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Tomás Freitas
  • Age / 17
  • Born / Viana do Castelo
  • Resides in / Viana do Castelo
  • Favorite surf break / Viana do Castelo
  • Board / Kneeboard
  • Sponsors / None
  • Biggest Achievement / 2º place junior in Kneeboard Surfing World Titles
  • Hobbies / Surf
I'm Tomás.  I'm 17 years old, i'm portuguese and i live in the city of Viana do Castelo. I started  surfing in 2019 with an social inclusion project of city. Since then, started training regularly. My biggest achievement was a 2º place in junior category on the Kneeboard Surfing World Titles 2022, that occured in my country, Portugal. My goals are to continue to improve my surfing and get more titles for my country.
Marta Paço
  • Age / 17
  • Born / Viana do Castelo
  • Resides in / Viana do Castelo
  • Favorite surf break / Cabedelo
  • Board / 6.4 Polen Surf Board
  • Sponsors / Surf Clube Viana. Camera Municipal Viana. Quiksilver.
  • Biggest Achievement / European Champion
  • Hobbies / Skate
I started surfing four years ago and, since the first time I stood up on a surfboard, I realized that surfing was what I wanted to do. Since that day in 2017, the sport has been improving my life in many ways: physically, mentally and socially. Today, I can’t imagine my life without surfing.
Camilo Abdula
  • Age / 43
  • Born / Sines
  • Resides in / Sines
  • Favorite surf break / Sao Torpes
  • Board / 6,0
  • Sponsors / Lisbon Crooks, rebelfins
  • Biggest Achievement / 2 place in the Adaptive European Champioship 2019
  • Hobbies / Cinema, sports, surf,books
I am a surfer from the Alentejo coast, in Portugal, who has been surfing for some years and with 38 years of age I started competing. My first competition was at ISA STANCE ADAPTIVE CHAMPIONSHIP, in 2018. In 2019 I took 2nd place at EURO ADAPTIVE SURFING, in Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

In 2021 i took the 4 place at WORLD PARASURFING CHAMPIONSHIP in Pismo Beach
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