Saudi Arabia announced as 110th ISA Member Nation

March 17th, 2022

La Jolla, California, USA – February 17th 2022

The International Surfing Association (ISA) is happy to announce today that Saudi Arabia has been provisionally approved as its 110th Member Nation.

Saudi Arabia is the latest non-traditional surfing nation to join the ISA’s global network and reflects the ISA’s strong desire to continually expand the sport into new regions and cultures.

Led by female CEO, Nouf Al Nasser, the Saudi Surfing Federation (SSF) is already setting an example for development and diversity.

The ISA is working closely with the SSF to jumpstart the development of Surfing and SUP in the country by organizing ISA Coaching Courses for Surfing and SUP and an ISA Judging Course in the coming months. Following these initial development efforts, the SSF aims to launch a series of domestic competitions, including the inaugural Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) National Championships for surfing and SUP, in early 2023.

Founded in November 2021, the Saudi Surfing Federation is already recognised by the Saudi Olympic Committee.  Provisionally approved by the ISA Executive Committee, the SSF will be put to the next ISA Annual General Meeting in November for full approval.

ISA President, Fernando Aguerre, said:

I’m excited for our friends in Saudi Arabia to experience the joy and love of surfing in all its forms through our support of this new Saudi Surfing Federation.

I am especially happy to congratulate Nouf Al Nasser and to welcome her to the ISA family with open arms.

Having a woman lead this fledgling federation is amazing and a tribute to surfing’s contribution to a better world.

Gender equality has always been a priority for me personally and for the ISA and I cannot think of a better way to celebrate this mission.

“I can’t wait to see the positive effects of surfing on the young women and men from Saudi Arabia with this new federation!”

CEO of Saudi Surfing Federation, Nouf Al Nasser, said:

“The Saudi Surfing Federation is very excited to join the ISA at this hugely important time for the sport following its successful debut at the Tokyo Olympics. We firmly believe our membership of the ISA will help us accelerate the development of surfing, stand-up-paddling and wakesurf across the country.

“With surfing confirmed in the Olympic Games until at least 2028, there will be a stronger spotlight on our sport, which we hope will inspire the next generation of Saudis to participate across all surfing disciplines.

“Our goal is to see young female and male Saudis take up surfing, SUP and wakesurf – with the long-term ambition is to nurture Saudi surfing athletes so they can compete at a future Olympics.”

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