Who's representing your country?
DIVISION: Open Women
Hazel Wilson
  • Age / 15
  • Born / Yona, Guam
  • Resides in / Yona, Guam
  • Favorite surf break / Yap
  • Board / Jimmy Lewis HP
  • Sponsors / Hui Nalu Ocean Club
  • Biggest Achievement / Rell Sunn's Menehune Contest 2019 Longboard 2nd place
  • Hobbies / Skateboarding, Kiteboarding, Art, Dirtbiking
Hazel started surfing at age 5 and won her first contest at age 6 in the Lotus Kids Contest on Guam. She's competed in contests in Guam, Hawaii and the Philippines. She enjoys early mornings and starting the day in the water before school. She loves to ride dirtbikes in the hills of Guam with her dad and two younger sisters. She recently learned to kiteboard and enjoys a good challenge. She's inspired by Honolua Blomfield's style and longboard success.
DIVISION: Open Women
Minami Cramer
  • Age / 19
  • Born / Barrigada
  • Resides in / Barrigada
  • Favorite surf break / Ricks Reef
  • Board / Minami Surfboards
  • Sponsors / Hafaloha, Stonemoney Surf, Wacks
  • Hobbies / Surfing, Hiking, Camping, Crafting
I was born on the island of Saipan and grew up on Guam. I leaned to surf when I was 4 years old and have been surfing ever since. I love to longboard and shortboard and just being in the ocean!
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