Who's representing your country?
DIVISION: Under 18 Boys, Under 16 Boys
Romeo Chavez
  • Age / 15
  • Born / Montañita, Ecuador.
  • Resides in / Montañita, Ecuador.
  • Favorite surf break / La Punta
  • Board / 5.5
  • Sponsors / Rusty Surfboards, Sticky Bumps Wax, Orcaex.
  • Biggest Achievement / 3 veces campeón sudamericano intanil 2019, 2020 y 2021
  • Hobbies / Spearfishing
Me encanta surfear, la pesca con arpon y comer
DIVISION: Under 18 Boys
Oscar Hernandez
DIVISION: Under 18 Girls
Maimiti Lee Tham
  • Age / 12
  • Born / Isla Fuerte, Colombia
  • Resides in / Isla Fuerte, Colombia
  • Favorite surf break / Pavones and Barra De La Cruz
  • Board / 5'5 Meremade
  • Sponsors / Mom
  • Hobbies / sailing, dancing, macrame
My name is Maimiti, I was born on Tahiti, French Polynesia where my father is from. Since I am 5 years old I live in Colombia on a tiny remote island of the Carribean where I get to surf a perfect empty reef break. I've been surfing since little and traveling to many places with my mom who also surfs but only this year I started competing on the national Colombian circuit. It is a great honor for me to have this opportunity to compete here in El Salvador due to my very small competition experience. I want to keep surfing great waves all over but also train hard to get a lot more experience competing and within a few years I'd love to be on the podium of a world junior comp like this one.
DIVISION: Under 18 Boys, Under 16 Boys
Kahlil Piñeres Schooley
  • Age / 14
  • Born / Maui
  • Resides in / Maui
  • Favorite surf break / Maui
  • Board / Channel Islands
  • Sponsors / RVCA, DaKine, Sticky Bumps, Xcell Wetsuits, Ronin Eye Wear. Channel Islands
  • Biggest Achievement / 2023 NSSA National Champion
  • Hobbies / Skate, Photography, Fishing.
Vamos Colombia!!!
DIVISION: Under 18 Girls, Under 16 Girls
Angelina Decesare
  • Age / 16
  • Born / Medellin, Co and Redondo Beach, Ca
  • Resides in / Medellin, Co and Redondo Beach, Ca
  • Favorite surf break / Pavones, Costa Rica
  • Board / KT Surfboards
  • Sponsors / BodyGlove, KT Surfboards, Stickybumps surf wax, MFC Fins, Landyachtz skateboards, Ocaex Colombia, Colombia Surfing Federation
  • Biggest Achievement / 5th place Sur Americano 2020 Juniors
  • Hobbies / Piano, Skating, drawing, electric bikes, acting, singing
Born in Medellin, Colombia but moved to Redondo Beach California at a young age.  My dad is a cinematographer for the WSL and a few years ago introduced me to Stephanie Gilmore and Tatiana Weston-Webb.  I hadn't surfed much but after Tati took me for a surf in Huntington beach for a womens rising tides event at the US Open I was total inspired to become a professional surfer. Now my future goals are to persue my dream of someday competing in the Olympics for Colombia.  
DIVISION: Under 18 Girls, Under 16 Girls
Francesca Arevalo
  • Age / 14
  • Born / Puerto Colombia
  • Resides in / Puerto Colombia
  • Favorite surf break / Pradomar
  • Board / JT SurfBoards
  • Sponsors / JT Surfboards, Oneill
  • Biggest Achievement / Campeona Sudamericana infantil sub 10
  • Hobbies / Skate
Fui campeona sudamericana infantil en el año 2020 y 3er lugar sub 12 en el 2021.

Me gusta montar skate, y Amo a mi hermanito Dante.
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