The ISA Continental Youth Athlete Development Program (YADP) will consist of interactive coaching and training exercises to maximize skillsets for athletes both in and out of the water. The YADP will include an in-depth overview of scoring potential, venue analysis, mental preparation, time management skills, tactical game, motivational goals, technical video analysis and more. The program will also feature training for coaches to continue with long-term youth athlete development in the future.

We joined forces with Olympic Solidarity for the 2nd ISA Continental Youth Athlete Development Program. This time in Africa.

20 boys and girls from 10 African nations got coaching and training with ISA certified profesionals with the mission to help them maximize their skillsets both in and out of the water.


1. Angola
2. Cape Verde
3. Liberia
4. Madagascar
5. Mauritius
6. Morocco
7. Mozambique
8. Nigeria
9. Sao Tome & Principe
10. Senegal

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