Who's representing your country?
Alessandro Demartini
  • Age / 30
  • Born / Chiavari
  • Resides in / Chiavari
  • Favorite surf break / Home spot
  • Board / Happy Bay 9’8” Tango Model
  • Sponsors / Happy Bay Surfboards
  • Biggest Achievement / Italian Champion
  • Hobbies / Surf, travel, off road, work
30 years old surfer from Italy, living in the North coast of Spain and running a magic SurfCamp: The Wolfhouse. All welcome ti visit
Mattia Maiorca
  • Age / 23
  • Born / Capo mannu
  • Resides in / Capo mannu
  • Favorite surf break / Sa mesa longa
  • Board / Mark g
  • Sponsors / Mark g surfboards, revolt surf shop, is Benas surf club
  • Biggest Achievement / Italian champion
  • Hobbies / Fishing, sailing, skateboarding, artistic roller skating
I'm a Sardinian surfer, grow in a small village where no one care about surf, dreamed about compete in the world championship tour since I was a kid. I do a simple life in a very simple place.
DIVISION: Open Women
Francesca Rubegni
  • Age / 41
  • Born / Grosseto
  • Resides in / Grosseto
  • Favorite surf break / Rocchette
  • Board / Redz Surfboards Italy classic & performer
  • Sponsors / Jingold,O'neill, Redz surfboards Italy, Liquidosurf shop, Surftolive, Seangolare swimwear
  • Biggest Achievement / European Longboard Champion in 2019 at Eurosurfing in SantaCruz
  • Hobbies / Pastry, MTB, swim,read,
IN Italy I'm a teacher and I surf when there are storms, not very often, especially in the last year. I travel as soon as I can and before arriving in Salvador I will go to Mexico for another competition and to train for the world championship.
DIVISION: Open Women
Giulia Palla
  • Age / 27
  • Born / Pisa
  • Resides in / Pisa
  • Favorite surf break / Santa Cruz Portugal
  • Board / Longboard Sea Devil Lufi 9.1
  • Sponsors / Lufi Surf Co , Santa Cruz Surf Lodge, Megazinco spf 50 , Nimbus Surfing Club, ThePierSurfSchool
  • Biggest Achievement / Italian champion 2022
  • Hobbies / surf
I was born in 1996 in Italy and I have always had a great passion for the sea. At the age of 14 I started surfing waiting for the perturbations to bring the waves to break on the Tuscan coast where I live and where I started to get passionate about longboarding. At 24 I decided to surf more and more in the ocean so now I'm living in Portugal during the winter and in the summer I come home to work as a surf coach. I'm only a few exams away from being able to graduate in economics and commerce and have all the skills to immerse myself even further in the world of business surfing and live 365 days a year in front of the ocean.
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