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Tom Rezvan
  • Age / 44
  • Born / Tehran, Iran
  • Favorite surf break / Mentawai Islands , Mundaka , Desert Point , Lowers , HB Pier and Newport
  • Board / Promer Surfboard Jade Model
  • Sponsors / Promer Surfboard , Clearwater Glassing, Hyperflex Wetsuits , Fin S fin systems and OAM accessories
  • Biggest Achievement / Longevity
  • Hobbies / Studying about health , ancient knowledge and the economy
I started surfing at age 11 and would get dropped off by my mom or dad or take the bus to the beach in my teens.  By age 17 I really started to improve and get sponsored. I was a late bloomer. I started working at age 16 to pay for my surfboards and travel. I worked for a school district for 26 straight years. The job start time was after school in the afternoons. I would surf before school. I turned professional at age 18 and made 3 Semi Finals in HB and Newport Beach in ASP rated events now known as the WSL.  I had other notable Main event round 3 finishes coming from trials round 1 such as the Lower Trestles event  where I advanced 6 or 7 rounds. I also had other 1st , 2nd , 3rd and 4th place finishes in the local pro events in Southern California. At the time my sponsorship endorsements where not all competition based but used for coverage in surf magazines , ads and videos.  Health and longevity have been my focus after seeing my father battle many health issues for decades. I don't drink or smoke and have been paying attention to eating 80% organic raw foods the last 20 years. This has in return helped continuously improve my surfing.  As far as my family and growing up. My father and mother I feel raised me well. By 1991 my father suffered a economic catastrophic event and lost everything he had worked hard to build financially. We lost our house and my dad also lost his job. He was an architect and had to learn auto cad at an older age as computers took over. My parents got divorced and my dad went into severe depression which lead to him gaining so much weight he was 305 lbs at one point and had quadruple bipass with a small percentage of survival. He ended up having  a stroke 2011 and I found him wedged between the wall and bed in his 1 bedroom apartment. From that day forward I became my dads caregiver and stuck by his side for 9 years and 4 months. I made sure he was going to have a better life. He did 3 months on life support and over 4 months in rehabilitation. I saved his life over a dozen times in the hospital and rehabilitation facilities by advocating for him. He achieved the impossible when drs said he would be a vegetable and to pull him off life support. I got him talking  , walking  , reading  , writing , walking down to lower Trestles  , helicopter rides and he even went on 14 rides at Disneyland at 70! After his 3rd stroke I got my dad down to a health weight of 160lbs. I learned to be selfless which as a surfer anyone knows is difficult. I had to quit my job of 26 years and use all my retirement saved to care for my dad personally and fund his living situation. At one point I was temporarily homeless because I was funding my dads quality of life and sacrificing mine. I didn't want my dad in skilled nursing jailed from me during the lockdowns. Thats not the way to spend your golden years of life. My father passed away December  26 2020 peacefully in his sleep at age 78. I am here to represent Iran and also in honor of my father. I want to help make the world change for the better. I think I can through the ISA and hopefully at the Olympic Games. I found out I was adopted at 6 months old from an Orphanage in Tehran Iran. My father told me this when I was 42 years of age! Had my father not lived through his 3 strokes I would have never known! I confirmed this fact from all my family members and even took many dna tests which verified the truth. My entire family knew and kept this a secret from me. I lived also in Holland because my adopted mother is Dutch and I went to pre school there for a few months. We finally moved to Huntington Beach in 1980 and I have been here ever since.  My route in surfing is not a conventional one. I also owned a travel business which booked guests to the Mentawai Islands. I did this all while still working at a school district. For years I was booking trips for some of the top WSL athletes and friends. Some trips I was the Athlete  , surf guide and the travel agent! I have been to the Mentawai Islands 18 times. I was the 1st customer on the boat trip company I later worked for. They are now known as the former and current owners of Kandui Resort and Kandui Villas.  Thank you  
Salar Gheysari
  • Age / 30
  • Height / 1.78
  • Born / tehran
  • Favorite surf break / haha
  • Board / alves surfboards
  • Sponsors / Primal CBD , silkworm screen printing, anacapa surf n sport
  • Biggest Achievement / National Iranian title.
  • Hobbies / my hobby is my passion and it is surf.
I am from Tehran, Iran. This, as I am writing, is my dream and will live forever within me. I come from two very hard-working parents who thought me to fight for my life and dreams. Been surfing for about 11 years and started competing at 25 years old. I live in California and train and get coached by Mike slam Lam, he has given me a once-in-a-lifetime chance to train under his wing. I want the public to know that my coach is a real boss with a passion beyond words. So all I can say is thank you to everybody who has been by my side and has helped me reach here to write this. 

God bless all of you from the ISA to all the people of the world. 
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