ISA Statement: 2021 Surf City El Salvador ISA World Surfing Games: Update on COVID-19 Test Results

May 29th, 2021

The ISA can today confirm that 123 competitors and event officials were PCR tested for COVID-19 on May 29th. These tests were conducted solely on the teams with athletes who had previously tested positive in order to verify the risk of exposure due to close contact.

All 123 tests were negative.

In addition, the 18 athletes and officials that are currently in quarantine were also re-tested.

Of these tests, 7 resulted positive and 11 were negative.  Of these 11 new negative tests, 7 were athletes and 4 were team officials.

In accordance with the policies of the government of El Salvador, the individuals in quarantine who produced a negative PCR test are permitted to leave the facility.

As a result, the ISA implemented a policy to consider an appeal for reintegration into the competition for any athlete or official testing negative, on the condition that the individual can produce another negative PCR test prior to re-entering the Event.  As such, additional PCR tests will be conducted by the Health Ministry on these 11 persons.

The ISA is taking this action and publishing this information because it prioritizes the health and well-being of all athletes, officials and coaches at its events. We are also providing this information for the purposes of competition integrity and transparency.

No specific details regarding the teams or individuals who have tested positive will be published. The ISA will make further COVID-19 statements after additional rounds of testing are completed.

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