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Netherlands (the)
DIVISION: Para Surf Kneel
Bart Beentjes
  • Age / 33
  • Born / Limmen
  • Board / Mistral
  • Sponsors / Mistral
  • Biggest Achievement / Pettemer Para Wave Challenge
  • Hobbies / Surfing, autosport, fitness
My name is Bart Beentjes, 33 years old. 2012 6th of July, I was on my way, riding on my motorcycle, to my work on Schiphol airport Amsterdam when I was involved with a car/motorcycle accident.  I was hit by a car, he didn't see me. Multiple fractions, 10 strokes/brain injuries, and almost everything from my body was broken The following years were a struggle.. But in 2016 I met my wife, couple of years later our 2 boy's were born, I learn about this crazy sport and now we are here!
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