Who's representing your country?
DIVISION: Under 18 Boys
Elliot Barton
  • Age / 17
  • Born / Swansea
  • Resides in / Swansea
  • Favorite surf break / Langland
  • Board / Js, forget me not
  • Sponsors / Sooruz
  • Biggest Achievement / Under 18 Welsh champion
  • Hobbies / Skating and fishing as well football
Elliot enjoys surfing long lefts and being in the water with his friends! And when he's not in the water he especially likes to eat good food and watch the UFC.
DIVISION: Under 18 Boys
Euan Buick
  • Age / 17
  • Born / St. Davids
  • Resides in / St. Davids
  • Favorite surf break / Pampa, Ireland
  • Board / The board i am riding
  • Sponsors / Adelio, ripple effect, Matta shapes, Cord
  • Biggest Achievement / 9th at the British Cup of Surfing
  • Hobbies / Surfing, sailing
I have been surfing since i was 3 yrs old with my youger brother Arthur who is also here surfing for Wales. I surfed 460 times last year. I am a beach lifeguard at home in Wales.  I have surfed all over Europe
DIVISION: Under 16 Boys
Arthur Buick
  • Age / 16
  • Born / St davids
  • Resides in / St davids
  • Favorite surf break / Whitesands
  • Board / Matta TLX
  • Sponsors / Matta Surfboards, Adelio Wetsuits, Cord Surfboards, Ripple Effect Surf Shop.
  • Biggest Achievement / 3rd in UK ripcurl grom search
  • Hobbies / Surfing, skating
surfing since 2 years old with my brother Euan Buick who is also competiing for wales

love surfing big waves, I surfed a big empty right hand point with grant twiggy baker in the atlantic this winter. 

i am a beach lifeguard in wales.
DIVISION: Under 16 Boys
Tomos Oleary
  • Age / 15
  • Born / porthcawl
  • Resides in / porthcawl
  • Favorite surf break / sker beach
  • Board / 6’0 fourth surfboards fresh blade DS
  • Sponsors / Fourth surfboards, Kookville clothing, peron automotive, atlantic coaching.
  • Biggest Achievement / U16 Welsh Surfing Champion
  • Hobbies / lifeguards, guitar.
first competition outside of the UK. I would be in a 5/4 wetsuit with boots and gloves at home so i'm stoked to be in some warm water. 
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