Who's representing your country?
Brendan White
  • Age / 43
  • Born / Carlsbad, CA
  • Resides in / Carlsbad, CA
  • Favorite surf break / San Onofre
  • Board / Michael Surfboards
  • Sponsors / None
  • Biggest Achievement / 2004 US Open Longboard Champion
  • Hobbies / Surfing and playing with my kids
Nothing special, just working a lot and try to surf with my family when we can.
Cole Robbins
  • Age / 32
  • Born / Santa Barbara
  • Resides in / Santa Barbara
  • Favorite surf break / Rincon
  • Board / Wayne Rich
  • Sponsors / Wayne Rich, Sexwax, Tru-Ames Fins, Montecito Brands, Living Flo,
  • Biggest Achievement / 3rd place WSL World Longboard Tour
  • Hobbies / Real Estate, Fishing
Born and Raised in Santa Barbara. Grew up surfing Rincon with my twin brother, father, and mother. Have been competing on the WSL World Longboard Tour since 2007.
DIVISION: Open Women
Indie Hoffman
  • Age / 16
  • Born / San Clemente
  • Resides in / San Clemente
  • Favorite surf break / San Onofre
  • Board / Josh Martin
  • Sponsors / Sisstrevolution, Josh Martin Surfboards, I-Sea sunglasses , Rainbow Fins, Raw Elements, Banzai Bowls, Cariuma
  • Biggest Achievement / USA U 18 national Champion
  • Hobbies / Surfing
I started surfing when I was 5 years old. I love to ride any board depending on the waves. My family history has a strong influence on the way I surf and my love of surfing. My great aunt Joyce Hoffman is a 2 time World Champion and the first woman to surf Pipeline. In 2022 I won the USA Champs u18 women's longboard division. I am currently a junior in high school and 16 years old. I love traveling and surfing as much as possible.
DIVISION: Open Women
Kaitlin Mikkelsen
  • Age / 35
  • Born / Encinitas
  • Resides in / Encinitas
  • Favorite surf break / Kauai South Shore
  • Board / Donald Takayama
  • Sponsors / Axxe, Surfride, Stay Covered
  • Biggest Achievement / 2010 2nd on WSL tour, 3x ASP/WSL North American Champ
  • Hobbies / Surfing, Skating, Snowboarding, and Hanging with Family
The Life of Kaitlin,

Quaified for the World Tour at 18 years of age (senior year of highschool)  

Recieved A Bachlors of Science "kinesiology" from Cal State San Marcos and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Saint Augustine 

A wife that Niles Mikkelsen and Mom to Madix Mikkelsen. My family is my greatest achievement in life. 
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