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Anat Lelior
  • Age / 21
  • Born / Tel aviv
  • Favorite surf break / Hmaravi
  • Board / Pool party timmy patterson
  • Sponsors / altshuler shaham, amdocs, maccabi tel aviv, Adidas, Rescue one, oakley
  • Biggest Achievement / Getting into the Olympics
  • Hobbies / Drawing and cooking
I've known my whole Life that I want to be a professional surfer.

 I started surfing when I was young, clueless of the surfing world outside of Israel. I want my 1st national title in Israel when I was 12.

 When I was 14 mean my sister did our 1st International competition in France and we immediately fell in love.

 Since then i only aimed higher And higher With my surfing and set to myself bigger goals.

In 2019 I was the highest European ranked in the isa world surfing games and qualified to the Olympics. 
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