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DIVISION: Para Surf Stand 2
Sarah Dean
DIVISION: Para Surf Stand 3
Colin Cook
  • Age / 31
  • Born / Waialua, HI / Tiverton RI
  • Favorite surf break / Warrens point, glass doors, lani’s
  • Board / High performance mid length
  • Sponsors / Dakine, sparrow surfboards
  • Biggest Achievement / Isa world adaptive surfing champion, 2X USA adaptive champion
  • Hobbies / Surfing, free diving, spending time in nature
Colin Cook Bionic Surfer Trying to live more on 1 leg than I did with 2.  
DIVISION: Para Surf Kneel
Jesse Del Mar
  • Age / 53
  • Born / Hilo , Hawaii
  • Favorite surf break / Pipeline , Sunset Beach
  • Board / My New Custom Aipa SurfBoard
  • Sponsors / MOKU HAWAII , ASA “Adaptive Surfing Academy” , AccesSurf
  • Biggest Achievement / 4th US Open Adaptive Championships
  • Hobbies / Building Car’s & Harley Davidson’s , Surfing , Martial Arts, Etc
Aloha I Am Jesse del Mar 3rd And I Got Into Surfing. Back In The Late 70’s Because Of The Amazing Things Professional Surfer Buttons Was Doing. I Love Seeing The Hawaii’s Great Surfers Like Gerry Lopez , Dane Kealoha , Micheal & Derek Ho!!!! But Montgomery Ernest Thomas “Buttons” Kaluhiokalani Was Doing Incredible Moves, Inspired Me To Surf. But It Wasn’t Until I Retired As A Professional Disc Jockey In Night Clubs & Radio From NYC , Maryland, Washington D.C , San Francisco To The Big Island Of Hawaii. I Came Home Became a LifeGaurd And Went Out Surfing On A Freak Storm That Caused Where I Worked 15 - 20ft That Is When I Broke My Neck In 2 Places. If It Wasn’t For ACCESSURF & Richard Julian & Buttons Got Me Back Into Surfing A Different Way. And They Got Me On My Path To Being An Pro Adaptive Surfer.
DIVISION: Para Surf Prone 1
Buster Kawasaki
  • Age / 58
  • Born / Makakilo, Hawaii
  • Favorite surf break / Queens
  • Board / My customized 8’ made by One More Wave
  • Hobbies / Fitness
Never surfed growing up. Went to an AccesSurf event and I was hooked. That was in 2014. Rarely missed an event since. 
DIVISION: Para Surf Prone 1
Eric Lazar
  • Age / 51
  • Born / Koloa Kaua’i
  • Favorite surf break / Hanalei
  • Board / Mitch’n
  • Sponsors / Cyber wetsuits Mitch’in Shapes
  • Biggest Achievement / 2020 Virtual Adaptive Surfing Prone Assit Champion
  • Hobbies / Playing ukulele
Aloha Mai Kakou,

