Who's representing your country?
DIVISION: Under 16 Girls
Ocea Curtis
  • Age / 15
  • Born / Lennox head
  • Resides in / Lennox head
  • Favorite surf break / Lennox Point
  • Board / DHD 3DV
  • Sponsors / Ripcurl, DHD, Surfmud, Huey’s Surf wax, Carve
  • Biggest Achievement / Qualifying for Worlds
  • Hobbies / Surfing and travelling
I love right hand point breaks and surfing solid waves in Hawaii and Indonesia
DIVISION: Under 16 Girls
Ziggy Mackenzie
  • Age / 15
  • Born / Goldcoast
  • Resides in / Goldcoast
  • Favorite surf break / Lakey peak rights
  • Board / My DHD DNA
  • Sponsors / Ripcurl, dhd surfboards, futures fins and creatures of leisure
  • Biggest Achievement / U16 girls champion in Australia
  • Hobbies / Surfing
I am 15, I live in the goldocoast in Australia, I started competing properly 2022. 
DIVISION: Under 16 Girls
Charli Hately
  • Age / 14
  • Born / Gold Coast
  • Resides in / Gold Coast
  • Favorite surf break / Burleigh Heads
  • Board / LSD Noa
  • Sponsors / Billabong, FCS, Luke Short Designs
  • Biggest Achievement / 2024 Irukandjis U16 Team
  • Hobbies / Guitar, Singing, Golf, Surfing, Art
First time competing at ISA World Juniors. Surfing is my passion and I'm so grateful for all the amazing places it takes me to, and the new people I get to meet.

I have been surfing competitively since I was about 11, am a proud Burleigh Heads girl and have been part of the Surfing Australia High Performance Program for the last 2 years.
DIVISION: Under 16 Boys
Maverick Wilson
  • Age / 16
  • Born / Dunsborough
  • Resides in / Dunsborough
  • Favorite surf break / Lefthanders
  • Board / Driver 3.0
  • Sponsors / Ripcurl, Lost Surfboards, Creatures of Leisure, Otis Eyewear, Sunbum, Futures Fins, Boardstore
  • Biggest Achievement / U16 Australian Junior Surfing Title
  • Hobbies / Fishing, JetSkis, golf & Basketball
I love surfing and travelling to the best waves in the world. Super fortunate to be apart of the Surfing Australia Talent Identification Program which takes us to CT locations around AUS. Feeling great about my first ISA World Juniors and excited to explore El Salvador. Lessssgettttittttt
DIVISION: Under 18 Girls
Milla Brown
  • Age / 16
  • Born / Newport, Sydney
  • Resides in / Newport, Sydney
  • Favorite surf break / Bungan Beach
  • Board / Ci Pro 2.0
  • Sponsors / Roxy, channels Islands, Creatures, Futures, Etnies, Sunbutter
  • Biggest Achievement / Australian National Titles
  • Hobbies / surf, skate, snowboard, guitar
16 years old from Bungan Beach, in Sydney Australia. Current u16 National Title Holder and Ranked #1 in u18 for 2023.
DIVISION: Under 18 Girls
Willow Hardy
  • Age / 17
  • Born / Margaret River Western Australia
  • Resides in / Margaret River Western Australia
  • Favorite surf break / Lefties and Gas
  • Board / DNA shaped by Darren Handley Designs
  • Sponsors / Ripcurl, Blackroll, sunbutter, DHD, Madmex, Dragon ocean and earth
  • Biggest Achievement / Australian National Champion 2023
  • Hobbies / surfing, camping, hanging with friends
I am a 17 year old, third generation surfer from Margaret River Western Australia. This is my second time competing in El Salvador with the Irukandjis and I am so excited to be coming back to this beautiful place. I feel really grateful to be part of the Irukandjis Australian team and can't wait to bring the sting! 
DIVISION: Under 18 Girls
Isi Campbell
  • Age / 17
  • Born / Denmark, Western Australia
  • Resides in / Denmark, Western Australia
  • Favorite surf break / Gnaraloo and Lefties
  • Board / Channel Island 2.Pro
  • Sponsors / Billabong Australia, CI Surfboards, Creatures of Leisure, Otis Sunglasses, Futures Fins, Boardstore, Sunbutter Skincare
  • Biggest Achievement / 2022 Stab High Ladybird
  • Hobbies / Surfing, skateboarding
I am from the deep south coast of western australia in a small remote town called Denmark, home of the slab wave called "the Right".  I love travelling the world, surfing and competing.
DIVISION: Under 18 Boys
Eden Hasson
  • Age / 17
  • Born / Boat Harbour
  • Resides in / Boat Harbour
  • Favorite surf break / Snapper
  • Board / Chilli
  • Sponsors / Chilli Surfboards Quiksilver Ocean and Earth Futures Fins Pirate Point Surf (PPS)
  • Biggest Achievement / Australian Champion 2021 Rankings
  • Hobbies / Fishing Golf
I am 15 years old from Boat Harbour Australia. I love travelling, competing and my interests other than surfing are golf, fishing and boardgames. Favourite trip would be perfect barrels with a bunch of mates on a boat with noone around ⚡️
DIVISION: Under 18 Boys
Dane Henry
  • Age / 17
  • Born / FINGAL HEAD
  • Resides in / FINGAL HEAD
  • Favorite surf break / DURANBAH
  • Hobbies / GOLFING, GYM
I was born on the Gold Coast but have lived in Fingal Head (Northern NSW) for most of my life. Fingal is away from the GC crowd with great waves which has shaped my surfing to what it is today, it's also just down the road from Duranbah and Snapper Rocks, which has given me the opportunity to get comfortable in some of the best waves in the world. 

