ISA COVID-19 PROTOCOLS AND TEST RESULTS: 2021 Surf City El Salvador ISA World Surfing Games

View health and safety plan here.

Test results log

Read June 3 update.

Read May 31 update.

Read May 29 update.

Read May 28 update.

General Principles & Key Rules

REMINDER: All participants were required to sign a letter of commitment to follow the Health and Bio-Security Plan for the event, which can be found again here (link).  The key principles/rules to follow

    1. Mandatory to wear a mask at the Event site and all public places
    2. Social distancing (2m/6ft) outside your Team bubble is required at all times at the Event site and public places
    3. No close contact between teams and non-accredited persons – maintain Team bubbles
    4. 2 Mandatory PCR tests, one at the start and one in middle of the Event
    5. Mandatory use of LOC-provided transport/vehicles

Updates and Further Details

1. COVID-19 Test Prior to Departure

    1. Proof of negative COVID-19 test, or full vaccination certificate, mandatory within 72 hours of your arrival in order to enter El Salvador
    2. Test must be printed and in English or Spanish

2.Coordination with Team’s Event Liaison & Driver

    1. Each team has a specific event liaison who is your main point of contact for logistical coordination
    2. Your liaison will meet you at the airport upon arrival
    3. Each team has a designated car and vaccinated driver that you must use between May 24 – June 6
    4. No personal vehicles allowed
    5. Event liaison will coordinate transportation with your driver including daily arrival and departure times

3. Mandatory PCR Test – May 27

    1. All participants including athletes, team officials, and event staff will undergo the mandatory COVID-19 PCR Testing
    2. Tests will take place first thing in the morning.
    3. Your team will be assigned a time and location.
    4. Your event liaison who will coordinate the transportation accordingly.
    5. Accreditation badges will be provided to each team on May 27 at your designated COVID-19 Testing appointment
    6. IMPORTANT: Results will be received between 8-10 PM. All participants and staff must be at their official accommodation, in their assigned room, between 8-10pm waiting for results. If you do not hear from the ISA by 10pm, consider your COVID-19 result as negative.

Separate arrangements are being made for CT athletes who are arriving from Australia. Those details will be coordinated by your specific event liaison. If your team is facing an extreme situation due to travel delays or exceptional circumstances, please inform us immediately.

4. Positive Test Result Procedure

    1. If one participant per “pod” tests positive, the specific participant will be informed, in person, by the ISA COVID-19 Liaison Officer. This participant, as well as their roommate, will immediately be re-tested and will be isolated in their designated room with the team’s event liaison standing guard outside.
    2. If second test is positive, participant(s) will be transported to a quarantine facility as designated by the Government of El Salvador. Accreditation is removed and participation is revoked. The ISA Covid-19 Liaison Officer will explore potential close contacts of the infected athlete and those participants are subject to re-testing
    3. If second test is negative, the participant will immediately undergo a third test. If both subsequent tests are negative, participant may exit isolation and return to competition.
    4. If two participants per “pod” test positive, the entire national team is forced to isolate and is not allowed event access. Only those with two subsequent negative tests will be allowed to re-enter event.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Government of El Salvador will cover the costs of testing and quarantine through June 16, 2021.  Any required change to travel itineraries, or quarantine that exceeds June 16, 2021 is the financial responsibility of the National Team and/or athlete.

5. “Event Mode”= May 27- June 6

    1. You may only train at approved training sites: El Sunzal, La Bocana, and/or El Zonte.
    2. Use of “Quarantine Pods” within each National Team. Any non registered family, friends, team media, photographers are not allowed at the event site(s) or to be in close contact with your team. Co-mingling with others outside your National Team’s “pod” is strictly prohibited
    3. Accreditation badge, event wristband, and mask must be worn at all times at event site(s): El Sunzal, La Bocana, and El Zonte. You will not be allowed entrance without a badge, wristband, and mask.
    4. COVID-19 Marshalls and security will be strictly enforcing at event sites (If irregularities are found ISA will be informed, and apply regulations)
    5. Hand sanitation, temperature, and accreditation checks will be set up around event sites.
    6. You should allow extra time before heats to arrive and undergo safety checks.
    7. Outside of the event site(s), teams are responsible (If irregularities are found ISA will be informed, and apply regulations)

6. Team Training 

    1. We do not plan on enforcing designated training times per team. This is to allow you to train at the desired time, condition, and location between the three approved venues of El Sunzal, La Bocana, and El Zonte.
    2. Your cooperation in following protocols is essential
    3. The ISA reserves the right to make adjustments to any and all protocols at any time.

7. Opening Ceremony

    1. The ISA will host a small Opening Ceremony North of Casa de Mar on the morning of May 29 with a maximum of two participants per country.
    2. Only Flag Bearer and Sand Pourer from each country can be in attendance
    3. The ceremony will be socially-distanced and respect the COVID protocols.
    4. Please stay tuned for more details.

8. Beach Marshall

    1. The only time you will remove your mask and accreditation is at the Beach Marshal tent immediately before your heat
    2. Competition lycras will be disinfected with chlorine tablets before each heat and will be machine washed at the end of each competition day.

9. Food

    1. There will be food for purchase at both event sites.
    2. All food handling will undergo the safety protocols accordingly.
    3. Where possible, all meals should be taken in your hotel or place of accommodation approved by the LOC. If you are eating outside of event-hours, only use pre-approved restaurants that meet the designated safety protocols. These are identified with a “VERIFIED” certificate in the window/entrance by the government. The list will be provided.

10. Violations

    1. Violations to these policies will be reported to the ISA Covid-19 Liaison Officer and ISA Leadership and are subject to fines, removal of accreditation, and/or disqualification in accordance with the ISA Rulebook, Chapter 2, Section 3, Article vi “ISA Discipline Policy”.
    2. The ISA reserves the right to adjust the COVID-19 Protocols as needed to ensure safety. Curfew could be applied during the event, if approved by the ISA.

11. ISA COVID-19 Liaison Officer

    1. Gonçalo Saldanha, member of the ISA Medical Commission, as the COVID-19 Liaison Officer will manage the implementation of the COVID-19 Protocols and Health and Safety Plan in El Salvador.
    2. He will work in direct coordination with the ISA Staff, Local Organizing Committee and the ISA Medical Commission
    3. For any questions, contact info is as follows:
      1. [email protected]
      2. +53 7862 6617
    4. Additional medical staff will also be on site to attend to all questions and needs that arise during the competition.

12. Media

    1. If your team is bringing a designated photographer or media representative as a part of the “team officials” allotment, they must contact ISA Marketing and Media Manager, Evan Quarnstrom ([email protected]) to review media rights and protocols.
    2. Note that there will be a select amount of invited, independent media present at the event. These media are not to mingle with teams outside of the designated media areas at the event sites.

13. Removal of Accreditation 

    1. If your entire pod has concluded participation and wants  to explore El Salvador, you must turn in accreditation and officially remove yourself from the event.
    2. After removal, you can no longer use the designated driver, your event logistics host, or have access into the event sites or training site.
    3. Contact with teams in competition is not allowed, with the team in competition liable to be removed from the championship.

14. PCR Test Upon Departure

    1. We understand that several of your countries require proof of a negative PCR test in order to re-enter your country. The Local Organizing Committee can coordinate these tests for you and we will be in touch with more information.



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