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DIVISION: Open Women
Maia Monaghan
  • Age / 22
  • Resides in / Rossnowlagh Co. Donegal
  • Favorite surf break / The Peak, Bundoran
  • Board / 5’8” Beach Beat Disco
  • Sponsors / Harpscreen, Somy
  • Biggest Achievement / Irish Junior National Title
  • Hobbies / Hiking, reading and running
Hi I'm Maia Monaghan and I'm 22 years old. I live in Rossnowlagh, Donegal and I have been surfing since I was around 4. When I'm not surfing I'm in my final year of Medical school at Queens University Belfast. After graduation, I'm hoping to travel for a few months to get some waves! 
DIVISION: Open Women
Holly Widger
  • Age / 23
  • Resides in / Tramore
  • Favorite surf break / lissys
  • Board / glide
  • Sponsors / glide surfboards, pheloart
  • Biggest Achievement / national champ 2018
  • Hobbies / surfing, swimming, climbing, running
Hello my names holly widger, i am a 24 year old irish surfer form tramore, co. waterford. Tramore is down in the south east of ireland and may not have the quality of waves down here but it ceirtently has the surfers. i am a qualified nurse as of last year -- busy year, I am loving getting into the water more and am delighted to have the opportunity to represent ireland in the world surfing games. 
Tom Breen
  • Age / 19
  • Resides in / Tramore
  • Favorite surf break / Tramore
  • Board / LUC grinder
  • Sponsors / Pure clothing, big surf shop,Tramore surf shop, wild surf company, sham surf wax, co saint,
  • Biggest Achievement / U18 national champion 2020
  • Hobbies / Surfing swimming surflifesaving
I am 19 years old from a seaside town in the south east of Ireland, I started surfing when I was 6 years old, my Dad Ronan Breen thought me how to surf
DIVISION: Open Women
Una Britton
  • Age / 21
  • Resides in / Rossnowlagh
  • Favorite surf break / The Peak
  • Board / Driver 2.0
  • Biggest Achievement / National Senior Champion
  • Hobbies / Swimming, Surfing
I'm from a little village called Rossnowlagh where some of the first waves were surfed in Ireland. I have been surfing since I was 5 and havn't stopped since.
Gearoid Mcdaid
  • Age / 25
  • Resides in / sligo
  • Favorite surf break / strandhill
  • Board / fourth surfboards shank
  • Sponsors / Ripcurl, monster, fourth surfboards, jam traction , Fcs, revival, sligo physical therapy
  • Biggest Achievement / 4 times mens national Irish champion
  • Hobbies / surfing
24 year pro surfer from ireland. likes left slabs 
Iarom Madden
  • Age / 28
  • Resides in / Bundoran
  • Favorite surf break / The wave, Bristol
  • Board / Al Merrick Fever
  • Sponsors / Madden's Bridge Bar
  • Biggest Achievement / Gold at BUCS Championship 2013
  • Hobbies / Choreography, Ballet, Flexibility, Coding, Philosophy, Philosophy of Consciousness, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Mathematics, Geometry, Meditation
I grew up surfing the Peak and the slabs surrounds Bundoran, Ireland. I surfed on the Irish National Team from age 12, and competed in some pro juniors, throughout my surfing years as a junior.

I then went on to Study Theoretical Physics at UCL in London with an interest in questions on the nature of fundamental reality. With some newer motivations I was contemplating on physicality of the body, I went back into physical training with a broader scope than just surfing, which led me to train in performative dance for some years.

The experience of Physics and Dance led me back to surfing as a coach, having a renewed vigor on surfing, now being able to analyse the performance and movement of surfing through analytical and creative frames of choreography, ballet, contemporary dance, meditation, math and physics. I like the use of powerful ideas and actions to find more clarity in the practise of achieving excellence. Using the mind to unlock the possibilities of the body.

My motivation to compete is to discover new and better ways of distilling knowledge about surfing performance, as a form of conceptual technology, so that I can help people find more clarity in their own journey's. And to build better pathways for future generations.
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