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Virgin Islands (U.S.)
Jon Gazi
  • Age / 36
  • Height / 1.75
  • Born / St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
  • Favorite surf break / Hallows
  • Board / 5'6" Chris Gallagher "Rice Cake"
  • Sponsors / HMRT, Paradise Chiropractic, Cool Signs VI
  • Biggest Achievement / First ISA Men's Open shortboard division competitor in Virgin Islands history
  • Hobbies / Dadding, boating, rocking, ripping, diving off rooftops
- From Northside, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

- President of Virgin Islands Surfing Federation

- Raising first son, Brixton, 7 months young.  

- Multi instrumentalist

- Professional International musician since 2007, has performed in over 40 countries, including El Salvador at Bryan Perez Bronze @ PanAM Games welcome home party.

- Travels on his own boat the "Watahgwan" to perform on various islands and keys

- Owns his own venue "Rock de Boat," a concert series on the bow of 50ft Trimaran "OPUS" that moves around the virgin islands, welcoming artists from abroad to perform, none of which that shred harder than Chris Cote  m/,

- Head of the "SKATE THOMAS" initiative dedicated to donating skate and surf equipment to underprivilaged youth

- In process of finalizing plans construct the first skatepark in the Virgin Islands 

- Travels frequently to surf through Caribbean flat spells.
Virgin Islands (U.S.)
Tommy Gibney
  • Age / 24
  • Height / 1.9
  • Born / St. John Virgin Islands
  • Favorite surf break / Ala moana bowls
  • Board / Madcat superbrand.
  • Sponsors / Amalie car rental
  • Biggest Achievement / ESA Finalist
  • Hobbies / Permaculture and sustainable design.
I was raised a few paces from the ocean on St. John in the Virgin Islands. A beautiful place with a complex history.  I rode my first waves before i can remember but really got into surfing at 10. As a teen I traveled through the Caribbean and east coast doing what contest I could. When I graduated highschool I moved to Oahu for two years while attending university. Ended up transferring and finishing at Savannah college of art and design in 2020 with a major in Advertsing and branding. With the pandemic I've been home in the Caribbean freelancing, farming and pursuing my own brand.
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