Think and Dream BIG, live your passion. A winner is a loser who never quits! Believe in yourself, love the life you live! Mahalo ke akua, Mahalo Nui Loa Nani 'O Kaua'i. Thank you all who believe and support me!
DIVISION: Para Surf Prone 2
Ava Heller
  • Age / 19
  • Born / hawaii
  • Favorite surf break / Haleiwa
  • Board / 6'4
  • Sponsors / Accessurf hawaii, southwest Airlines, Aku shaper, Mendonca surfboards
  • Biggest Achievement / 1st place gold metal
  • Hobbies / surfing, singing ,swimming , dancing
My name is Ava I was born and raised in Hawai'i. I grew up on Maui and Oahu. grew up with surfing parents.  I have been going in the ocean my whole life.  I have been competing since 2016 in HSA and ISA events winning hawaii state champ in 2017.  Traveled to Costa Rica and won third place for the surf adaptado Costa Rica open.   Some of my highlights have been surfing with Kai lenny, Zane schweitzer  and getting to meet John John florence and Kelly slater. 
DIVISION: Para Surf VI-2
Aaron Paulk
  • Age / 40
  • Born / Lahaina, Hawaii
  • Favorite surf break / Lahaina Harbor
  • Board / Custom Barr and Tokoro
  • Sponsors / ASA, Access Surf, Southwest Airlines, Airtime, Ocutech, CAF
  • Biggest Achievement / US Open Champion
  • Hobbies / Surf, Yoga, Hike
Being partially blind, my disablity isn't visible to others as much as other athletes are.  This opens my eyes to never judge someone as we never know what someone is dealing with just because we can't see with our own eyes their challenges.  We never know what someone is dealing with physically or emotionally so I find myself having compassion for people more because of this.  My goal is to beat Matt Formston and win my first ISA world Championships.  My goal is to make the finals and find the 2 best waves in the finals and put up 8's or higher.  Eventually I want to be the first Hawaiian to represent  Hawaii as the first partially blind surfer in the paralympics.
DIVISION: Para Surf Kneel
Casey Proud
  • Age / 35
  • Born / Kona
  • Favorite surf break / secret
  • Board / 5'6
  • Sponsors / none
  • Biggest Achievement / 2nd U.S. Nationals
  • Hobbies / pickling, complaining on the internet
- From Kona, originally from Honolulu, live in Bay Area (in Daly City) - Wife often carries me on her back to inaccessible surf breaks - Working on a van conversion with wife to do surfing road trips; our van is called the Mer-Van (its on instagram!) - I love triscuits after you put em in the air fryer - Big time lower division soccer fan (Go San Francisco City FC!) - Favorite conspiracy theory is I believe Mattress Firm is a money-laundering scheme where they hide all the money literally under the matresses
DIVISION: Para Surf Stand 1
Harrison Doi
  • Age / 32
  • Born / Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Favorite surf break / Diamond Head
  • Board / 5’9 Mayhem Puddle Jumper
  • Sponsors / RVS Board Shop, Access Surf
  • Biggest Achievement / 4th Hawaii Adaptive Championship
  • Hobbies / Surfing, Skating, Hiking, Traveling, eating

My names Harrison Doi, born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Grew up in Kapahulu, Started attempting to surf when I was around 20 years old, Spent most of my life skateboarding. Really glad I was able to progress into surfing, actually started out trying to stand up on a old body board one of my friends  that had left for the mainland had left in the trunk of my car, it was way to small for me lol, must of fell at least a thousand times trying to get up on it. Luckily i was taking a class with a old friend, and I was telling him how much I sucked at stand up bodyboarding, he offered to sell me a old board for $60, took it out to a spot called Tongs for a few months, and started my surfing journey from there. One of the best decisions I've ever made with my life I'm pretty sure!
DIVISION: Para Surf Stand 2
Shawn Lewis
  • Age / 39
  • Born / Lahaina
  • Favorite surf break / Honolua Bay Bay
  • Board / Kazuma
  • Sponsors / AccesSurf North Shore Prostetic Southwest airlines
  • Biggest Achievement / Third place in nationals Oceanside California 2021
  • Hobbies / Surf shape surfboards
Super stoked to be a part of ISA
DIVISION: Para Surf Kneel
Josh Bogle
  • Age / 44
  • Born / Haiku
  • Favorite surf break / Hookipa
  • Board / Kazuma Mini
  • Sponsors / Dakine , Kazumasurfboardshawaii, Cosmic Creations, Maui Rippers, Hanah One, Simbasurf, Haleiwa Juice, CocoNoni
  • Biggest Achievement / First place at 2021 USA Nationals
  • Hobbies / Art, video, gardening
I believe all the planet is connected by this miracle of water.   Surfing waves to heal or compete all over the world.  The power of surfing has changed my life & live to surf as much as possible! 

I deeply care about discarded marine debris & pastic pollution effects on the global oceans.   I strive to see a better, cleaner future for all the generations of surfers out there in the lineup. 
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