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DIVISION: Open Women
Advah Bar Sade
  • Age / 17
  • Height / 1.67
  • Born / herev leet
  • Favorite surf break / beit yanai
  • Board / olly and pyzel
  • Sponsors / billabong israel/ gorilla - olly pyzel fcs / sunsesiions natural zinc
  • Biggest Achievement / israel woman champion
  • Hobbies / surfing ' party cooking sowing
vegetaruan love animals and  party 
Anat Lelior
  • Age / 21
  • Born / Tel aviv
  • Favorite surf break / Hmaravi
  • Board / Pool party timmy patterson
  • Sponsors / altshuler shaham, amdocs, maccabi tel aviv, Adidas, Rescue one, oakley
  • Biggest Achievement / Getting into the Olympics
  • Hobbies / Drawing and cooking
I've known my whole Life that I want to be a professional surfer.

 I started surfing when I was young, clueless of the surfing world outside of Israel. I want my 1st national title in Israel when I was 12.

 When I was 14 mean my sister did our 1st International competition in France and we immediately fell in love.

 Since then i only aimed higher And higher With my surfing and set to myself bigger goals.

In 2019 I was the highest European ranked in the isa world surfing games and qualified to the Olympics. 
Eithan Osborne
  • Age / 21
  • Born / Ventura
  • Favorite surf break / emma wood
  • Board / twohappy model Channel islands
  • Sponsors / billabong , monster energy , sex wax, prolite
  • Biggest Achievement / win qs3000 netanya and win Stab high
  • Hobbies / music, boxing, surfing
as much as I love doing airs and air contest , I have always been a competitor at heart, since my days in NSSA , I actually won Nationals in Open Junior and it was a great accomplishment at the time .I love competing , especially internationnally  and I am grateful to have the ISA plattform to do so. I am very proud to represent Israel , its important to me. 

Recently, I got involved with Chapter11 website, dane reynolds and friends, where they stream my videos.

If travelling permits, I like cross training, especially boxing with my dad , sister and brother.

I love playing guitar on my down time , I usually bring my amp and guitar everywhere I can.
Ido Arkin
  • Age / 18
  • Height / 1.73
  • Born / Tel aviv
  • Favorite surf break / Hilton beach
  • Board / Hani surfboard
  • Sponsors / Hani surfboard, smart gravity, vans Israel, body glove, mink system, sunsessionzinc
  • Biggest Achievement / Israel champion
  • Hobbies / Surf
I'm happy to represent Israel 
DIVISION: Open Women
Noa Lelior
  • Age / 18
  • Height / 1.6
  • Born / Tel aviv
  • Favorite surf break / Punta Roca
  • Board / 5,9 26L , internet
  • Sponsors / Vans, mitzippi, sunsession, intersurf
  • Biggest Achievement / 2019 Israeli champion
  • Hobbies / Surfing, spend time with family and friends
I was born in Israel and I have been surfing since I was 6 .              My favorite thing is to surf with my brother and sister.
Yoni Klein
  • Age / 32
  • Height / 1.85
  • Born / Tel Aviv
  • Favorite surf break / Drone
  • Board / Sharp eye 77
  • Sponsors / Billabong dk sun sport , ultra wave, sharp eye, creatures
  • Biggest Achievement / Maldives open champion
  • Hobbies / Cooking, foiling long boarding
Father of Kaya and teva , 32 y/o from TLV, working as a doctor to fulfill the surf dream 
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