The punchy beachys found around the Tweed Coast and the Gold Coast have shaped my surfing to be explosive and unpredictable, allowing me to practice my air game everyday which is a major part of my surfing and what I love doing the most. I plan on changing the way Australian surfing is seen by adding huge airs to my competition repetoire. 

I finished up 21st on the 2023/24 WSL Australia/Oceania QS rankings and also finished 1st place on the 2023 U/18 Surfing Australian Junior Rankings, which has led me to to the ISA Junior Championships where I aim to Captain the Australian team to gold.  I'm stoked to represent Australia and I am thankful for all of the support from everyone at home who has helped get me over to El Salvador!
DIVISION: Under 18 Boys
Fletcher Kelleher
  • Age / 17
  • Born / Freshwater
  • Resides in / Freshwater
  • Favorite surf break / South Stradbroke Island
  • Board / DHD
  • Sponsors / Billabong, Creatures, DHD, Kustom, Aloha Manly, Modest
  • Hobbies / Golf
Second time competeing at Worlds, first time was last year in Brazil.

I Live in Freshwater, NSW, Australia.

I am part of the Talented Athlete programme with Surfing Australia. Previously was part of the Billabong Bloodlines program who have taken us to Hawaii for a few trips where I have met other surfers from other countries.
DIVISION: Under 16 Boys
Ocean Lancaster
  • Age / 15
  • Born / Newcastle, NSW, Australia
  • Resides in / Newcastle, NSW, Australia
  • Favorite surf break / The Cliff
  • Board / Channel Islands 2.Pro
  • Sponsors / RipCurl, Channel Islands, Lancaster Motor Group, 3 Fingers Natural Zinc, Boost Mobile, Creatures of Leisure, Dragon
  • Biggest Achievement / Australian Junior Champion U/14
  • Hobbies / Golf, Gaming, School
Ocean Lancaster 15 from Newcastle Australia.

I've been in the ocean and surfing with my Dad since I was a few months old.

I love my family, my dog, riding E-bikes and eating Açaí bowls.

I would love to surf for a living and represent Australia in the Olympics.

DIVISION: Under 16 Boys
Lachlan Arghyros
  • Age / 14
  • Born / Kingscliff, NSW AUSTRALIA
  • Resides in / Kingscliff, NSW AUSTRALIA
  • Favorite surf break / Moreton Island
  • Board / STCY
  • Sponsors / STCY Surfboards, Rip Curl, SunButter Skin Care, FCS, Carve Eyewear
  • Biggest Achievement / 2023 U16 Australian National Junior Rankings Leader
  • Hobbies / Surfing
I am 14 years old from Kingscliff, NSW and am part of the Kingscliff Boardriders Club.  First started surfing at Moreton Island, probably my favourite place, the whole family goes there, my cousins and we stay at my grandmother's house. My other Grand Parents live in Italy now and always thinking of them and I know they will be supporting me from over there. I transitioned from soccer and Surf Life Saving, to surfing when I was eleven as I enoyed the creativity, freedom, and the feeling of being in the ocean. I eventually started winning a few of the smaller comps, then last year in 2023 I had a great year and earnt first place at the Phillip Island Pro Junior for my age group, then runner up at the Billabong Occy Grom Comp. At the end of 2023 I was the rankings leader on the Surfing Australian Junior National rankings U16. I love putting a comp rashie on, and also inspiring young upcoming surfers to do their best.  Looking forward to meeting new people, surfing new waves, and being there for Team Australia. Thank you to Stcy Surfboards, Rip Curl, FCS, Sun Butter Skin Care, Carve Eyewear, Kingscliff Boardriders, and the Kingscliff Community for helping me get here. 
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