Who's representing your country?
Great Britain
Evan Rogers
  • Age / 32
  • Born / Saltburn
  • Resides in / Saltburn
  • Favorite surf break / Cove
  • Board / Skindog Smoothie
  • Sponsors / Alder, Skindog surfboards, Saltburn Surf Shop
  • Biggest Achievement / Welsh Champion 2021
  • Hobbies / Rugby, Walking
From Saltburn, North Yorkshire. Surfed since age 7. Dad owns a surf shop called Saltburn Surf Shop. Just recently been a on trip to South America, surfing the longest left in the world, Chicama in Peru and Punta de Lobos in Chile.
Great Britain
Ashley Braunton
  • Age / 40
  • Born / Braunton
  • Resides in / Braunton
  • Favorite surf break / The point
  • Board / "Mrs B prototype" by Fourth Surfboards
  • Sponsors / Ocean Frog sunglasses and accessories, Kosin clothing, Fourth Surfboards, Goliath Fins, Sola Wetsuits,
  • Biggest Achievement / 2 x International Champion, La Union, Philippines
  • Hobbies / Surfing!
I grew up surfing around Saunton which is the UK's version of San onofre. After taking a "proper job" in my early 30s I didn't surf for 5 years, gained 5 stone and suffered with severe anxiety. I am now into my 3rd year back in the water and have a brilliantly supportive wife (Becky) and 2 amazing sons, Jacob who is 5 and Jonah who is 1. So stoked to have the opportunity to represent my country at this level, something that I thought would never happen after my time out. Hoping to do our supporters proud
Great Britain
DIVISION: Open Women
Emily Currie
  • Age / 26
  • Born / Bude, Cornwall
  • Resides in / Bude, Cornwall
  • Favorite surf break / Widemouth Bay
  • Board / Skindog surfboard quill model
  • Sponsors / Gul, Skindog surfboards, FCS, Peak Performance
  • Biggest Achievement / 9th Isa world longboard championships
  • Hobbies / Golf, travelling
I live on the North Cornish coast of Cornwall in England. I love all things surfing, travelling and exploring in my van. I love surfing different waves and enjoy surfing different craft.
Currently studying BSc Sport & Exercise Science and spend most of my free time playing golf
Great Britain
DIVISION: Open Women
Beth Leighfield
  • Age / 23
  • Born / Bude, Cornwall
  • Resides in / Bude, Cornwall
  • Favorite surf break / Godrevy, Cornwall
  • Board / Skindog Surfboards Quill 9'3
  • Sponsors / Skindog Surfboards, Salty Crew Europe
  • Biggest Achievement / Representing my country
  • Hobbies / Climbing, camping, fishing, going to the pub with pals
Recently graduated with a Geography degree, I have alsobeen working part time as a surf instructor to fund winter adventures, travelling through Mexico in a converted truck with my boyfriend Paul. I love surfing all different types of boards and crafts, exploring new waves. Outside of surfing I am also passionate about the environment, and in particular beginning to work in the sustainability sector, working with projects such as community energy initiatives.
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