still surf, hike, run and ski. 
Nathan Smids
  • Age / 38
  • Born / Chatham Ontario
  • Resides in / Chatham Ontario
  • Favorite surf break / Morro
  • Board / 6’10” FireWire
  • Sponsors / Hanger
  • Biggest Achievement / 1st 2016 US CHAMPIONSHIP & 2nd 2021 US Open
  • Hobbies / Surf, camp, hike, wood work, spend time with 14 month old daughter, darts
From Canada. Been living in the US for the past 12 years in San Luis Obispo, Ca. I am a Recreational Therapist in a Maximum Security Forensic Hospital. I am currently studying to become a Registered Nurse. Had my leg amputated 17 years ago due to a snowboarding accident! Ampsurf gave me my first surf lesson and got me into surfing! 
Anne-marie Paquet
  • Age / 34
  • Born / Lasalle
  • Resides in / Lasalle
  • Board / torq 7'2''
  • Sponsors / ksf, oasis surf, june swimwear
  • Hobbies / surf, snowboard, music, horseback ridding
I'm born with a cerebral palsy. For as long as I can remember, I've pushed my self trying new thing.  I've started river surfing in Montreal in 2020, 2 years later I got the opportunity to join surf Canada Team! :)  With little experience I enjoy evec second of this amazing chance!
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